What To Do When You’ve Agreed To Look After A Friends Pet

What To Do When You’ve Agreed To Look After A Friends Pet

I love to share my home with my friends and family. It’s fantastic being able to have a house full of guests. Because I have a large home, I was thinking, what if my friends ask me to look after their pets? If you’re not a pet owner, the thought can be a scary one. I’ve had a think and tried to pull together some tips, just in case!

Ask For A Checklist

If you don’t own a pet, I think it’s a good idea to ask for a to-do list. Even if you own pets, I’d ask. Each pet is different (much like its owners!). I’d want to know what food the pet likes and when it likes to eat. I’d also like to know of any allergies or illnesses I might notice while caring for them. If it were a dog or cat taking medication, I’d want some tips on how to deliver it to them.

There are a few other things to think about such as cleaning, walks, and even their favorite toys. Having a discussion before you take home any pet is worthwhile.

Tidy Away Breakables

If you’re thinking of looking after a friend’s cat or dog, my first instinct would be to tidy away anything that might break. Animals love to explore especially if it’s somewhere new! I’d make sure anything fragile was out of reach or locked away. Remember, if it’s a cat it can climb quite high. Moving something to the top shelf might be effective if you have an extra mischievous cat.

Stock Up On Supplies

I’d imagine the owner of the pet would provide you with a few bits to make sure their pet has everything they need. I liked to feel ready and prepared, so I’d browse a site like www.petfleas.co.uk first to see if there’s anything useful for the pet. It might be a good idea to have a few extra treats. Any pet will like you more if you feed it something special!

Watch Out For Hair

Fluffy animals get hair everywhere. In my hair-busting kit, I’d have lint rollers and rubber gloves. Why rubber gloves? If you use a damp rubber glove on a surface, the hair will stick to it like magic. You might want to adapt your cleaning schedule and give everywhere a good vacuum once the pet has left.

Stay Alert

When I’m looking after anything that doesn’t belong to me, I like to be careful. When you’re dealing with a living creature, you need to be more vigilant. Watch out for open doors, busy roads, and anything that could cause harm to the animal. If you do have kids or young children visiting your home, speak to them about the pet. The poor animal will be more nervous as it’s in a new environment, and kids can be a bit too enthusiastic sometimes.

What other advice would you offer someone who’s looking after a friend’s pet? Let me know.

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