Why You Should Consider Purchasing Sheesham Furniture

Why You Should Consider Purchasing Sheesham Furniture

If you are looking for a different hardwood type of timber when you are purchasing wooden furniture, you should consider Sheesham timber products.  The wood scientifically known as Dalbergia Sissoo has the easier to pronounce name of Sheesham and the most famous use of this type of wood is in furniture production.  In fact, it is thought to be the most useful form of timber in the whole of India.

The wood is found in lots of places throughout the sub-Himalayan area, including everywhere from Assam to Indus.  As well as being found in various Indian regions including West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab.  The timber and Sheesham furniture are available in large quantities particularly from the Punjab and Uttar Pradesh regions.

What Makes Sheesham Timber So Distinctive?

Sheesham timber is typified by its golden brown to deep brown colouring, with very striking dark streaks that give it a very visually stunning appearance.  It has quite a coarse but balanced texture and is very hard.  As it has a naturally strong resistance to rot and decay it is one of the most popular woods for engraving and carving in India.

What Other Reasons Make Sheesham Timber So Good For Furniture Production?

As Sheesham timber does not split or warp and seasons extremely well it is perfect for cabinet and other types of furniture manufacturing.  It is also one of the timbers in the world that is least susceptible to problematic and destructive dry-wood termites and is thus has greater durability than alternatives.  Further to this, the wood reacts well to polishing and finishes with a nice smooth furnish and resists cutting and sawing but is great for turnery.

Why Choose Sheesham Furniture?

Because of the nature of the timber, Sheesham furniture by default will have a very unique colouring because of the timber’s very well defined grain, which can be finished to improve the look and quality with hand waxing.  Often, Sheesham furniture incorporates hand-forged wrought iron work, often referred to as Jali ironwork.

Interestingly, as it is such a versatile and sturdy type of wood when Sheesham timber is not being used to make exquisite furniture, it is used to make a wide range of different things including sports goods, tool handles, engraved pieces, carved pieces, ornamental turnery, musical instruments, charcoal for cooking and heating and aircraft and marine-grade plywood.

If you are looking for wooden furniture that will stand the test of time and use, due to a close grain and hard structure.  For wooden furniture that will also look smart and sophisticated and add a natural touch to your home; then you should consider Sheesham timber-built pieces of furniture.  If you are also worried about your furniture looking too much like other people’s furniture who have the same or similar wood-built pieces, then you needn’t worry as due to the individual characteristics and markings found in the wood, every piece of furniture made from Sheesham timber is always going to look a little or lot different than other pieces.

Tips For Choosing Bathroom Tiles For A Small Bathroom

Tips For Choosing Bathroom Tiles For A Small Bathroom

As everyone has different needs, wants and tastes; when it comes to choosing the best bathroom tiles for your home, it is quite a subjective matter.  Something that looks perfect to one person, may look hellish to another person.  Although the colours and designs you choose will be your own, there are still some basic pieces of advice you can follow to make sure you choose tiles, such as those available from PlumbTile.com, wisely.

In the following article we will discuss tiling a bathroom and what to consider when doing so.

The Size Of Tiles You Should Choose

One of the best things about shopping for bathroom tiling is that there is such a wide variety of styles and sizes available.  It is important to bear in mind that just because a certain style or design looks beautiful on paper, it doesn’t mean it will on the walls or floor of your bathroom.  You also need to consider the size of the bathroom as not all types of tiles will look good in every bathroom.  Before you hire anyone or lay any tiles you need to take a sample and really give thought to how your bathroom will look when it’s finished.

The majority of interior design professionals will recommend that you avoid using larger sized tiles in a smaller bathroom, as it can make the room look and feel small.  When the truth is that you can have just as many problems when you opt for smaller sized tiles.  As smaller tiles will mean more grout lines and a grid-like look, it can make you feel boxed in, in a small bathroom.  It is best to find a happy medium between large and small tiles.

Can You Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger Using Tiles?

The short answer is yes, but it really depends on the the style of tile you choose.  A well-known industry tip is that you can make a room look bigger by decorating it with lighter colours.  So consider using lighter shades and colours such as creams and whites.  Even if you mix up the colours and have dark with some light, like white and black tiles, you need to ensure that at least 50% of  them are light.

