Top Tips When Viewing a Property for Sale in London

Top Tips When Viewing a Property for Sale in London

We all know that buying a house is a stressful process and unless you are a trained estate agent, there are many mistakes you could make when viewing a property for sale in London.  These mistakes could mean that you pay much more than you wanted for a house or that you buy one that is not as good as it seemed.  To help you with your next viewing in the following post you will a selection of top tips.

First Time Viewing

The first time you visit the house, it is a good idea to treat it just as a building that you are inspecting rather than a potential home.  Not only will this avoid you from becoming too attached to it too quickly, but it also will not give the estate agent the impression that you are keen on the house.

How Many Times Should You View A Property And When?

It is always sensible, if possible, to view a property at least 3 or 4 times and at different times of the day, before making any decision on whether to buy or not. Spend at least 15 to 30 minutes looking around the house and then another 30 minutes walking around the actual area.

Find out as much as you can about the area where the house is located.  Find out what it is like on weekdays, at the weekend, when the pubs close, and during rush hour.  It is also wise to drive to and from the property to school and or work during rush hour to see how long your daily commute is going to take.

What Should You Look Out For When Viewing A Property?

When you are actually viewing a property, look at the structure and if you see damage such as hairline cracks, investigate these before making any decisions.  Remember the seller or estate agent does not have to tell you about problems with the property, and they may even try to hide them.  People will often use these cover-ups – rugs over problems with the flooring, covering cracks with furniture, and painting over damp.

Don’t Be Put Off By Faults or Damages

Even if there are no visible signs of dampness, keep your nose open as a property with damp issues will always have a musty kind of smell.  When you do spot any faults with a property, like the ones mentioned above, you should not be too hasty to give up on that house.  It may still be worth getting a professional opinion about the problems and then using this to your advantage when renegotiating with the seller on their asking price.

Always Remember To Get a Proper Survey Done On a Property

Often when people sell their homes and properties they think they have had a proper survey conducted, when really they have just had a mortgage valuation.  This type of survey is not for your benefit but for the mortgage provider and you should always make sure that you get a professional property survey done before making a decision on a house you are interested in.

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