The Best Way to Become an Amazing Wine Connoisseur

The Best Way to Become an Amazing Wine Connoisseur

Becoming a fully fledged wine expert can be a little scary for those who don’t really know what they’re doing. There are some strong opinion out there about different wines, and there will almost definitely be someone out there who wants to challenge your wine tasting skills. However, we have the best way to become an amazing wine connoisseur all in this post, so you can call yourself a connoisseur all in a few simple steps.

Develop Your Palate

First of all you need to develop your palate. Modest wines are the most sensible place to start when you start out. Simply drink wines you like to begin with, like simple roses and white zinfandels. Make sure you don’t gulp these wines down too fast; swish it around your mouth and actually taste the flavours rather than drinking them straight away (just don’t spit any out and ruin your Signature plus tablecloth).

Trying a Wine That Makes You Go ‘Aha!’

Once you’ve tried the simpler wines in life, you need to find a wine that makes you go ‘aha!’ – it’ll open your eyes to the world of wines. The ‘aha’ wine will be different from every other wine you’ve tasted, but it won’t be perfect, it’ll be unique.

Searching for Favourites

Searching for new wine favourites that make you go ‘aha!’ like the time before will be difficult. You’ll likely hit a plateau, and probably try hundreds more wines until you find one that makes you have the same epiphany as before.

Read About Wine

There are tons of articles and books about wine, so get reading! There are books that concentrate more on the fermentation process, and other books full of great information about your favourites.

Try Bold Wines

Once you’ve tried all of the basic, simple wines, found a few ‘aha!’ wines, and seem to have hit a plateau, it’s time to try some more coveted, bold wines. Some of the most sought after wines in the world are big and bold!

Drink Strange, Complicated Wines

On your way to becoming a wine expert, you’ll want to try to find complexity in wine to help expand your palate and senses. You’re drinking a complex wine if:

  • You can name more than 2 fruits as a flavour in the wine.
  • You can name over 3 other characteristics.
  • The flavour of the wine changes from the second you taste it to the second you swallow it.

Switch Back to Subtle Wine

By now, you may have fatigued your palate a little. This means it’s time to switch back to subtle wines!

Rediscover Your Old Favourites

You can now feel free to go back to the basics; the wines you know and love, and have loved from the beginning! The only difference now, is that you can tell if something is cheap and horrible, or a fine wine!

At this point, you’ve come full circle, gone through the process of wine tasting, and become somewhat of an expert. You should now be able to pick a wine from a list with ease and confidence. Congratulations!

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How to Turn a Wine Tasting Hobby into Something More

How to Turn a Wine Tasting Hobby into Something More

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If you’re reading this then chances are you enjoy your wine; you may even have turned wine tasting into a hobby. However, have you ever wondered what else you could do with your passion for good wine? We’ve come up with some spectacular ways to turn your hobby into something more, and perhaps even make some money from it.


Starting up a blog about your passion is a popular, and relatively easy, way to expand your hobby into something more worthwhile. You’ll notice you’re currently on a wine blog, created by those who love wine. So, why not do something similar? You can set up a basic blog using a platform such as WordPress, and write about your wine tasting adventures. There doesn’t need to be any particular goal to blogging; it’s just a great way to write down your thoughts, opinions and experiences. However, a good blog can also make money on the side, which is obviously a big bonus!


Have you ever wondered whether you could turn your wine tasting hobby into some kind of business? It has been done before! There are many stories of those that have gone from just wine tasting with their friends to creating their very own money-making business from it. Make sure you know your stuff before plunging into the deep end, and invest in some wine tasting courses in London so that you’re fully up to scratch. You could then open your own wine merchant, tasting classes or even a vineyard if you’re feeling adventurous.


Some of the richest people in the world have now turned to investing in wine, over the stock market, as a great way to make extra cash. Although you may need a little bit of capital to start off with, you don’t have to go as ‘big’ as the top investors. Start off small and build up your collection, before waiting for the right time to sell them on. There are wine investment companies, much like stock brokers, who can help you buy and sell wine the right way. Just make sure you research into how the market works before you start losing money. Some bottles can make huge amounts of money, so this is definitely one for those who know their stuff!

Just enjoy it

Of course, you don’t need to turn your wine tasting hobby into something more if you don’t want to. One of the best things about this hobby is that nearly everyone enjoys it, so it’s a great thing to do with friends and family. If you usually attend a wine tasting class or group, then why not invite some other people along too? Alternatively have your own wine tasting event at home? There’s plenty of ways to enjoy this fantastic hobby, and if it progresses naturally into something else then that is great!

Have you turned your wine tasting hobby into something else? Do you have any tips and tricks for other wine connoisseurs? Or do you simply just prefer wine tasting at home with the family?

