My Kitchen Saviours: Don’t Cook Without These

My Kitchen Saviours: Don’t Cook Without These

If you love spending time in the kitchen, you should be interested in this post. I love spending time in the kitchen too, and over the years I’ve come across some gadgets I don’t think I could live without. The following items are my kitchen saviors…I won’t cook without them:

A Griddle Pan

The griddle pan is great for cooking just about anything. You can cook your bacon, chicken, steak; or whatever meat you’re eating that day. The great thing about it is that it locks in all of the flavors while getting rid of lots of fat. This makes the meat much healthier than frying!

A Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is a great tool for days when you’re just too busy to cook. Simply throw everything into the slow cooker and later on you’ll have your meal ready-made. There’s no need to do anything else. Simply enjoy the aromas filling the house and get on with your day.

A Sturdy Grater

Whatever you’re grating, whether it’s cheese, garlic, or fruit; it needs to be a sturdy grater. I’ve had graters that snap when you apply the slightest bit of pressure.

Kitchen Scales

Kitchen scales make sure you aren’t going to cook too much and end up wasting perfectly good food. You’ll also make sure you get the amounts of your recipes perfect, so you can cook every dish.

A Great Set of Knives

With a great set of knives, you can chop through just about anything at lightning speed. Vegetables, meat, fruit…you name it. Blunt knives and regular knives that we eat with aren’t as sharp for a reason. They aren’t made for the job. You won’t regret treating yourself to a set of these!

A Herb and Spice Rack

The more herbs and spices you have in the house, the better! You can buy most of these complete with a rack too. Herbs and spices transform a boring dish into something spectacular.

A Hand Blender

Strong hand blenders can be hard to come by. However, it’s one of the most useful kitchen gadgets. If you can find one that has no trouble blending ice and frozen fruit, you’re on to a winner! Many of the cheap ones will get too hot when they are being used for this kind of job.

A Pestle and Mortar

The pestle and mortar not only look great when displayed in the kitchen, but it’s also great for mashing up ingredients. When a recipe calls for crushing garlic, for example. It’s fun to do too!

Heavy Set Pans

Heavy set pans are quality pans. Cheap pans that feel flimsy and light won’t last a very long time and will become scratched easily. Not only that, they are never as ‘non stick’ as they claim. Real, heavy-set pans are an amazing addition to any kitchen.

Now you know what you should have in your kitchen, here are some fantastic cooking tips. Let me know if there are any kitchen gadgets you couldn’t be without. Thanks!

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