Decorating Your Bar Ceiling

Decorating Your Bar Ceiling

If you want to add some flair and distinction to your bar, there are some simple treatments that will give it a unique, eye-catching appeal. You may want to first repair any issues that could prevent refurbishing the ceiling, such as removing a popcorn ceiling, if applicable. This will prepare your surface for any of the following treatments or chic suggestions.

Some cool treatments for your establishment’s ceiling include the following suggestions:

Mirrored tiles

An inexpensive but cool tile treatment is found in mirrored tile, which is typically self-adhesive so it makes dressing up a ceiling a breeze. These also give the illusion that the space is much larger than it may be, which works well in any bar. Also, you can implement either a great modern style or go with a more vintage style look, as both will work equally well in contrast to the mirrored ceiling.

Tin Ceilings

According to Wade Architectural Systems, there are some really clever materials that mock the look of vintage tin, and that can give your bar a truly unique and special look. There is a warm aura found in tin ceilings, and your bar will instantly have a sophisticated and timeless appeal that makes the entire room look better. Try some of the simple adhesive tin-look tiles that are available in a range of sizes. Apply these easily and enjoy the charm that they bring to your whole space.

Laminated photographs

You can also try laminating sheets of cool, old photos and applying them like wallpaper to the ceiling of your space. Friends and patrons will search the ceiling for a specific photo or faceā€”and you will enjoy how captivating this accent is. This can make the room seem a bit smaller and give the illusion that the ceilings are lower than they actually are, so keep this in mind when sizing and implementing your photographs.

Recycled vinyl records

Vinyl record albums are one of those items that can build up in storage, and that you may find difficult to part with. A great use for these records is to use them on your ceiling. These are great for insulating the existing ceiling materials, and they are easy to work with, cut, and shape to fit various spaces. These are also very easy to adhere to, either with an industrial staple gun or with industrial-strength glue or epoxy. For a great conversation piece in a bar, you really can’t go wrong with old records.

Unique old maps

Use old maps to wallpaper the ceiling and give it a unique twist. These are easy to work with, and also are great camouflage for any stains, leaks, or evidence of disrepair that could be present on the ceiling itself. Meld maps together with decoupage glue or cuts out various maps and tape them together with double-faced tape. This treatment is a great, quick way to instantly dress up a ceiling and add an alluring accent to your bar space. This is also a great way to enhance your bar with a local theme if you are looking to represent the city or town where you are located.

Bevy of bottle-caps

It is easy to mortar bottle caps into an intriguing mosaic design on any surface in your bar, including the ceiling! Be wary of the weight of the mortar to be sure that the ceiling doesn’t require reinforcement before applying mortar and caps. This is a great technique for any surface in your bar, from the floors, to the counters, to the ceiling.

Unique patterns

Another great way to give your space a makeover is with unexpected artistry on the ceiling. This could be something as simple as a stenciled application, or an elaborate hand-painted mural. Patrons will find themselves looking up to see your unique masterpiece!

Try these unique treatments in your bar, eatery, or even in your home, such as in a man cave or a den. These are also great ways to be kind to the environment since most of the suggestions involve using recycled materials and giving them a second life of utility. Give these a try and see how they transform your bar space into a chic hangout where you and your friends will want to spend time.

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