Bonus Gifts to Include in Your Custom Wine Basket this Holiday Season

Bonus Gifts to Include in Your Custom Wine Basket this Holiday Season

Do you have a wine lover on your holiday gift list? You can create your own gift basket customized to that person’s tastes. Of course, you’ll start by filling it with a few bottles of that person’s favorite wines. If you don’t know any specific brands, you can choose a selection of quality whites or reds based on what you do know. Or you can just put together a sampler of some quality wines based on recommendations from a local shop.

If you really want to create a wonderful gift, you can fill out your basket with some complementary items. Here are a few ideas for some bonus gifts that you can include in your custom wine basket:

Cheese and Crackers

What goes better with wine than cheese and crackers? They are the perfect partners, whether you are enjoying an appetizer before a meal or you just want a little snack. When you shop for the wine for your basket, also shop for the perfect cheese and crackers to pair with it.

Choose cheeses that can stand at room temperature for longer periods. You may have to ship the basket or keep it in your office for several hours before giving it. Make sure the cheese will survive the trip.


Offer up a more indulgent treat with your wine basket. Choose a selection of gourmet chocolates or truffles. If you want to really be fancy, you can select some imported chocolates from a place like France or Belgium.

You don’t have to include a huge sweetheart sampler. A little goes a long way. A small box of a few selections will make a big impact and be greatly appreciated.


After a night of enjoying several glasses of wine with friends, what is the first thing you reach for? Coffee. A nice cup of coffee is the perfect nightcap after a night of drinking.

Include a small selection of specialty brews with your basket. You may not have the cash to pony up for an automatic espresso machine, but you can include some espresso beans or blends. You’ll make quite the impression.

Wine Accessories

Include a few fun accessories in your gift basket like wine charms, coasters, or even small wine art. You could even include cheese spreaders or a small cheese plate. Your basket can be as extravagant as you like. Be creative when you think through the options here.

A gift basket is a wonderful choice because it allows you the opportunity to be creative and customize it. You can make the basket as personal as you like, tailoring it to your recipient’s tastes and even including mementos that are special to your relationship. Consider these ideas when you are putting together your wine basket. You’ll create something truly special for that wine lover on your list. It’s perfect for bosses, neighbors, and even friends and family.

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