The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Shopping On A Budget

The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Shopping On A Budget

Shopping for friends and family at this busy time of year gets a pretty bad reputation, but it doesn’t have to be as stressful as you might be envisioning. If you budget well, plan in advance, and make sure there’s a nice glass of wine at home waiting for you when you get back from the shops, Christmas shopping can be simple – and even fun!

Christmas Shopping for Kids

Remember that young children don’t need presents that come in a box (in fact, the box just delays them getting to the good stuff!). There’s nothing wrong with checking out second hand toys and clothing from car boot sales or local ‘nearly new’ sales in your area. Even small marks shouldn’t put you off from buying something that otherwise looks really lovely – with a decent laundry detergents like Persil, complaints about stains will be easy to resolve. Just make sure you give all clothing a good wash.

You might be surprised at the bargains you’ll find when you do a bit of digging at local sales. Many savvy shoppers like to purchase just one or two top Christmas toys for kids, and then add in a few cheaper items to bulk out the present pile. For youngsters, Christmas is less about gifts, and more about having things to open. Just remember that if something’s in the sales because it’s high-quality but has got a bit grubby in a stockroom, it’s worth picking up – with any good laundry detergent, from supermarket own brand to something like Persil, complaints won’t be an issue.

Food & Drink

If you’re looking to feed the family on a budget this Christmas, planning is key. It’s best to start keeping an eye on the deals from around late October to early November. Many shops will have deals on cases of wines which bring the price per bottle way down, and ‘buy one get one free’ offers on food are well worth looking into. If you have an old freezer stored away in your garage, clean it up and get it plugged in – this will be an ideal place to store Christmas dinner meats and vegetables, ready for the big day.

Relax, Take it Easy

Do you collect vouchers and then become so flustered during your shopping that you forget to use them? Don’t lose out on a bargain because you’re overwhelmed by the throngs of people or the length of your shopping list. Take it easy. You can help to reduce shopping stress by visiting stores early in the day (or later in the evening, if the shop is open into the night) when they tend to be a little less busy. And if you do find yourself fighting your way through the crowds, take a few minutes for yourself! Find a nice café, take your coat off, sit down, and just relax until you’re ready and raring to go again.

Have Fun!

With these handy planning tips — and with a little help from a good-quality detergent like Persil — complaints about Christmas shopping will be a thing of the past! Shopping at this time of year doesn’t have to be stressful –  it can actually be quite fun, and shopping on a budget is actually much easier than you may think. Have fun this Christmas!

Great Online Free Slots UK

Great Online Free Slots UK




If you are a fan of slot machines you will know that they can be great fun. You probably play in your local pub, or perhaps at the casino or in the betting shop, and the chances are you win every now and again. However, have you actually done the research needed to understand which are the best machines to play, the ones that give you the best chance of success? Many players have not, and yet it can lead to greater success if you spend just a few minutes searching for the right game. This is why we recommend you play online slot machines, as they offer convenience that cannot be matched.

What are online slot machines? Quite simply, they are replicas of the machines you will find in the casino, but available online, all the time. There are many different games to choose from, and many websites offering online free slots in the UK, so why not check them out? You will be able to play at any time of the day of night, every day of the week, from anywhere with an internet connection; in your break at work, in a café, or in your home, and from any device from a PC to a smartphone. Does that sound like a lot of fun?

What You Need to Know

When we talk about free slots we are not lying; there really is free money to be had, and free plays to be enjoyed. With so many providers offering free slot machine games, you can try many of them using a demo function. This works as per normal, except you don’t lose any money. When you come to play for real you will find that you know the game inside out, and that you stand a better chance of winning.

Another area of research you need to pay attention to is the RTP percentage that will be listed with every game. This is the Return to Player chance, and the higher it is, the more chance you have of winning money. Also, look for the introductory offers; these can be in the form of matching your deposit 100% – in other words, they give you free money to play with to an equal value.

Enjoying your Gambling

With free online slots you should always remember that they are there to enjoy; don’t let your gambling get out of control, and always stay within your limits. Playing online gives you the opportunity to really enjoy your gambling and to win money, all from the comfort of your own home. Why not check out the websites now for all the information you could possibly need on the online slot machine craze, and enjoy your games on these cold winter days from the comfort of your home.

A Beautiful Home on a Budget

A Beautiful Home on a Budget

Collaboration with Poppy J.

For many, their home is forever changed with the arrival of children, and priorities swiftly swivel away from purchasing the latest must-have designs, towards trying to keep the home moderately presentable on a budget. It can be extremely difficult to come to terms with the fact that your once pristine palace now resembles a giant crumb-filled toy box, but there are ways you can regain control of your home without having to empty the entire contents of your wallet.

