Simple Ways to Improve and Maintain Your Oral and Dental Health

Simple Ways to Improve and Maintain Your Oral and Dental Health

When you think about improving your oral and dental health, your initial and only thought is likely to be brushing your teeth regularly. And while regular brushing is a great place to start, it’s just that, the start.

A Fresh Start

Despite the importance of your mouth and teeth, oral and dental hygiene isn’t given the attention it needs. Over time, this leads to bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay. To remove these issues and give your mouth a fresh start, make an appointment for professional teeth cleaning service to bring your hygiene and smile back to a healthy and clean state.

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The Right Tools for the Job

You wouldn’t try to use a hammer to drill a hole with a screw. And while you certainly don’t want to think of drills and teeth, the same rule applies. Start with a soft-bristled brush that has been designed to be gentle on your gums. Given you have just had a professional clean, there’s no need to get a heavy brush and scratch away your enamel. Match this with toothpaste that includes active ingredients, just not cleaning pastes.

Not Finished Yet

Your dental health regime doesn’t stop at just brushing. While you are with your dental professional receiving your cleaning, ask about dental floss and the right technique to use for your teeth and maintain the routine. You should be flossing your teeth thoroughly at least once a day, with twice a day being the recommendation to prevent the buildup of remaining food which can quickly, and we mean quickly, lead to gingivitis.

Time to Quit

There are numerous health and fitness reasons to give up smoking, and you can add your dental health to the list. Not only does smoking cause dark staining to your teeth, but it also damages your gums and can cause them to recede at a much faster rate than they would genetically. Additionally, smoking works against your cleaning efforts to remove any gum disease you may be battling.

The average morning and evening dental hygiene routine only takes around two to three minutes, and the benefits are great. Speak with your dentist about any individual dental concerns you have and take the time to maintain your oral and dental health to prevent additional future health problems.

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