Pairing Wine with Spicy Food the Easy Way

Pairing Wine with Spicy Food the Easy Way

All of us enjoy a bit of spice with our food every now and then, whether it is home cooked or from the local takeaway. However, most of us will reach for a beer or soft drink when eating a curry, as opposed to opening a bottle of wine. There’s a common misconception that wine and spicy food do not mix; we disagree! Here are some quick and easy tips for pairing that delicious food with an equally delicious wine.

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Sweet Wines

If you want to tame some of that spiciness tingling on your tongue, then look for some sweet wines. A sweeter wine will balance some of the hotness from your chosen spicy food; so as not to create a clash of flavours on your taste buds. The residual sugar in rose or an off-dry white works perfectly to combat the heat, as it coats the tongue. You don’t need to invest in a bottle of dessert wine to get that sweet fix, try Riesling, or something similar, for a wine that works perfectly with spicy food.

Low Alcohol

The high alcohol content in wine is going to react with the spices in your food, and cause a burn on the tongue that is far from pleasant. A low alcohol wine that has been chilled in the fridge will help to cool down the heat and means you can drink it quicker than a high alcohol wine, which tends to be sipped. Taking a nice glug of low alcohol wine will cool you tongue quicker than sipping a high alcohol alternative. Crisp, low percentage wines should be the order of the day with your next spicy dinner.

Sparkling Wines

This seems to be the most popular opinion between wine experts; sparkling wines are the best to drink whilst eating spicy food. The bubbles in sparkling wine provide a nice contrast on your taste buds, which are trying to cool themselves down after the super hot sauce you’ve just consumed. The tang in certain champagnes and sparkling wines will offset the tang of your meal and create a wonderfully pleasant sensation on your tongue. Plus, everyone loves an excuse to drink a bit of sparkling with their dinner.

Crisp Red Wines

Everyone is worried about combining red wine with spicy food, normally because of the tannin and alcohol content. However, you don’t need to avoid red wine altogether when enjoying a nice curry; just be wary of the ones you choose. A low alcohol content, crisp, red wine will taste delicious with your meal. If you’re out searching for a nice bottle of red to serve then look for those that are either fruity or spicy, with a good level of acidity. Avoid favourites such as Merlot or Shiraz and opt for a Barbera or Zinfandel instead.

Pairing wine with spicy food doesn’t have to be difficult, especially not now you have all these expert tips! However, if you’re still stuck for ideas then try visiting a wine merchant and asking an expert what they suggest. Let them know the food you’re cooking, and the particular spices involved, for a more personalised recommendation.

Secrets To Selecting The Most Appropriate Wine For Your Dinner Party

Secrets To Selecting The Most Appropriate Wine For Your Dinner Party

No matter what kind of person you are, holding dinner parties can be a great way of socialising with your friends and colleagues regularly. Although some people may not have enough time in their busy schedules to go around visiting associates just to be friendly, we’ve all got to eat, right? And so sending out invitations offering some free grub is bound to go down well. Even so, there’s a lot more to think about than food when planning something like this, as I will explain in a moment.

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Making a good decision on the wine selection can make or break an evening event like this, but don’t worry, you don’t have to be a connoisseur to get things right. All you need is some good advice and the chances of you selecting the right bottles will be greatly increased. You see; certain types of wine are designed to compliment certain types of food, so as long as you learn the basics, you’ll stand in good stead. You’ll need to purchase one of the products available from Cranville Wine Racks if you intend to make this a regular thing, but that’s a minor detail really.

Champaign For Nibbles

Let’s face it, most champagne tastes pretty bad, but it does have a high alcohol content, and it tends to go straight to your head thanks to the amount of bubbles. This is why it’s perfect for the first drink of any dinner party, as it often helps people to relax and start enjoying themselves. Just make sure your guests don’t drink too much of it, or else they might need to book a taxi home sooner than they’d planned.

White Wine For Appetizers

Your first course should always be served with a light and flavoursome white wine, especially is your doing a starter of soup or something similar. Anything from the Loire Valley in France is preferable, because this region is renowned for producing some of the least heavy and most fruity beverages in the world. Don’t stress too much about buying expensive bottles, you can actually get good quality whites from the supermarkets these days for less than £10.

Red Wine For Main Meals

It’s essential that you swap to red wine when serving your main course because you want to avoid fizzy solutions. This is because your guests will have a hard time eating all their food when it’s accompanied by something that contains so much gas. If you’re not a massive fan of red, then maybe you should see how rose goes down. I would advise that you always keep a bottle of red on hand though, because some of your more traditional diners may prefer this.

Sweet Wine For Dessert

No matter how sweet your dessert menu may be, it’s important that you always compliment it with sweet wine. It doesn’t really matter whether you opt for white, red or rose; just make sure your guests are happy, and everything should be okay.

So, there you have it my friends. They were the secrets to selecting the most appropriate wines for your dinner party. Now you’ll be able to wow your friends and ensure they always come back for more.

Have fun!