It’s football frenzy time again

It’s football frenzy time again

It’s that time of year when the football-loving people of the household (we can’t say “men” as that would be completely sexist of course) become really obsessed with the game. That’s because we’re getting into the final stages of the Champions League, the FA Cup is down to the last four participants and the race for the Premier League title really begins in earnest. The same can be said of the three Premier League relegation spots, of course, to say nothing of who’ll be replacing those three from the Championship – and all the other promotions and relegations from throughout all the other league and non-league divisions.

In short, we’re really getting into the business end of the season.

Now usually, in June, those of us who aren’t obsessed with the beautiful game breathe one long sigh of relief and we’re in the clear until late August when the whole merry-go-round starts all over again.

But not this year of course – because there’s a bit of footballing completion being organized in Brazil!

But even those of us who take precious little interest in football for the rest of the four-year soccer calendar often perk up our interest when it’s World Cup time. And as this one is being hosted by a nation that has been more successful than any other on the international stage – it gets really interesting. You just can’t think of Brazil without thinking about football at the same time. The two go together like fine food and great wine, Morecambe & Wise – or any other double act you care to mention.

Of course, Brazil is the favorite to win the World Cup at slightly better than 3-1 with Betfair, which seems to be the biggest price available. And a small punt on the overall outcome can really inject a little fun into proceedings for those of us who aren’t particularly devotees.

Italy is a long-shot 26-1, which looks like a bargain price when you think that they’re second only to Brazil in the history of the tournament. Then there’s Germany who always seem to do well, holders Spain who are in fine form, perennial near men Holland – and, of course, Roy Hodgson’s men if we can dare to dream.

So there we are – it really is football frenzy time again – then there’s the World Cup. So you know what they say; if you can’t beat them, join them!

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