Top Tips For Throwing An Awesome Dinner Party For Your Friends

Top Tips For Throwing An Awesome Dinner Party For Your Friends

If you’ve never really thrown a dinner party for your friends before, but you really want to start doing it regularly in the future, then it’s vital you learn how to become a good host. To keep your friends and associates returning time and time again, you’ll need to make sure the food is top-notch, and most importantly; they all enjoy themselves. With that in mind, I’ve taken some time out to write this short article today in the hope of giving you some handy tips that should ensure you don’t make any basic errors. At the end of the day, it’s all about keeping people entertained, right?

So, spend the next few minutes reading through the tips I’ve listed below. If you need to print this article off or take notes that’s fine, just make sure you give me your full attention and I guarantee your dinner party will benefit. Don’t get me wrong, I’d probably come last on a TV show like “Come to Dine With Me” due to my terrible cooking skills, but hopefully, you’ve got the food side of things sorted. Otherwise, why would you even throw a dinner party in the first place?

Make Your Own Centerpiece

No dinner table is complete without a cool centerpiece made by yourself. Many people choose to use flowers and similar items as they tend to have a great effect whilst also being incredibly simple to put together. Of course, if you’re feeling a little more ambitious then you should try something a little different. Just go mad with this one, whatever you make, your guests will love it.

Cook 3 Courses Minimum

As you’ve invited people round for a dinner party, simply providing them with one meal seems a tad lazy, so you really need to work on a minimum of three courses if you want to impress them. There are many websites online that provide menus for gatherings like this, so make sure you use them instead of spending lots of cash on cookery books.

Hire A Celebrity Motivational Speaker

There are currently lots of agencies around that find work for celebrities at private functions, and so long as you can afford their prices, there’s no reason why you couldn’t book someone like Julia Bradbury or Jimmy Carr to come and entertain your guests. This is sure to make an amazing impression.

drink your wine your way

Select A Perfect Wine List

Lastly, if you really want your dinner party to stay in people’s minds for a long time, then making sure you select a perfect wine list is essential. We all like a drink, especially when eating a hearty meal, so spend some time reading through advice websites online to ensure you find out which drinks would be most suitable considering the food on your menu.

So long as you utilize these tips and follow my advice, there’s no reason why your guests won’t be coming back for more every single month. Good luck with the dinner party guys, although, I don’t expect you’ll need it.

See you soon!

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