Decorating a Feng Shui Office

Decorating a Feng Shui Office

Feng Shui is an age old system used by many to promote positive energy via aesthetics. This ancient Chinese system has become increasingly popular in western society as a home decorative theme. Whether at work or at home, an office is where many of us now spend a lot of our time, so the positive attributes of a Feng Shui interior decorative layout is highly suitable for an office environment.

Feng Shui can actually be a highly intricate system of interior decoration. True Feng Shui masters typically use a special tool called a bagua compass alongside their wealth of knowledge to calculate exact placement of items within an office. But it isn’t difficult to begin shifting energy in your office workspace to a more positive one. Performing the changes listed within this guide will definitely get you well on your way to redoing your office with a great Feng Shui interior design!

Feng Shui and Office Productivity

There’s more to this than just intangible vibes and energy, which is why office productivity managers should listen up and tune out their innate bias to be skeptical.

According to Healthline, clutter has been proven to increase stress, which is definitely a productivity killer in the workplace.

Feng Shui is heavily color oriented, and this makes for an easy change to a Feng Shui office décor.

There are five elemental colors embraced by Feng Shui consisting of fire, earth, water, metal, and wood. Believe it or not, you can have a lot of variation to these colors. Wood can be either green or brown. Fire can be either red or yellow of course, but can also be composed of purple, pink, or orange. Earth is made up of light browns and yellows. Water is blue or black. And metal is symbolized by either white or gray, but you can certainly use real metals such as stainless steel which are commonly found in many office furnishings today.

Many Feng Shui decorative items are also perfectly suited for an office. You’ll likely want to consider adding items to your new feng shui office such as a desktop tranquility fountain, Zen candle holders, wishing boxes, Bonsai trees, and even a Japanese tea set.

While you’ll likely be adding some new items, you’ll also want to remove some items as well, or take the opportunity to paint walls and update flooring. Remember the earth tones we discussed? Those can be easily covered by adding sustainable hardwood flooring to give your room a base rooted in tranquility and nature. Walls can compliment this nicely with a water or metal theme.

Create a Tranquil, Distraction-Free Office Environment

One of the most widely regarded aspects to creating a Feng Shui office is to remove unneeded clutter! Tidy up and get rid of old files to make way for new work opportunities. Neatly organize the electrical and computer wires in the office and get them out of view as much as possible in order to rid the office of a look of chaos.

Do not seat people with their backs to each other. And always use the farthest corner of the office from the door to seat yourself as this is considered to be a position of power in Feng Shui.

So hopefully, you’re no longer a skeptic of the productivity benefits of Feng Shui for the workplace. It’s a great way to lift morale and increase productivity, so give it a try when it’s time for your next office remodel.

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