Who is the Typical American Coffee Pod Customer?

Who is the Typical American Coffee Pod Customer?

Coffee is as much a staple in American culture as stars, or stripes, or flags made of stars and stripes. It’s a morning drink, an afternoon drink, and for those who can never seem to get enough energy, an evening and night drink as well.

Up until a few years ago, one would sometimes have to brew more than they would consume, which was a wasteful practice. With the introduction of K-cups, people have found a much easier way to get their coffee fixed without having to throw extra coffee down the drain. So who are the people that benefit most from coffee pods?

College Students

Dorming at college can be a fun and exciting experience for students, but having to share a coffee maker with roommates and relying on each other to keep the pot clean when not in use doesn’t always work out.

By using a single-serve machine that brews from pods, everyone can get their cup without having to worry about whose turn it is to wash everything out, or forgetting to turn it off and burn the coffee as a result.

On-The-Go Businesspeople

Business professionals with busy schedules might not have the luxury of time every morning if facing multiple stops, errands, or traffic before getting to work. A single-serve k-cup can be brewed quickly and easily without having to rinse out a pot and filter basket, replace the filter, fill it with grinds, fill the water tank, and wait for the whole thing to brew.

With a single-serve coffee pod, you can brew your morning coffee faster than some people can button a shirt and tie a necktie, all while beating the morning rush. And if there are other people in the house who get out later than you do, you also don’t have to worry about leaving a full pot sitting on an active heater, which not only results in burnt-tasting coffee but is also a fire hazard.

Multi-Tasking Parents

Waking up earlier than everyone else in the house isn’t easy, and it isn’t always easy to find time to brew an entire pot of coffee and enjoy a cup or two when you’re also worried about making breakfast, waking up the kids, dropping them off at school, getting to work or running errands, and grocery shopping. Before you know it, the coffee has turned off and gone cold and you’re already trying to figure out what to make for dinner, or you’re planning on helping the kids with homework after driving them to their extracurricular activities.

A single-serving coffee pod takes the panic and rush out of fitting in a coffee break for parents on the go. For those who are also keeping household budgets in mind, Javafly is a great place to shop for discounted cups.

As you can see, there are many different types of people, from working professionals to busy parents, who greatly benefit from single-serve coffee pods, so it really is no surprise that these products have become so popular.

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