The Number Of Tiles You Need

Before you go out or log online to buy bathroom tiles you should figure out how many tiles you will actually need to complete the room.  There are various tile calculators online that make finding the information very easy.  These take the measurements and dimensions of your bathroom to calculate the correct number.  If you don’t fancy doing it that way, you could take your bathroom’s dimensions along to your nearest tile retailer.  Regardless of how you measure for the number, always add 10% to that number to buy enough tiles to cover pattern matching, waste, cuttings and breakages.

What Do Beer and Wine Labels Say About You?


The beer or wine label you choose to go with says a lot about your personality. It will send a message to the other party goers about what kind of a person you are. This infographic by Label Value goes over the different types of personality types associated with each alcoholic beverage.

Stress-Free Holidaying

Stress-Free Holidaying

Now we are back to work and enduring January once more, thoughts easily turn to holidaying and booking ourselves a little bit of sunshine. But considering how close we are to Christmas it’s easy to remember that sometimes even relaxing can get a little bit stressful at times.

There are always strains and problems around getting away, especially if you’re with the family, but that’s no reason not to go. To help you get the most from your break, we’ve put together five top tips for stress free holidaying, covering everything from avoiding social media to keeping your holiday home sparkling clean.

  1. Clean the house beforehand

We all know what it’s like to come back to a messy home. The sight of clothes on the floor or dishes not done can make your heart sink and erase all that relaxation in an instant. Well, this one’s easy to fix. Just make sure you have a really good clean up before you go. It doesn’t need to be a proper spring clean, just make sure the house is looking presentable, the beds are made and there are no pressing chores for when you return. That’ll make it so much easier to switch off on your break.

  1. Have food in the freezer for when you get home

The other common pitfall when it comes to stress on holiday is coming to the end of your time away and realising you’ve got nothing to eat at home. Anything like that which plays on your mind is going to keep you from relaxing properly. To avoid, fill the freezer beforehand with easily defrostable foods like bread and meat, so that you can dine hassle-free on your first day back.

  1. Know how to keep your holiday-home clean

For more and more of us now, holidaying isn’t about staying in a fancy hotel. Instead we find cheap and cosy short-term rents online. This is great when it comes to informality and price, but does mean a few additional stresses if you’re responsible for looking after someone else’s home. Everyone knows it’s easy to spill a glass of wine or even something more significant like cleaning products by mistake. To keep stress-free, make sure you know where to find handy information like how to get rid of bleach stains or what to do when someone treads mud all over the carpet. Remember though, if working out how to get rid of bleach stains is not your favourite holiday activity you can always go more rural instead!

  1. Do laundry before coming home

This might seem counterintuitive; if you’re trying to relax having to sort out a load of dirty laundry while you’re away is probably not on your list of priorities. But in actual fact, doing one load before you come home can really relieve the mental stress of knowing how much needs sorting as soon as you arrive back – not to mention making sure you have plenty of clean clothes at the ready!

  1. Switch all internet off

A vital tip for all 21st century holidays! If you don’t want to be disturbed by work crises or the latest news make sure to go somewhere that doesn’t have Wi-Fi and banish screen time for you and the kids. The different it makes to how you feel at the end is staggering!

So there you have it, five great tips for having a stress free break with your family. Just remember to do a few small jobs beforehand, make sure you have trusty info on hand (even how to get rid of bleach stains!) just in case! Then you can sit back, relax and enjoy your break.

How to make your home more luxurious without a luxurious price tag?

How to make your home more luxurious without a luxurious price tag?

Home comforts are important to us all, especially after a hard day at work, or relaxing at weekends with love ones. We all create our own little piece of paradise, whether it’s plump cushions and luxury curtains in our living rooms, an array of scented candles and fluffy towels in our bathrooms, or a comfortable bed and sensuous covers in our bedrooms. But how do we create our own little world of bliss without breaking the budget?


There are creative little techniques and accessories we can all add to furniture we have collected over the years. Yet when things become a little tired and dated just the odd change here and there gives us a new lease of life, and restores the harmony in our homes, which can look luxurious but doesn’t cost us the earth.

