Tips for Getting the Best Hotel Rate

Tips for Getting the Best Hotel Rate

Although many things nowadays have very strict set prices, hotels are still something that you can haggle for to get a better deal.  If you are heading down under and want to save money on hotels, you may find the following tips very helpful.

Ask For Lower Rates

It may sound simple and perhaps silly, but you’d be amazed at how often it works.  Try phoning ahead and asking whether a hotel you are interested in has any packages or promotions that they are running and also check if special rates such as frequent flier, government discount, weekend, hotel membership, family, senior, or AAA are applicable (obviously, only some of these, if any, will apply to your own circumstances) Many hotels even have a fall back rate, which is basically a rate they can offer if customers are resisting the brochure or website price.

Shop Around

It goes without saying that this is sound advice when looking to purchase anything.  With hotel rooms, you’d be surprised how much money you could save not settling for the first deal you come across.  Check the websites of your favorite hotels and also look at sites such as Sleep And Go, as you will often find great deals and promotions.

Always Book Based On Price Not Property

If you are more interested in saving money than staying at a particular hotel, it is a good idea to use a site that allows you to search based on the price, without knowing the location.  This way you may be able to find a decent-priced hotel room that falls within (or even below) your budget without the prejudice you may have if you were browsing through property pictures and names.

Speak To Hotels Directly

Another suggestion is that you speak to hotels that you are interested in directly.  Often there may be some specific deal or promotion that they are running that has not been listed on their website or that you can only take advantage of once you are there.  This is also a great way to find out from the horse’s mouth if there have been any last-minute cancellations, which may not have been updated in their online system yet.

Be Flexible With When You Intend To Travel

Depending on the type of hotel you choose, you will find that the prices of rooms vary dramatically.  Hotels that are aimed at business and corporate travelers tend to have a better weekend than midweek deals, whereas places that are aimed at leisurely guests will often have lower-priced midweek deals because the weekends are busier.  The time of the year that you intend on traveling can also impact the price of hotel rooms.  It is always a good idea, if possible, to look into booking your holiday accommodation at a less busy time of year when there are likely to be fewer tourists.  Another positive is that along with costing less, the hotel will also be much quieter – ideal if you want some peace.

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