DIY Magic

Once you have accepted you can no longer splurge on every piece of furniture you fancy, you can delve into the magical world of “make-you-own” creativity. The internet is swarming with fantastic decorating tips and tutorials, explaining how you can create amazing accessories for your home, from snazzy vases, to beautifully elegant curtains. You could even make your own chandeliers simply by using plastic spoons, yes plastic spoons! If you want to attempt something a bit bigger, why not give building your own coffee table a go, using wine crates and a lick of varnish

Search the Sales

There are some household items that could prove a little ambition to make, even for the most experienced DIYers, and the sensible thing to do is but furniture that is going to last for several years. Be savvy and scour the online sales for bargain purchases such as cut-price sofas and beds. If your bed and mattress hasn’t been changed in a long time it is worth taking a peek at online retailers such as Bedstar, who regularly have sales. Check their stock for stylish, yet hard-wearing bed frames that can withstand being bounced on by children and pets.

Out With the Old…

Budgeting isn’t just about spending less, and if you can bear to part with existing household items, you could actually be sitting on a goldmine, which can be used to spruce up your home in a child-friendly way. Your threadbare sofa could actually fetch you a few quid on local buy and sell sites, and if you have items such as exercise equipment or still boxed kitchen appliances, admitting you are never going to use them could result in you putting some much-needed pounds in your bank.

Swap Skills

One of the best things about the internet is that we now have the ability to be in contact with all different kinds of people from all over the world in mere seconds. We are also able to contact local people who have talents that could help you revamp your home. I’m not talking about professional decorators and painters who will charge you for jobs done in your home, but people who are willing to trade their particular skill in return for another. There are many sites that advertise this scheme and so if you are a whizz in the kitchen, fluent in a foreign language, or are a talented musician, you could offer to teach another person these skills in return for them sprucing up your home. Take a look at The Guardian’s top ten list of swapping sites and benefit from the skills of others.

Choosing the Best Glasses for Your Face

Choosing the Best Glasses for Your Face



There are many things to take into consideration when selecting your ideal pair of glasses. Not every style is flattering on every person.  Here’s a list of things to take into consideration when choosing a pair of glasses as well as style suggestions.

  1. You need to take into consideration the shape of your face.

The shape of the frames you should select should be in contrast to the shape of your face.

People with round faces, for example, should wear frames that are narrow, angular and rectangle shaped in order to elongate their faces and thin them out.  Whereas people with oval shaped faces look best when they wear frames that are as wide as or wider than the broadest part of their face.

  1. The size of your frames should be in scale with the size of your face.
  2. You should select a style that highlights your best features (For example a green-eyed person should choose green frames).
  3. You should take your coloring and complexion into consideration when selecting the color of your frames.

People have either cool (blue-based) or warm (yellow- based) coloring, so they should therefore, choose frames that match their coloration. The main features that determine one’s coloration are your skin tone, eye and hair color.  If you are a cool complexion then your best bet would be to choose frames that are silver, gray, plum, pink or black. While warm complexions look best in frames that are khaki, gold, off-white, peach or red.

  1. Consider your lifestyle.

If you are really active and involved a lot of outdoors activities, you should consider the durability of the frames they choose. If you’re a gamer, there are even glasses that help enhance your gaming experience. And since there are so many different types of glasses that are designed to accommodate multiple lifestyles you should have no trouble finding one that matches yours.

Now that you know how to choose the best glasses for your face, be sure to pick up your perfect pair today at Zenni Optical.

Simple Ways to Improve and Maintain Your Oral and Dental Health

Simple Ways to Improve and Maintain Your Oral and Dental Health



When you think about improving your oral and dental health, your initial and only thought is likely to be brushing your teeth regularly. And while regular brushing is a great place to start, it’s just that, the start.

A Fresh Start

Despite the importance of your mouth and teeth, oral and dental hygiene isn’t given the attention it needs. Over time, this leads to bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay. To remove these issues and give your mouth a fresh start, make an appointment for a professional teeth cleaning service in Los Angeles to bring your hygiene and smile back to a healthy and clean state.

The Right Tools for the Job

You wouldn’t try to use a hammer to drill a hole with a screw. And while you certainly don’t want to think of drills and teeth, the same rule applies. Start with a soft bristled brush which has been designed to be gentle on your gums. Given you have just had a professional clean, there’s no need to get a heavy brush and scratch away your enamel. Match this with toothpaste that includes active ingredients, just not cleaning pastes.

Not Finished Yet

Your dental health regime doesn’t stop at just brushing. While you are with your dental professional receiving your clean, ask about dental floss and the right technique to use it for your teeth and maintain the routine. You should be flossing your teeth thoroughly at least once a day, with twice a day being the recommendation to prevent the buildup of remaining food which can quickly, and we mean quickly, lead to gingivitis.

Time to Quit

There are numerous health and fitness reasons to give up smoking, and you can add your dental health to the list. Not only does smoking cause dark staining to your teeth, but it also damages your gums and can cause them to recede at a much faster rate than they would genetically. Additionally, smoking works against your cleaning efforts to remove any gum disease you may be battling.