In the bedroom…


What about making your luxury throws for the bed? There are a wide range of fabrics, which consist of different textures and colours, to match and compliment your already existing décor, and you can make them in different sizes to suit your own personal bed.

A good night’s sleep is important for our health and wellbeing. Are you feeling fully rested the next morning or do you feel drained from feeling uncomfortable? One inexpensive way of adding of making your home feel an extra bit special is to look atchanging your mattress. Do your research to find the right bed that fits you. Creating comfort is personal to you. Companies, such as Bedstar, offer mattresses with that luxurious softness, with beautiful looks, and will remain sturdy for years, the basis for your sensuous bedroom but without luxurious price tag.

Get creative



There are many ways in which we can create the designer look without the designer price tag. How about having a go at creating your own cushions? These are very simple to make and you can pick up your favourite luxury materials from local markets and haberdasheries. With this you can add your own little touches to make them individual and mix and match your desired fabrics and patterns to suit your own personal taste exactly.

Creating your own scented candles for around the home allows you to add the fragrance which sets the mood in different areas of your home. Whilst relaxing in a hot soapy bath at the end of the day, warm scents such as jasmine and rosemary will lightly lift that exhaustion, creating peace before a good night’s rest. Also you can decide what colours and patterns you want to create a more decorative touch to your home, creating a more luxurious home without spending a fortune.

Five Top Tips for Keeping Your Home Guest-Ready

Five Top Tips for Keeping Your Home Guest-Ready

With websites like Airbnb making home-run B&Bs an ever more accessible business option, and lifestyle websites giving us endless advice on how to style our rooms to boutique-hotel levels of loveliness, we’re beginning to see the presentation of our homes as a semi-professional skill, and to think harder about the experience guests have when they visit us.

But while Instagram and Pinterest make all those stylists’ homes and attic B&Bs seem effortlessly chic, keeping your home to standards Alex Polizzi would approve takes skill and fine attention to detail.

So here are five places to start: from the best way to clean an oven to honing a unique guest experience, we’ll help you create a home you’ll be proud for visitors – either friends or paying guests – to see.

Cleaning an oven

If you’re offering your guests food, the state of your oven will be key to their experience. A dirty oven will make food taste bitter and smoky, while catching sight of grease and soot in your kitchen could make guests worry about the quality of the meal.

Watch this helpful video on the best way to clean an oven, and make sure yours is always ready to produce tempting treats for your guests.

Bedside surprises

Imagine your guests climbing gratefully into bed and reaching for the lamp on their bedside table – and finding some surprise treats there as well! A small vase of flowers, a pretty tin with a couple of biscuits, a miniature tube of hand cream – little touches show your guests you really care about their experience, and help make their evening really special.

If they’re people you know, you could select surprises just for them – a couple of books you think they’ll like, or their favourite evening snack.

Luxurious linen

One of the greatest pleasures of staying in a hotel is sinking into freshly laundered sheets at night, and wrapping yourself in a soft, fluffy towel in the morning. But when you’re running a home B&B without the cash for professional laundry services, or you’re just having friends to stay, you don’t want to blow the budget on new 400-thread-count Egyptian cotton. Instead, try these tips for keeping towels and sheets fresh and soft and save the pennies.

Finding your signature dish

Most people appreciate a classic fry-up once in a while, but with B&Bs abounding it’s a good idea to add something a bit special to your menu. Start with what you love to eat yourself – do you have a favourite weekend breakfast, or a dish your friends and family always ask for? Maybe you have something new to share with your guests, from great vegan or raw cooking to a menu inspired by a favourite holiday destination.

Whatever theme you choose, remember to keep the meal cost-effective and simple to prepare. That way you can treat your guests without denting your purse, and you’ll have more time to spend making them feel special.

A base for adventure

Maybe you can’t spend all day with your visiting friends, or your paying guests are new to the area and want to look around. Why not put together a little guide to where you live? Include suggestions for families, couples and lone travellers, and mark your favourite places so guests feel they’re really getting an insider perspective.

You might have favourite sights around the town, or spots for getting good views, as well as places to eat or things to do. If you’re a B&B beginning to turn over a little more cash, why not set up a voucher system with a local café or gift shop so your guests get some money off while bringing more life to the local area? It’s a great exchange of services that’ll help support more local business owners like you.

