6 Great Wines To Enjoy This Summer

6 Great Wines To Enjoy This Summer

Whether the weather is suitable this year for those long relaxing picnics by the lake or fun and informal barbecues in our back gardens, we still want to pick the right wines that match the spirit of summer.

The following wines have been chosen specifically with the summer in mind.  There is something for everyone, from the light-bodied reds to the easy-to-drink whites and the very robust and deep reds.  Even if you don’t or can’t source the wines listed here, it at least gives you some good ideas to work with when choosing the bottles for your various events, occasions, and gatherings this summer.

The Whites

Quita De Azevedo 2014 Vinho Verde Portugal – The Perfect Picnic White Wine

This is a light and almost spritzy white wine.  It is not completely, bone dry, but is very dry all the same and made from the Loureiro grape in the north of Portugal.

Château Beaumont Les Pierrieres Blanc 2013, France

I have to get something off my chest – the white Bordeaux is a completely underrated white wine and this particular one is a perfect example of why they are so good.  It tastes as good as any fine wine, but for the price of something more affordable.  Fermented in the same barrels that are used to make the Beaumont Red, the grapes are from the Burg and Blaye varieties.

Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Gavi 2014, Italy

You can’t go wrong with white Italian wines during summer and this is a particularly good one.  It has a sharp and very vivid citrus flavor that reminds you of the taste of the juice from preserved lemons mixed with those white and pink grapefruit.  Made from the Cortese grapes of Piemonte, it has a very crisp, direct, and pithy feel.  It is the perfect go-to wine when you just want a drink of something tasty.

The Reds

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Barbera d’Asti 2013, Italy

This particular red has a very silky and compact texture complemented by a taut, but juicy flavor.  There are hints of black and red cherries and it is the perfect accompaniment to homemade pizza.  It is made from bright Barbera grapes in the northwest of Italy.

Domaine Les Yeuses Merlot 2013, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

This is a very juicy all-rounder and even if you are not a particularly big fan of merlot, I am pretty sure you will enjoy the refreshing flavor.  There is a hint of lightly stewed damsons and redcurrant leaves that makes this the best choice when you want an uncomplicated red that will go well with any situation and meal.

Cigliuti Langhe Nebbiolo 2013, Italy

Another wine is made from a grape found in the Piemonte region of Italy.  The Barolo grape gives this wine its grown-up and the entrancing scent of sandalwood and the dried petals of a rose.  The tannins in this wine are as strong as a deliciously fragrant black tea.

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