The average morning and evening dental hygiene routine only takes around two to three minutes, and the benefits are great. Speak with your dentist about any individual dental concerns you have and take the time to maintain your oral and dental health to prevent additional future health problems.

How to Create a Postcard from Travel Photos

How to Create a Postcard from Travel Photos

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Nothing quite expresses a sentiment like a postcard – and a personalized one at that. If you are travelling and would like to let your friends or family know that they’ve been in your thoughts then why not create your very own postcard out of your travel photos.

To create a postcard all you really need are travel photos as well as a good card design software to help you out. For the latter you could opt to use Movavi Photo Editor seeing as it has all the features you need and is easy to use to boot.

Finding the Right Photo

The first thing that you should do is find the right photo – and that is largely going to depend on the reason for the postcard. If you simply want to send a memento of your travels to a friend or family member then a photo depicting a highlight of place that you’re visiting would do well. On the other hand if it’s a special occasion then you might want to use a ‘selfie’ that allows you to express the sentiment that you’re conveying.

Remember that you’re going to want to include a message with the photo that you choose – so be sure that you pick one that has space for it somewhere.

Creating the Postcard

To create the postcard itself all you need to do is load the photo into Movavi Photo Editor and use the software to add the elements that you want included. Among the many features that you will want to use include those that will:

  • Add text and customize its appearance to include the message that you want to send.
  • Include special texture effects such as ‘Hearts’, ‘Stars’, ‘Night Lights’ and so on.
  • Apply artistic filters to alter the appearance of the photo.
  • Enhance the quality of the photo and fix any issues with it.
  • Remove unnecessary elements from the photo.
  • Delete and replace the background of the photo.

Between these features, you should be able to transform your travel photo into something creative, unique, and special. That’s really all that you need to do to make your own card – and once you’re done you can print it out and write the address on the other side when you post it. Odds are your friends and family will be thrilled to receive a personalized postcard that is so unique in the mail.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing Sheesham Furniture

Why You Should Consider Purchasing Sheesham Furniture

If you are looking for a different hardwood type of timber when you are purchasing wooden furniture, you should consider Sheesham timber products.  The wood scientifically known as Dalbergia Sissoo has the easier to pronounce name of Sheesham and the most famous use of this type of wood is in furniture production.  In fact, it is thought to be the most useful form of timber in the whole of India.

The wood is found in lots of places throughout the sub-Himalayan area, including everywhere from Assam to Indus.  As well as being found in various Indian regions including West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab.  The timber and Sheesham furniture are available in large quantities particularly from the Punjab and Uttar Pradesh regions.

What Makes Sheesham Timber So Distinctive?

Sheesham timber is typified by its golden brown to deep brown colouring, with very striking dark streaks that give it a very visually stunning appearance.  It has quite a coarse but balanced texture and is very hard.  As it has a naturally strong resistance to rot and decay it is one of the most popular woods for engraving and carving in India.

What Other Reasons Make Sheesham Timber So Good For Furniture Production?

As Sheesham timber does not split or warp and seasons extremely well it is perfect for cabinet and other types of furniture manufacturing.  It is also one of the timbers in the world that is least susceptible to problematic and destructive dry-wood termites and is thus has greater durability than alternatives.  Further to this, the wood reacts well to polishing and finishes with a nice smooth furnish and resists cutting and sawing but is great for turnery.

Why Choose Sheesham Furniture?

Because of the nature of the timber, Sheesham furniture by default will have a very unique colouring because of the timber’s very well defined grain, which can be finished to improve the look and quality with hand waxing.  Often, Sheesham furniture incorporates hand-forged wrought iron work, often referred to as Jali ironwork.

Interestingly, as it is such a versatile and sturdy type of wood when Sheesham timber is not being used to make exquisite furniture, it is used to make a wide range of different things including sports goods, tool handles, engraved pieces, carved pieces, ornamental turnery, musical instruments, charcoal for cooking and heating and aircraft and marine-grade plywood.

If you are looking for wooden furniture that will stand the test of time and use, due to a close grain and hard structure.  For wooden furniture that will also look smart and sophisticated and add a natural touch to your home; then you should consider Sheesham timber-built pieces of furniture.  If you are also worried about your furniture looking too much like other people’s furniture who have the same or similar wood-built pieces, then you needn’t worry as due to the individual characteristics and markings found in the wood, every piece of furniture made from Sheesham timber is always going to look a little or lot different than other pieces.

Tips For Choosing Bathroom Tiles For A Small Bathroom

Tips For Choosing Bathroom Tiles For A Small Bathroom

As everyone has different needs, wants and tastes; when it comes to choosing the best bathroom tiles for your home, it is quite a subjective matter.  Something that looks perfect to one person, may look hellish to another person.  Although the colours and designs you choose will be your own, there are still some basic pieces of advice you can follow to make sure you choose tiles, such as those available from, wisely.

