You Must Visit These 6 Camden Pubs

You Must Visit These 6 Camden Pubs

No matter whether you are touring London, celebrating a birthday, or planning a night with your mates, Camden is the perfect location for fun and revelry. Camden is dubbed the alternative hotspot of London where you can spend the evening listening to an eclectic mix of punk, rock, and metal music while drinking the night away.

With a wide variety of pubs that transverse from hosting live music to deejay thumping dance floors, a Camden Pub Crawl is an excellent way to experience the best of what the area offers. When you go on a pub crawl you are guaranteed a good time. Whether you go on a host-led pub crawl or one your own, here are some of the pubs you must visit:

The Hobgoblin

Formerly known as Devonshire Arms, this pub is one of the few remaining goth clubs in London. Be prepared for to hear a mix of death metal and punk, as well as seeing people in full goth attire. At one point, there was an enforced alternative dress code. It is loud, dark, and not hipster-friendly. With decent prices, it makes for a great night out.

The Good Mixer

Known for offering opportunities to hear excellent live music or perform rock and roll karaoke, The Good Mixer should not be missed. Come for a drink, listen to the music, and stay for the pool tournaments. True to its name, you can find a good mix of people here that are ready to have a friendly conversation.

The Black Heart

With religious icons, The Black Heart looks and feels like a place you want to embrace. It offers live music for the rock, indie, and punk scene, as well as offering a revolving pop up kitchen. This dark dive-bar is not the place to go and watch tv (there are not any); instead, plan to listen to loud music and play some pool.

The Hawley Arms

Famous musicians, such as Amy Winehouse, have performed in the upper room here adding to its appeal. Unfortunately, Hawley Arms was harmed during the Camden Market Blaze, but it was restored and still welcomes a variety of loud regulars and tourists seeking pub grub and great brews and a bit of music history.

Dublin Castle

Both home to a bustling pub and a live stage, Dublin Castle is another pub you must visit in Camden. Numerous popular British rock acts have performed there, and when the live music ends, a deejay takes over keeping the party going for hours on end. The pub has an Irish feel with cheap drink options and is separate from the live music stage.

The World’s End

Conveniently located right by the Camden Town tube station, The World’s End is a must visit pub. It is a larger establishment with two pubs and a balcony and a brilliant atmosphere where you can overlook different areas while enjoying the great beverage menu while death metal blares from the speakers. It will be easy to see why it has won Venue of the Year.

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