Treat Your Children To The Ultimate Bedroom Makeover – They Deserve It

Treat Your Children To The Ultimate Bedroom Makeover – They Deserve It

A child’s bedroom is one of the best places to decorate a home because we can have fun with it. It is one place that we must often redo because as the child grows, so do their interests. It is just a natural part of growing up.

We can have fun in there by thinking back to when we were young and introducing features that we always wanted. There are many DIY chain stores out there that offer fantastic products, so it is easy to find inspiration when we run out of ideas. There are no fixed rules when dealing with a room or children; have fun with the project. Let your imagination fly, and treat your children to the ultimate bedroom makeover. Here are some ideas to help you on your way.

Wallpaper Mural

When we speak about wallpaper murals, it conjures up an image of ducks flying in formation over a green landscape. Modern murals are much more than that. Thanks to the digital age, we can take pictures and view the results on a computer screen. Are you aware that there are companies that will make a mural from your digital photographs? In fact, they will print any image for you. Maybe the kids have a favorite hero or television program. Those characters could adorn one wall in the room. If you find an image, make sure that you have the right to use it. Companies could be fined heavily if they printed a picture that is under copyright.


The beds are the biggest items of furniture in the room. Think about giving them something special. Take some sketches to your local joinery and see if they can make the bed to your specifications. The one in the image is amazing; can you do better? It could be a spaceship or bunk bed bus. The possibilities are endless. You might want to ask the joinery to come up with a matching wardrobe too.

The children will probably have friends to stay with overnight at some point, so get a sofa bed from your local outlet. The kids will have somewhere to sit and watch TV during the day, and somewhere for their friends to sleep at night. It is wise to buy one with removable covers too, you know how kids are.


We spoke about the digital age earlier. You can help your child get ahead in the world of information technology by installing a computer, television, and DVD player in their room. They will be able to talk to their friends online, play games, and stream movies on the internet. Some people shudder at the thought of this idea, but with the correct parental safeguards in place, it is essential to their education. Many children have this equipment already, and your little ones might be at a disadvantage if you do not give them the tools they need.

I think you will agree that you dreamed of such a room as this when you were a child. Living standards improve over the generations, and everyone strives to give their children the things that they never had themselves. Are we spoiling them? That will be the subject of debate for eternity. You must do what feels right; only then can you have a clear conscience.

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