How To Find Your Phone If It’s Lost on Vacation

How To Find Your Phone If It’s Lost on Vacation


For most Americans, our smartphones are our connection to the outside world. Whether it’s calling (or, more likely, texting) a loved one, checking out some videos online, or even managing our finances, these devices make our world so much easier.

Unfortunately, sometimes when traveling should we ever lose our phones or if they get stolen, then we are in big trouble. Thankfully, though, new technology is making sure that it’s not quite the disaster that it once was. Today, let’s see how AVG can help track your phone when it goes missing, and what you can do to protect yourself.

Keeping Your Data Safe

Even if you don’t use your smartphone for things like banking or online shopping, the fact is that there is still plenty of information that can be valuable to thieves and hackers. One common method for infecting new phones is to send texts to your contacts, who are liable to click the link since it’s coming from a trusted source. As such, it’s imperative that you keep yourself safe so that you can protect others as well. Fortunately, Droid antivirus apps like AVG monitor and remove threats so that you don’t have to worry.

Tracking Your Phone

If your device is stolen, then your information can be hacked and used against you. One method to protect yourself is to keep your phone password protected, but that’s only one step you should take. AVG Android security allows you to go even further by tracking your phone after the fact. In some cases, you may be able to identify the thief by activating the phone’s camera. This will make it much easier to find and retrieve if possible.

Shutting it Down

In many cases, getting your phone back is an unlikely scenario. When that happens, you can take a final step and lock it down remotely. This way, hackers won’t be able to get inside and steal your data. This is your best line of defense when your phone is compromised, and AVG makes it easy and hassle-free to do it.

In the end, losing your phone shouldn’t be a devastating tragedy. Even if you keep sensitive information on it, with the right software, you shouldn’t have to worry as much about the long-term effects anymore.

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