A Romantic Walk by the Banks of the Serpentine to Hyde Park

A Romantic Walk by the Banks of the Serpentine to Hyde Park

London holidays pack in a true punch. Be it complete exhilaration, informative historic tours, or plain romantic escapades, it is all on offer! And if you wish to enjoy a truly fulfilling vacation, choosing hotels in Paddington for accommodation would be a great idea. Paddington properties are close to prominent places of interest like Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace. You can easily access these destinations without wasting too much time on travel.

Quiet Walks to the Leafy Hyde Park would be Hugely Fulfilling

If you have checked in one of the hotels of repute like The Paddington Hotel London, enjoying quiet walks by the banks of the Serpentine, right up to Hyde Park, would be a truly relaxing experience.  You can escape the busy streets of London and spend some quiet moments with your partner, in complete solace. The only sounds here are the cries of the wildfowl and the lapping of the waters of the lake. Spend time sharing thoughts and simply unwind as you walk along.

Getting to Hyde Park by Foot

You need to start on the south bank of the Lake, from the Lido Café point.  From here, you would need to head eastwards for about 600m. Once you reach the east end of the lake bear left and proceed for about 150m to the left till you reach the Serpentine Bar and Kitchen. Follow the rounded path keeping the Serpentine Lake to your left. Head westwards along the north bank and pass below the Serpentine Bridge, heading north along the Peacock Walk. Move towards the fountains of the Italian Gardens up to the top of the lake, close to Bayswater Road. On reaching the fountain, turn left once more. You will pass the statue of Peter Pan here. Continue moving back to where you started, at Lido Café. When you reach the Serpentine Bridge, you would see the Princess Diana Memorial fountain ahead. Continue as you walk past the memorial foundation and the Lido Café till you reach the Serpentine Bar and Kitchen.

Preparing for the Walk

Well, considering that this is a relaxing walk, not much preparation would be warranted. However, putting on a comfortable piece of footwear would be ideal. Keeping meals light would also help you in gathering the energy for a long walk such as this. And considering that there are cafes and eateries on the way, you can always stop by for a cup of coffee or a quick grub. You may even wish to take your kids along. Especially the Peter Pan statue and the Princess Diana Memorial could be of special interest to them.

Other Destinations to Explore

Other destinations to explore when you have chosen from among cheap & budget hotels in Paddington include Paddington Station, West London, Madame Tussauds, Kensington palace, Knightsbridge, Harrods, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham palace, Hyde Park, Bays water. Consider planning your trip in such a way that all you wish to attend can be explored with ease.

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