Best Wine to Drink on the 4th of July

Best Wine to Drink on the 4th of July


Summertime is here, vacationers are enjoying their summer and it’s prime time to socialize with your friends. One of the biggest times for parties or get togethers is Independence Day. Get the grill going, fix some fantastic desserts, and have some wine.

The first step in serving perfect wine isn’t choosing the wine but making sure you have the right equipment – that’s where an under counter wine cooler comes in. With one of those little machines the wine you choose will stay at the right temperature and the time you spend making the actual wine selection won’t be wasted. Now that you’ve ordered one of those wine fridges, let’s move on to the wine you should be looking at.

There are a lot of wonderful wineries around, unique in their own way. Two of my favorite local wineries are Bean’s Creek Winery in Manchester, TN and Stonehaus Winery in Crossville, TN. They both feature their own versions of fruit wines and their own signature specialties.

Bean’s Creek, in Manchester has a feature wine that they call Bonnaroo. It comes in red or white. Both are wonderful. This is named after the famous Bonnaroo Music festival that is held annually in Manchester, TN. They also have a very good wine called Rosey Cheeks, a very light blush wine. These wines sell for around $15 per bottle. You can find the exact prices by calling the winery.

My favorite winery, StoneHaus leaves me with a bit of a dilemma. Which wines do I want to leave with. This winery has by far, the best wine I’ve had. The blackberry wine called Blackberry Summer sells for $15.95 and will make your mouth water just to think about it . It is so wonderful with cheesecake! They also have a citrus wine called Orange Squeeze that sells for $10.95. This would be especially great for a Big Orange Tennessee Vols tailgate party! The Davenport Red also sells for $10.95 and is a wonderful sweet wine, and is the Fairfield Red that sells for $14.95.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these wines. Visit their websites or the actual wineries and take a taste for yourself! Happy wine tasting.

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