The Best Way to Become an Amazing Wine Connoisseur

The Best Way to Become an Amazing Wine Connoisseur

Becoming a fully fledged wine expert can be a little scary for those who don’t really know what they’re doing. There are some strong opinion out there about different wines, and there will almost definitely be someone out there who wants to challenge your wine tasting skills. However, we have the best way to become an amazing wine connoisseur all in this post, so you can call yourself a connoisseur all in a few simple steps.

Develop Your Palate

First of all you need to develop your palate. Modest wines are the most sensible place to start when you start out. Simply drink wines you like to begin with, like simple roses and white zinfandels. Make sure you don’t gulp these wines down too fast; swish it around your mouth and actually taste the flavours rather than drinking them straight away (just don’t spit any out and ruin your Signature plus tablecloth).

Trying a Wine That Makes You Go ‘Aha!’

Once you’ve tried the simpler wines in life, you need to find a wine that makes you go ‘aha!’ – it’ll open your eyes to the world of wines. The ‘aha’ wine will be different from every other wine you’ve tasted, but it won’t be perfect, it’ll be unique.

Searching for Favourites

Searching for new wine favourites that make you go ‘aha!’ like the time before will be difficult. You’ll likely hit a plateau, and probably try hundreds more wines until you find one that makes you have the same epiphany as before.

Read About Wine

There are tons of articles and books about wine, so get reading! There are books that concentrate more on the fermentation process, and other books full of great information about your favourites.

Try Bold Wines

Once you’ve tried all of the basic, simple wines, found a few ‘aha!’ wines, and seem to have hit a plateau, it’s time to try some more coveted, bold wines. Some of the most sought after wines in the world are big and bold!

Drink Strange, Complicated Wines

On your way to becoming a wine expert, you’ll want to try to find complexity in wine to help expand your palate and senses. You’re drinking a complex wine if:

  • You can name more than 2 fruits as a flavour in the wine.
  • You can name over 3 other characteristics.
  • The flavour of the wine changes from the second you taste it to the second you swallow it.

Switch Back to Subtle Wine

By now, you may have fatigued your palate a little. This means it’s time to switch back to subtle wines!

Rediscover Your Old Favourites

You can now feel free to go back to the basics; the wines you know and love, and have loved from the beginning! The only difference now, is that you can tell if something is cheap and horrible, or a fine wine!

At this point, you’ve come full circle, gone through the process of wine tasting, and become somewhat of an expert. You should now be able to pick a wine from a list with ease and confidence. Congratulations!

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