Reasons to Try a Boating Vacation in Europe

Reasons to Try a Boating Vacation in Europe

Everyone loves taking a holiday. It’s the opportunity to get far from our hectic everyday routines. Many people already know what their escape looks like – a beautiful shoreline against turquoise ocean waters. Others cannot wait for their vacation to a small town brimming with history and stunning architecture. Perhaps, you are looking for something a little different, a real break from your everyday.

A boating holiday provides total flexibility to determine where to spend your day. Your route is your choice. If a pleasant town comes into view or a picturesque country pub catches your attention, moor up and visit.

There are many excellent financiers out there to assist you with boat loans and insurance policies. Your only work will be deciding how you want to pass the day. A boating vacation in Europe is just what you need if you want to avoid the crowds but still have opportunities to explore.

If you are looking for some guidance, consider the following suggestions for your European boating getaway.

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Spend your vacation cruising along Germany’s waterways. Whether you choose to boat around Berlin or take in the unspoiled rural lakes such as Mecklenburg or Brandenburg, Germany is an excellent choice for your vacation.


Venice is home to many famous waterways you may wish to explore. You can dock in the city center of the town and see the famous sights, and this is even before including a trip along the Grand Canal. Visit the islands of Murano and Burano in the Venice lagoon or travel up the Site or Brenta rivers.  There are so many different stops you can visit such as Bruges or St. Mark’s Square.


Many different scenic lakes are available to you when you choose to explore the Dutch canals. Travel along the Rhine and visit Amsterdam, cruise north to Edam or south to Utrecht. Whichever way you go, you are guaranteed to be delighted by the windmills dotting the landscape.


A beautiful vacation awaits you when you choose to cruise the coasts of Belgium. With shorelines that bridge into fine sandy beaches, Belgium is a favorite boating destination. Travel inland and cruise the serene countryside and charming historic towns joined by the Flemish waterways.

Boating networks all throughout Europe are full of fantastic bars, bistros, shops, and people. Every country has something to offer you, whether it is the beauty of Salsa or an aged pint of ale. There is nothing better than a relaxing day on the water finishing up with a pleasant pint of ale in a sun-filled beer garden. Right on the water’s edge or in town, make a stop when the feeling hits.

A boating holiday in any of the many beautiful countries of Europe allows you to be in control. Where you go and how you get there are all up to you. Why go on a vacation just to be told what is next on your agenda? When you want to explore, go for it! If you want to enjoy a lazy day on the water, it is your choice. Is that not what a vacation is supposed to be?

Try something different on your next vacation and do not follow the masses. People like a beach destination, and it is easy to see why. Nevertheless, you ought to consider something fresh this coming year. Whether you go with the family or a handful of close friends you can be sure to create some great memories on a boating vacation.

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