Alcoholic Beverages to Try in Mexico

Alcoholic Beverages to Try in Mexico

What would a trip to Mexico be without a few alcoholic beverages? Many areas of Mexico are popular vacation destinations and many vacationers enjoy a good drink. Different parts of the world are known for different types of specialty drinks, and Mexico is known for some of the best. If you are planning a trip to Mexico, you may want to consider trying some of the tastiest and most popular local drinks with unique flavor combinations.


If fruity, mixed drinks are your favorite—you won’t want to miss your chance to try a real margarita. You may have had margaritas at your favorite restaurant or club, but they won’t compare to a margarita made in Mexico. Authentic margaritas aren’t made with fake flavoring and crushed ice, they are made by mixing tequila, triple sec, and real lime juice. The drink is poured over ice into a margarita glass rimmed with salt. Once you have had a margarita in Mexico, you will think twice about the frozen ones you are used to backing home.


When you think about Mexico and alcoholic drinks, Tequila is probably the first thing that comes to mind. According to Del Mar Escapes, a company that provides Cabo Villa rentals, Tequila originated in Mexico so you know when you are drinking a mixed drink that contains Tequila or shooting it straight, you are getting some of the best Tequila available. Premium Tequila is easy to come by in Mexico and can be added to mixed drinks, taken in shots, or just sipped on and enjoyed slowly. Try enjoying it with a slice of lime or lemon dipped in salt.


You may or may not have heard of a Michelada, but the drink is very popular in Mexico. It is a beer-based drink and if you really want to get a taste of Mexico, you should choose an authentic Mexican beer as the base. Lime juice and hot sauce are added to the beer and it is served over ice in a glass with a salted rim. This drink is often garnished with celery.


Palomas are mixed drinks made with Tequila. Grapefruit-flavored soda is mixed with Tequila Blanco and served over ice. Some people also prefer to add lime juice to the drink or add a slice of lime to the glass. Palomas is known for going down smoothly and is perfect for people who do not necessarily like strong drinks.

Bandera Mexicana

A Bandera Mexicana is a popular shot in Mexico and one you will definitely want to try. Bandera Mexicana means Mexican flag and the shot consists of Tequila combined with lime juice, orange juice, and tomato juice. The drink was named after the colors of the liquid that make up the shot because they are the same as the colors that make up the Mexican flag. In some variations, the orange juice and tomato juice are mixed together to create a sangrita and enjoyed as a chaser with the Tequila instead of being mixed into the shot.

If you happen to be traveling through Mexico for business or pleasure, you may just want to try a few of these drinks to help you relax and unwind. These drinks can also give you an authentic taste of the Mexican culture and flavors, and maybe even inspire you to make some yourself when you return home.

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