The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Shopping On A Budget

The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Shopping On A Budget

Shopping for friends and family at this busy time of year gets a pretty bad reputation, but it doesn’t have to be as stressful as you might be envisioning. If you budget well, plan in advance, and make sure there’s a nice glass of wine at home waiting for you when you get back from the shops, Christmas shopping can be simple – and even fun!

Christmas Shopping for Kids

Remember that young children don’t need presents that come in a box (in fact, the box just delays them getting to the good stuff!). There’s nothing wrong with checking out second-hand toys and clothing from car boot sales or local ‘nearly new’ sales in your area. Even small marks shouldn’t put you off from buying something that otherwise looks really lovely – with decent laundry detergents like Persil, complaints about stains will be easy to resolve. Just make sure you give all clothing a good wash.

You might be surprised at the bargains you’ll find when you do a bit of digging at local sales. Many savvy shoppers like to purchase just one or two top Christmas toys for kids, and then add in a few cheaper items to bulk out the present pile. For youngsters, Christmas is less about gifts and more about having things to open. Just remember that if something’s in the sales because it’s high-quality but has got a bit grubby in a stockroom, it’s worth picking up – with any good laundry detergent, from the supermarket’s own brand to something like Persil, complaints won’t be an issue.

Food & Drink

If you’re looking to feed the family on a budget this Christmas, planning is key. It’s best to start keeping an eye on the deals from around late October to early November. Many shops will have deals on cases of wines which bring the price per bottle way down, and the ‘buy one get one free offer on food is well worth looking into. If you have an old freezer stored away in your garage, clean it up and get it plugged in – this will be an ideal place to store Christmas dinner meats and vegetables, ready for the big day.

Relax, Take it Easy

Do you collect vouchers and then become so flustered during your shopping that you forget to use them? Don’t lose out on a bargain because you’re overwhelmed by the throngs of people or the length of your shopping list. Take it easy. You can help to reduce shopping stress by visiting stores early in the day (or later in the evening, if the shop is open into the night) when they tend to be a little less busy. And if you do find yourself fighting your way through the crowds, take a few minutes for yourself! Find a nice café, take your coat off, sit down, and just relax until you’re ready and raring to go again.

Have Fun!

With these handy planning tips — and with a little help from a good-quality detergent like Persil — complaints about Christmas shopping will be a thing of the past! Shopping at this time of year doesn’t have to be stressful –  it can actually be quite fun, and shopping on a budget is actually much easier than you may think. Have fun this Christmas!

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