What an Awesome Life

What an Awesome Life

Taking pictures helps us capture every precious moment of our life, forever. With modern technology, there are numerous choices of equipment and techniques for us to use and record our monumental memories. Having that in mind, it would be quite a shame not to document memories worth remembering only because you did not know how to shoot properly with a camera.

The Art of Photography

First of all, forget about the idea that the price and the quality of a camera have anything to do with the quality of your pictures. The technique you use while taking photos is more important. It is paramount that you practice as much as possible. You should click the camera every chance you get, so you can explore all the right angles, lights, and objects to photograph

The lighting of the image does make a difference. If the sun is behind you, enlightening the object you are photographing, chances are you will take an extraordinary image. Contrary, if you want to take a picture of your friends, and you are pointing directly into the sun, there is a minimum possibility for a good, let alone a great shot.

ISO used on the camera is also important. Lower ISO such as 100 or 200 is to be used when taking shots outside, during the day. However, if you choose to take pictures at night, ISO should be increased to a higher number. For better light in the picture, choose 800 or 1600 ISO. Moreover, when you increase ISO, the grain or pixel size in the photo will also be increased.

For more creative and outstanding photos, try using an f/4 lens speed that will help you separate the subject from the background, during the shooting. For some additional inspiration, try searching for free stock photos on the Internet, or join a photographic community to get some great ideas and suggestions on how to improve your technique.

Rule of thirds is one of the most common tips you can get on upgrading your photos. Imagine breaking an image down into thirds, horizontally and vertically, in order to have nine parts of the picture. You should place your point of interest over the cross-section of the grid, and take a picture.

Bear in mind your shutter speed as well, for it will make a difference between a blurry photo and a sharp image. When capturing a fast action, such as a sporting event, you would want a subject to be in focus, therefore, use a shutter speed over 1/500th of a second, if not 1/100th to 1/1200th.

Another important aspect is not to shake your camera while photographing. Any undesired movement will make your image blurry. There is a proper and improper way of holding a camera. You should always support the lens by cupping your hand underneath it.

Background also makes a difference to your shot. Make sure there are no inappropriate situations going on in the background of your shooting object that can easily distract everyone looking at the picture and prevent them from seeing what you intended to be the focus of the picture.

Consider these suggestions to make the best photos possible. It will be a great pleasure to flip through the pages of the family album full of creative, extraordinary images worth remembering.

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