Why Consider Adding a Wall in the Bathroom

Why Consider Adding a Wall in the Bathroom

Walls can be added to bathrooms relatively easily, although this isn’t an option that many homeowners consider. Most bathrooms are too small to make such an arrangement practical, but, if you have the space, adding a wall will come with a number of benefits.

Provides Privacy

Most people thinking about adding a wall in their bathroom are sharing it with another person. Privacy can be a problem in these situations, even between long-married couples. Adding a wall will separate the toilet from the shower or bath. You can even add a different door if the space allows it, meaning that one of you can use the toilet while the other is washing.

Creates a Nicer Spot for the Bathtub

If you have a larger bathroom, the tub is often hard to place. This is because it’s usually mounted against the wall, and seems a little too out of the way. Using a wall to divide the space will improve the room’s symmetry and balance. It also provides a space to hang towels, making it easier to reach out and grab one.

Close Outlets and Lighting 

An added wall can be fairly simple – something which is only used to divide up the space. However, you can also choose to have lighting fixtures and outlets installed. If the wall is placed next to your sink or vanity, you’ll improve the functionality of the room. Cords won’t run across it, and illumination will be improved where you need it most.

Breaks up a Larger Room

People typically want their bathrooms to be bigger, but those with bathrooms already on the large side often want theirs to feel smaller and more intimate. It can be difficult to do that since there’s very little which can be added to break up the space. However, an added wall is perfect. You can create an intimate nook in which to place one of your fixtures.

Adding a wall in your bathroom is easier than you think, and it’s more advantageous than most people imagine. If you could benefit from one, there’s no reason not to start considering the idea more seriously.

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