From learning the best way to clean an oven to crafting a tailored tour of your town, a little extra effort will make the world of difference to your guests. People will appreciate your putting so much thought into their experience, and their cosy afternoon in the bookshop you recommended, or the scent of the roses you put by their bed will stay with them for a long time.

Paying guests will come back and recommend you to others, and friends will want to return the favour – giving you a night away in your own idea of luxury. And if you fancy taking your home hosting to the next level, there’s plenty of inspiration around so that you can start running your own little home-away-from-home.

Bonus Gifts to Include in Your Custom Wine Basket this Holiday Season

Bonus Gifts to Include in Your Custom Wine Basket this Holiday Season

Do you have a wine lover on your holiday gift list? You can create your own gift basket customized to that person’s tastes. Of course, you’ll start by filling it with a few bottles of that person’s favorite wines. If you don’t know any specific brands, you can choose a selection of quality whites or reds based on what you do know. Or you can just put together a sampler of some quality wines based on recommendations from a local shop.

If you really want to create a wonderful gift, you can fill out your basket with some complementary items. Here are a few ideas for some bonus gifts that you can include in your custom wine basket:

Cheese and Crackers

What goes better with wine than cheese and crackers? They are the perfect partners, whether you are enjoying an appetizer before a meal or you just want a little snack. When you shop for the wine for your basket, also shop for the perfect cheese and crackers to pair with it.

Choose cheeses that can stand room temperatures for longer periods. You may have to ship the basket or keep it in your office for several hours before giving it. Make sure the cheese will survive the trip.


Offer up a more indulgent treat with your wine basket. Choose a selection of gourmet chocolates or truffles. If you want to really be fancy, you can select some imported chocolates from a place like France or Belgium.

You don’t have to include a huge sweetheart sampler. A little goes a long way. A small box of a few selections will make a big impact and be greatly appreciated.


After a night of enjoying several glasses of wine with friends, what is the first thing you reach for? Coffee. A nice cup of coffee is the perfect night cap after a night of drinking.

Include a small selection of specialty brews with your basket. You may not have the cash to pony up for an automatic espresso machine, but you can include some espresso beans or blends. You’ll make quite the impression.

Wine Accessories

Include a few fun accessories in your gift basket like wine charms, coasters, or even small wine art. You could even include cheese spreaders or a small cheese plate. Your basket can be as extravagant as you like. Be creative when you think through the options here.

A gift basket is a wonderful choice because it allows you the opportunity to be creative and to customize it. You can make the basket as personal as you like, tailoring it to your recipient’s tastes and even including mementos that are special to your relationship. Consider these ideas when you are putting together your wine basket. You’ll create something truly special for that wine lover on your list. It’s perfect for bosses, neighbors, and even friends and family.

Revealing the best wines of Sicily

Revealing the best wines of Sicily

Sicily is the biggest Italian island well-known for its delicious food and wine. What makes their cuisine really so delightful is the innate ability of the Sicilians to combine a unique taste with the highest quality.

The climate and fertile soils of the island are the perfect combination for agriculture of high quality. In fact, the first grapes have been cultivated on the island already around the 17th century BC.

Sicily has now 23 DOC areas (Denominazione di Origine Controllata – Appellation of Controlled Origin) areas and one DOCG area (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita – Appellation of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin). The southeast, between Ragusa and Siracusa produces the only DOCG in Sicily, the famous Cerasuolo di Vittoria, along with the Eloro, Moscato di Noto and Moscato di Siracusa Doc. The largest area of wine production is however located in the western part of the island, in the provinces of Trapani and Palermo, where Marsala, Alcamo and the numerous versions of Contessa Entellina Doc are produced. Sicily’s main red grape varieties are Nero d’Avola, Shiraz (Syrah), Nerello Mascalese and Perricone, whereas the white ones are Grecanico, Cataratto, Zibibbo, Grillo and Trebbiano.

If you are interested in trying the best flavours that this land offers, you should definitely find accommodation in one of the villas anywhere in Sicily and then enjoy your stay living for a while just the way Sicilians do. And of course, don’t forget to gather information about their wine culture.

