The Lowdown on Home Reports

The Lowdown on Home Reports

Home reports are often confusing for those that are in the middle of buying or selling property. Financial terminology is one thing to get to grips with, but official reports are another. The whole process can be headache-inducing. In 2014 and beyond, there is going to be a significant onus on home reports. This is going to be soon an important part of the property market. You will need to get to grips with this so that you can ensure that you are armed with all of the facts when you are in the midst of selling your home.

What you need is a no-nonsense guide that can assist you. Here is the skinny on home reports and why they are so important.

Home Reports 101

Home reports are becoming an integral part of the moving house process. When you are in the middle of selling your home, the last thing you want to be thinking about is surveying and reporting on your property. However, you will not be allowed to advertise the sale of your home without a home report. The importance of this document cannot be stressed enough.

From the Buyers Perspective

As a buyer, you want to know that your money is being spent on a worthwhile product. After all, the buying and selling of property should be treated as an investment. As a buyer of any commodity, you need to know that your cash has not been invested poorly. Customers can rest in the knowledge that home reports are becoming more prevalent within the property market. This means that you can have all of the pertinent information on your investment prior to purchase. This allows buyers to make a sound judgment call before they invest their money.

As a Seller of the Property

Home reports enable people to sell their property in a more robust way. You should be aware that you need to seek out the services of surveyors in order to get this task completed. This is not a job that can be undertaken via the DIY route.

What is Included in a Home Report?

The report includes many factors about the property. It will detail the condition of the property. This will be assessed on the infrastructure as well as the interior and exterior of the property. The report will include information on the market valuation of the house. This is to ensure that the house is, sold at a fair price. What is more, the property will be assessed on its energy efficiency. Detailed Harvey Donaldson and Gibson home reports can be obtained. This is to ensure that your home meets the current criteria.

Important Information on Home Reports

You need to be aware that home reports must not be any older than 12 weeks when the property is advertised for sale. However, they do not have an ‘expiry date.’ It is up to you whether you decide to update them in due course. You are also not obliged to fix the problems that are found within the report. But, they are reported so that potential buyers are aware of any issues.

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