What you should know before going on an international sailing trip

What you should know before going on an international sailing trip

An international sailing trip has all the exciting potential to be the trip of a lifetime – the sort of adventure that will lead to unique memories and an abundance of stories you will never forget, or get tired of telling.

While there is something daunting about such an expedition, particularly for first-time boat owners, some careful preparation is usually enough to mitigate against most risks and therefore allay even the most serious concerns. Preparation is also key to ensuring that you are in a position to really make the most of this special event and get the best out of the investment of your time, money, and efforts.

From beginning to end

First-time boat owners in particular need to take a methodical approach to plan and then carry out an international sailing trip, by considering every aspect of every step from beginning to end. Here are a few of the most important considerations:

  • Getting the best advice. Fortunately, there are people who will have had this sort of adventure already and who are more than happy to share their expertise with information such as what sort of boat you need, where to buy it, and the most important logistical considerations. The internet is a great source of advice, with its various specialist platforms for submitting questions and sharing knowledge. There is also a range of exciting videos, such as that of the Lady Christine Superyacht to whet your appetite.
  • The practicalities of such a trip are necessarily complex and need to be carefully considered. For example, where will you store the boat, either while you are on the trip or when it is out of use? There are pontoons and storage yards available, but these vary in cost, quality, and security so it is important to do some research in order to find the best one for you.
  • Health and safety. This should absolutely be the number one priority for anyone considering such a trip. Sailing is an inherently risky activity involving complex equipment in occasionally dangerous environments, and it requires specific expertise. Make sure you and any traveling companions receive all the training you need to provide you with the skills and confidence to keep you all safe. It is also critical to consider the health and safety regulations in each of the jurisdictions through which you will be traveling, as well as the correct travel insurance with the specific clauses required to cover you should the worst happen.

The trip of a lifetime

It is true that there is a lot to think about, but this should not be enough to put you off if you are really serious about making this something special, and an international sailing trip, especially one’s first, should always be exactly that. In fact, if it is done well, the planning and preparation even have the potential to become an exciting part of the whole experience itself.

By getting the best advice and making sure you are prepared for every step of the way, you can be confident of making the most of this truly extraordinary adventure.

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