In the following article we will discuss tiling a bathroom and what to consider when doing so.

The Size Of Tiles You Should Choose

One of the best things about shopping for bathroom tiling is that there is such a wide variety of styles and sizes available.  It is important to bear in mind that just because a certain style or design looks beautiful on paper, it doesn’t mean it will on the walls or floor of your bathroom.  You also need to consider the size of the bathroom as not all types of tiles will look good in every bathroom.  Before you hire anyone or lay any tiles you need to take a sample and really give thought to how your bathroom will look when it’s finished.

The majority of interior design professionals will recommend that you avoid using larger sized tiles in a smaller bathroom, as it can make the room look and feel small.  When the truth is that you can have just as many problems when you opt for smaller sized tiles.  As smaller tiles will mean more grout lines and a grid-like look, it can make you feel boxed in, in a small bathroom.  It is best to find a happy medium between large and small tiles.

Can You Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger Using Tiles?

The short answer is yes, but it really depends on the the style of tile you choose.  A well-known industry tip is that you can make a room look bigger by decorating it with lighter colours.  So consider using lighter shades and colours such as creams and whites.  Even if you mix up the colours and have dark with some light, like white and black tiles, you need to ensure that at least 50% of  them are light.

The Number Of Tiles You Need

Before you go out or log online to buy bathroom tiles you should figure out how many tiles you will actually need to complete the room.  There are various tile calculators online that make finding the information very easy.  These take the measurements and dimensions of your bathroom to calculate the correct number.  If you don’t fancy doing it that way, you could take your bathroom’s dimensions along to your nearest tile retailer.  Regardless of how you measure for the number, always add 10% to that number to buy enough tiles to cover pattern matching, waste, cuttings and breakages.

What Do Beer and Wine Labels Say About You?


The beer or wine label you choose to go with says a lot about your personality. It will send a message to the other party goers about what kind of a person you are. This infographic by Label Value goes over the different types of personality types associated with each alcoholic beverage.

Stress-Free Holidaying

Stress-Free Holidaying

Now we are back to work and enduring January once more, thoughts easily turn to holidaying and booking ourselves a little bit of sunshine. But considering how close we are to Christmas it’s easy to remember that sometimes even relaxing can get a little bit stressful at times.

There are always strains and problems around getting away, especially if you’re with the family, but that’s no reason not to go. To help you get the most from your break, we’ve put together five top tips for stress free holidaying, covering everything from avoiding social media to keeping your holiday home sparkling clean.

  1. Clean the house beforehand

We all know what it’s like to come back to a messy home. The sight of clothes on the floor or dishes not done can make your heart sink and erase all that relaxation in an instant. Well, this one’s easy to fix. Just make sure you have a really good clean up before you go. It doesn’t need to be a proper spring clean, just make sure the house is looking presentable, the beds are made and there are no pressing chores for when you return. That’ll make it so much easier to switch off on your break.

  1. Have food in the freezer for when you get home

The other common pitfall when it comes to stress on holiday is coming to the end of your time away and realising you’ve got nothing to eat at home. Anything like that which plays on your mind is going to keep you from relaxing properly. To avoid, fill the freezer beforehand with easily defrostable foods like bread and meat, so that you can dine hassle-free on your first day back.

  1. Know how to keep your holiday-home clean

For more and more of us now, holidaying isn’t about staying in a fancy hotel. Instead we find cheap and cosy short-term rents online. This is great when it comes to informality and price, but does mean a few additional stresses if you’re responsible for looking after someone else’s home. Everyone knows it’s easy to spill a glass of wine or even something more significant like cleaning products by mistake. To keep stress-free, make sure you know where to find handy information like how to get rid of bleach stains or what to do when someone treads mud all over the carpet. Remember though, if working out how to get rid of bleach stains is not your favourite holiday activity you can always go more rural instead!

  1. Do laundry before coming home

This might seem counterintuitive; if you’re trying to relax having to sort out a load of dirty laundry while you’re away is probably not on your list of priorities. But in actual fact, doing one load before you come home can really relieve the mental stress of knowing how much needs sorting as soon as you arrive back – not to mention making sure you have plenty of clean clothes at the ready!

  1. Switch all internet off

A vital tip for all 21st century holidays! If you don’t want to be disturbed by work crises or the latest news make sure to go somewhere that doesn’t have Wi-Fi and banish screen time for you and the kids. The different it makes to how you feel at the end is staggering!

So there you have it, five great tips for having a stress free break with your family. Just remember to do a few small jobs beforehand, make sure you have trusty info on hand (even how to get rid of bleach stains!) just in case! Then you can sit back, relax and enjoy your break.