DIY – Why You Should Take Learning into Your Own Hands

DIY – Why You Should Take Learning into Your Own Hands

It may be something you have given thought to in the past, but ruled it out as being too difficult to organise and figure out; but, thanks to online learning, enhancing your current skillset or studying a completely new one has never been easier.  To help you decide whether or not an online course with a company like Computer Power Institute is right for you, in the article below we will briefly discuss 5 of the advantages of online learning.

Learning Online Is Usually Cheaper

In comparison to the price of similar courses at a physical education institute such as a college or university, you will find that most online courses are less expensive.  The downside, if you can even call it that, is that you may have to spend a much longer time studying on an online course than you would at a proper education centre.   All these factors will vary depending on what subject or type of course you want to enrol on.

Learning Online Are Orientated By Results

Unlike some courses that you may have attended or fear attending, where the lecturers and teachers run through pages of bland information and dry theory; online courses are usually devised in a way that you learn the things you need and want to know.  The majority of online course providers know that people are sending them money without meeting them, so it is important that they keep the structure and content of their classes and coursework aimed at helping you reach goals and have positive results.

Technology Enhances the Learning Experience

With online courses, you can say goodbye to those boring and dry 45 to 60 minute long lectures, as most online course providers try to keep lecture time to a minimum.  What you get instead is technology that can give you plenty of worksheets, access to discussion forums and interactive presentation which make learning easier and more far more enjoyable.

Classrooms Are Obviously More Comfortable

When you take an online course, you not only have access to all those resources that make effective use of modern technology; but also better seating.  Online courses, by definition, can be worked on form anywhere with an internet connection and a computer – including your bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living room or even garden!

You Get To Keep the Course Materials

If you sign up for an online course, you not only get full access to the advantages mentioned above, but you also get access to all your coursework and materials.  This is true even a long time after you have finished and passed it.  This is handy because you may need to refer to something to refresh your memory on a problem or issue you are working one.

We like to think of online courses, with this advantage in mind, as the gifts that keep giving.

As you can see from the above article, there are many good reasons why you should give serious consideration to enrolling on an online course.

Can you do your own window treatments?

Can you do your own window treatments?

While day-to-day DIY tasks seem to be becoming more attractive to homeowners, many people who would willingly sand a floor or fit new handles to all their doors seem to be a little in awe of undertaking window treatments. If you are one of these people and you are worried about tackling an overhaul of the windows in your house, then think again. There are some great solutions out there just waiting to be explored. Here are a few of the simplest and best tips that will help you deal with windows, even so-called problem windows

Designing your solution

Consider the type of house you live in, window shapes and your preferred decorating style. Some treatments are eminently adaptable to all types, styles and ages of housing, such as shutters, while others can greatly influence the appearance of specific window shapes and locations. Problem windows may be long and thin, have an arched transom window above the main window or be circular, like a porthole in a ship.

Curtains and drapes

You can enhance windows that are long and thin by dressing an area that is wider than the window itself. For example, if you decide to hang curtains then make sure the curtain pole extends along the wall on either side of the window and is positioned close to the ceiling for maximum effect. Then use sufficient fabric to cover the wall as well as the window when the curtains are drawn. You can make your own drapes in any size that suits by sewing together more than one panel of the chosen fabric for each curtain, giving you lots of flexibility when designing the effect.


Alternatively, install internal DIY shutters on either side of the window so that, when open, they make the window area look bigger. Paint them in a shade that contrasts with the rest of the wall and decorate the space behind the shutters in the same contrasting colour so that, when closed, there is an attractive frame around your window. Shutters are versatile and can be fitted very effectively to all types of window, even to circular ones, those with arched transoms and bay windows.


If you have a narrow window on the back of a door, or if drapes are too fussy for your taste, you can easily make your own roller blind or Roman shades. Both are very straightforward and require some simple brackets, a roller in the case of a roller blind, and fabric cut to size, as well as the glue and pliers. It’s important to measure correctly before assembling your blind.

Window styles

If traditional window treatments are preferred you may want to consider floor-length drapes for living room areas, longer curtains that lie slightly on the floor to create more romantic effects for bedrooms, or sill-length curtains for a more casual approach. An extra layer of fabric at the back of a curtain will add privacy and insulation, and remember that shutters will give you complete privacy, additional security and control of light and shade.

There are window treatments to suit houses of every type and windows of all shapes and sizes. With a little thought and planning, and careful measurements, you can carry out these treatments yourself without needing to call in expensive professionals.


Quick and Easy Decorating Tips and Cheats

Quick and Easy Decorating Tips and Cheats

As we head full on into summer, you may be considering taking time off work to redecorate your home.  However, if your budget is not as big as you would like and you do not feel particularly adept at decorating and DIY in general, then this is the post for you.  Below you will find some easy and reasonably inexpensive decorating hacks that will make you feel great about injecting a new lease of life into your home.

Clear Clutter

The best way to start any decorating project is to have a good rummage through the things in that particular room and get rid of anything that has seen better days.  If there is some furniture or accessories that are in good condition but have been in the same room since you moved in, it may be worth either repainting them or moving them into a different room, or completely repurposing them.  For instance, an old vase that you loved looking at on your bookshelf or fireplace, might make a different room feel fresher.

Consider All the Senses When Decorating

Although it is tempting to just concern yourself with what appeals to your eyes, particularly when it comes to choosing wallpaper and paints; you should consider all your senses.  Adding texture to walls and furniture can make a room come alive a bit more and in your living room for instance, it can often be nice to have a fountain on a bookshelf or some wood chimes to add a bit of magical sound.  The simplest way to arouse your sense of smell would be to have scented candles or a bowl of potpourri obviously.

Put Bookcases to Good Use

If you don’t want to spend too much time or money hanging wallpaper in each and every room throughout your house, there is a simple solution.  You could remove the backing of that plain bookcase and cover it in some nice and elegantly patterned wallpaper.  By doing that you will add a splash of colour and design to the room that people will notice in the corner of their eyes.

Is it a Mural or Wallpaper?

As we are discussing wallpapers, it seems appropriate to mention Pick A Wall, an Australian company that specialise in truly unique and exquisite customised wall paper.  Similar to wall decals, the mural wallpaper they sell can have any image from their catalogue of 80 pictures, or one of your own and are easy to apply, remove and reapply.  This is great if you hate the thought of the wallpaper paste and table.

Create a Stunning Runner

We have already spoken about repurposing things and using them in different rooms, but this tip takes that idea one step further.  Do you have a collection of old, tired looking rag rugs that are taking up space in a cupboard and collecting dust?  If so, you could put them to good use by sewing them together to create a custom runner as a focal point for your hallway or living room.  If you do not feel confident sewing them together yourself, you could ask a friend or relative or even contact your local dry cleaner or upholsterer to ask if they will do it for you.