And now let us have a closer look at the most renowned Sicilian wines


Marsala is a fortified sweet or dry wine produced in the Trapani province, acknowledged with the Denomination of Origin (DOC). In 1773, an English merchant named John Woodhouse, landed his ship in the Marsala harbour and decided to use the method “soleras” on the grapes from that area. This way the wine would become fortified and it would be possible for him to take it to England. Marsala was the first DOC wine of Italian wine history and it is one of the most famous products of all Sicily


Nero d’Avola

A large number of wineries especially on the South-East of Sicily produces this is very popular red wine. It is an indigenous variety, one of the most important in whole Italy, and Sicilians are very proud of it. It can be beautifully combined to red meat and mature cheeses.

Cerasuolo di Vittoria

The Cerasuolo is a red wine that requires a long aging – at least until the 1st of June of the

year after the harvest. Although it is quite alcoholic, it has a dry, round and harmonious taste.

All operations of drying the grapes, fermentation, aging and bottling, must be carried out in the area DOCG: the geographical area in which it can be cultivated lies in southeastern Sicily and refers to the provinces of Ragusa, Caltanissetta and Catania for an extension of about 124,500 hectares.

Malvasia delle Lipari

This wine has a golden yellow or amber colour and is famous for its sweet, aromatic, balanced flavour. It can be accompanied with blue cheese, duck liver as well as chocolate deserts. The Malvasia delle Lipari can also be found in the form of liquor.


Pantelleria is an area DOC that includes wine produced exclusively on the island of Pantelleria in the province of Trapani. There is an enormous variety of wines produced there. The most renowned are Moscato di Pantelleria and Passito di Pantelleria.

How Social Media Helps You to Find Your Right Home?

How Social Media Helps You to Find Your Right Home?

Social media is considered to be one of the easiest and simplest ways to find a right home, currently people are busy at their own work, they do not even get time to be entertained, in this situation it is bit difficult for them to find a new house.  Therefore they depend on virtual world, where they are able to see housing apartments, its features, facilities, amenities, position, location, surrounding area, etc.

The way social media helps client:

  • Real estate business and real estate market is greatly influenced by social media, Top real estate agents in Bangalore and property dealers in Bangalore not only  give required information but also they add picture of the building and  add its salient features, so that potential buyers would get clear knowledge about their new house.
  • Sometime they add little video also, where they show you the features of the house, its internal and external position, its size, color of the house, its magnitude, location etc, if video is taken by drone then you would get top view also, 5 minutes video can shows you size, shape color, position, location of the house, even with it you would get clear idea about the surrounding area, road connectivity, etc. Both real estate agents in Bangalore and property dealers in Bangalore always try to attach a video file in order to provide prominent picture.
  • agent app of housing , another option for property dealers in Bangalore, through which they can meet possible clients,  meet constructer or developer, up to date their position or company status, able to track market demand and its trend, give brief description about the housing complex with approximate price, sometime add interior and exterior photographs of the house etc.
  • Real estate agents in Bangalore, also prefer this kind of agent app of housing because property seekers who register their names, via this app they would get notifications about recent offers, name of new hosing complexes etc, so agents do not have to inform them individually.

Features of the house:  If you are looking for house, you see most of the housing style is greatly influenced by the house of UK, USA, its design, architectural structure, color combination, additional facilities everything that would give you a quality life and make you stress free. Even most of the housing is situated at well connected area, from where you can easily avail metro, rail, even airport also. Single bedroom, double bedrooms, triple bedrooms apartments are offered with competitive price.

Extra amenities: Most of the builders’ one and only aim is to provide a quality life to their clients, as in their busy schedule they need to entertained, so cinema hall, shopping mall, cafeteria, club house, indoor games facility, outdoor games, jogging track, swimming pool, gym, yoga center everything is attached within your housing compound.

Even car parking facility, visitor car parking plot, 24 hours purified water supply, 24 hours electricity back ups, free inter telecom  facility,  internet connection etc.

Builder’s profile: Builder who are behind this modern architecture, are working in this business more than 25 years, their working knowledge, style of working, sincerity helps them to meet client’s demand and desire.


