Buying Wine Online

Buying Wine Online

One of the greatest beneficiaries of the internet boom has been consumerism. At no time in history has it been half as easy to purchase items as it is today. And while the internet once sold only niche items, you can now purchase virtually anything there; it really is the world’s most holistic marketplace. In the past few years, wine has become an increasingly popular internet purchase. As such, hundreds of different online wine stores have grown considerably. Buying wine online is an excellent choice, as it offers myriad benefits over going to a grocer or a liquor store. Here are a few of the various advantages of buying wine online.

Cheaper Prices

It goes without saying that paying less is better than paying more. In general, wine, like nearly all goods, is cheaper when ordered online, even when you account for shipping prices. This is because there is more competition online (thus driving competitive prices), and online companies don’t need to staff as many people as grocery stores. Many online wine stores get their wine straight from the winery, which also reduces prices. If you drink a large amount of wine, you can save a lot of money every year by ordering from an online store.

Larger Variety

Because online wine stores don’t have to worry about shelf space, they’re able to stock a much larger variety of wines. This means that the world is your oyster when buying wine online.  You can choose between hundreds of different brands, years, varietals, and regions. Not only does that mean that you have more wines to choose from, but it means you’ll be able to locate hard-to-find or rare vintages, or a wine you tried once that you’d love to revisit.

Great Sales

Online stores tend to have bigger and better sales than grocery stores or liquor stores. Because online stores have such a large stock of wines, they’re more likely to run a sale on a variety that they’re running out of. Many online wine stores run frequent two-for-one sales, or offer special prices on new wines.

Unique Experiences

Grocery and liquor stores tend to offer individual bottles of wine, or cases, and nothing else. But online stores have a great variety of unique experiences to offer the buyer. Many online wine stores sell sample cases, full of half-glass bottles of dozens of wine, so that you can quickly expand your repertoire. Other online stores offer special cases that are designed for a diverse tasting of a particular variety, or a particular part of the world. You can increase the diversity of your wine drinking very quickly with online wine stores.

Helpful reviews

If you buy wine in a store, chances are no one there can help you pick out what bottle to buy. Online stores feature great descriptions by professionals, as well as excellent reviews by fellow wine enthusiasts, so that you can find out what the wine is all about, straight from the mouth of those who have actually imbibed it.


Above all, the one thing that drives people to shop online is convenience. By purchasing wine online, you don’t have to get in your car, find parking, walk through a store full of people, and wait in line. You can just log onto your computer, and a few minutes later have purchased wine to be delivered straight to your door. If you’re a wine enthusiast, there’s no better way to get your fill than by shopping online.

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