Things to Do in London at Night

Things to Do in London at Night

Known as a city that never sleeps, London is one of the favorite destinations among nightlife lovers. Although you may see some shops and markets closing early, there are places that are well-known for nightlife activities. Maybe you want to party hard throughout the night. Or perhaps, you want to experience the serene beauty of the city on a moonlit night. In either case, London would not let you down.

All you need to do is to book your accommodation in a strategically located region so that you can leave or reach your place conveniently even at odd hours. Acclaimed Heathrow Airport hotels like Master Robert Hotel are well connected with almost every part of the city, ensuring that returning to the hotel at midnight would not be a problem.

Tips to Explore London’s Nightlife

If you choose to stay near Heathrow Airport, you can easily explore some famous London attractions, such as Twickenham Rugby Stadium, Windsor Castle, Legoland, and Middlesex. This also helps you participate in London’s after-dark activities. Here are some major options to choose from.

  • Visit the Thames – Visiting the River Thames would be a delightful experience. You can simply hire a private vehicle and travel around important places, such as Tower Bridge, Tate Modern, and the Shakespeare Globe Theatre. Strolling through some of these places would enable you to watch the city from a completely different perspective. The night view of popular attractions like the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, and Big Ben would certainly enthrall you.
  • Take Part in Pub Crawl – In London, some pubs get closed by 11 pm. However, there are the ones that remain open throughout the night. You can start by visiting a traditional pub and then move on to some other so-called modern pubs. The idea is to get a complete British pub experience.
  • Visit Bars and Night Clubs – If you are young and energetic, you would perhaps like to experience clubbing at night. There are many bars and nightclubs to choose from. And most importantly, you will find them open throughout the week. Most of the clubs are equipped with huge speakers. So, if you want to move your feet with music beats, nightclubs are the place to be. You will also get a wide variety of drinks. It is always a good idea to visit the bars and nightclubs in a group, especially if you are new in the city.
  • Jazz Clubs and Cafes – If you are looking for a relaxing ambiance, you can visit the jazz clubs and cafes in London. Some clubs organize entertaining events at night. For instance, you can visit a Poetry Cafe and enjoy poetry recitation over a cup of coffee.
  • Watch Theatres – You can also spend a good time watching plays and concerts at night. Most of the theatres are located in the western part of the city. If you book a London Heathrow Airport hotel, you can easily reach West London via public transport.

Some other interesting things to do at night include watching movies and having a candlelight dinner with your partner. You can easily find a Heathrow Airport budget hotel and book rooms in advance.

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