Social media, social site, agent app of housing everything is an effective marketing tool, that not only helps property seekers, but Property dealers would get chance to contact with thousands of potential property buyers with minimum cost.

Safety Features Every Home Should Have

Safety Features Every Home Should Have

We all want our homes to be as safe as possible. We want them to be the kinds of places where people feel safe and comfortable, where they’re happy to attend your kids’ birthday parties and–more importantly–where you can feel comfortable inviting people over.

The truth is that even for people who live in guarded gated communities with a 24/7 security presence, there is more to creating a safe home than simply filling it with happy people and remembering to lock your doors at night. Creating a home that is truly safe for everybody who enters it (well, okay, maybe not home invaders) takes some work.

Here are some of the things you need to create a truly safe environment for yourself, your family, and your friends:

A Security System

As Home-security.co points out regarding their NY ADT security system, good home security should do much more than simply blast an alarm when someone enters unexpectedly. Today’s cutting edge security systems also offers fire monitoring, carbon monoxide monitoring and many other safety features to keep everybody safe and sound when they are within the walls of your home. Some security systems are even “smart” and will monitor your home’s energy usage, turn off power when people leave rooms, and contain motion detectors that can tell the difference between pets and prowlers, etc.

A security system helps watch over you so that you can feel safe and comfortable to enjoy your time with your family and friends.

A Working HVAC System

Your home’s air quality is incredibly important, especially for people who have allergies. Having working heating and cooling systems as well as humidifying and dehumidifying systems is important for keeping the air within your home healthy and breathable. Make sure you get your home’s HVAC system and filters checked out at least once a year. The last thing you need is mold or mildew setting up shop within your walls and causing tons of health problems for the people you love!

Safety Plans

Do you know what to do if someone breaks in to your home? Do you have your hiding places mapped out? Have you set up safe words with your kids? Do you know what to do if there is a fire, or if there is a carbon monoxide leak? Your security system will alert you to these dangers, sure, but do you know what to do when those alarms go off? Having safety plans in place and drilling on them regularly will help improve your chances of safely surviving many of the disasters that can strike within the walls of your home.

Emergency Kits

Nobody is saying that you have to go full survivalist (unless that’s something you want to do).Still, having some food, water, extra clothes, and other emergency supplies stashed somewhere safe is always a good idea. A good rule of thumb is to have a bag packed with bottled water, some canned food, some batteries, a flashlight, and a first aid kit that you keep somewhere handy. This way if a disaster does happen you’ll be ready to wait it out for at least a couple of days.

So far we’ve talked about the bigger things that you need to make your home as safe as possible. Now let’s talk about the smaller everyday tools and habits that go into proper home safety.

Doors and Windows

Keep the doors and windows to your house closed and locked at all times–even when you’re inside. Open windows in empty rooms are a fantastic point of entry for intruders. Keep your blinds mostly closed–open curtains and blinds (especially to empty rooms) let people case your house from the outside and, even creepier, scope out your locations. Let in natural light, of course, but don’t give everything away to anybody walking by!


Each point of entry to your home–doors and windows alike–should have a set of working locks. At least one lock in that set should be accessible from the outside. The other(s) should be invisible. Safety locks that can only be undone from the inside of the home (like deadbolts, etc) are a great stopgap against intruders. Wooden dowelings work wonders for safety in your windows.


Keep it clean! The better kept up your yard, the less likely someone is to mess with your house. A well kept yard tells passersby that you pay very close attention to what goes on on your property, and offers fewer places for intruders to hide.

The more steps you take to keep your home safe in big and small ways, the happier your life in that home will be. Use these tips to help you start making your home as safe as possible.

Fire Safety

There are ways to protect your home from fire. First, make sure that the wiring in your house is up to code. Second, be careful about open flames in the home. Third, consider having materials installed on your house that are fire resistant. For example, composite siding is far more fire resistant that wooden siding. Additionally, the roofing specialists at AnyWeather Roofing LLC remind homeowners that metal and slate roofs are remarkably resistant to fire as opposed to wood or even asphalt shingles. By implementing some of these measures, you don’t guarantee that your house won’t catch on fire, but it can make it much more difficult or even reduce the damage done by a fire.