Luxury Tips For Your Wedding Day

Luxury Tips For Your Wedding Day

When it comes to getting married, your big day has to be perfect. It has to be everything you’ve ever dreamed of. You are often restricted by budget but there are many ways to get around this. Don’t let your budget stop you from creating the ultimate luxury wedding. When it comes to luxury, the devil is in the details. It’s not about ice sculptures, string quartets or grand pianos (although that would be nice). It’s about the finishing touches.

Luxury and sophistication are rooted in simplicity. Simple features and elegant colours are key. You don’t need a huge budget for this, just a sharp eye for the finer details. It’s all about creating the overall impression of luxury and elegance. It’s less about ostentatious features.


The right lighting will set the tone for your entire wedding. You don’t want harsh lights at your reception or the ceremony itself. You’ll want soft, delicate lighting. It should create a warm and cosy environment – which can be difficult when catering for hundreds. Lots of candles are the answer here. Place them on the tables and around the room. Try and keep them off the ground and out of reach for when things get a little wild later! Delicate fairy lights and lanterns are also perfect for a touch of luxury. Hang them around the room and hide the fittings with flowers.


You’ll want to keep a consistent colour palette running throughout the entire day. It’ll help the wedding feel connected as you move from the ceremony and the reception. The right colours set the tone for the entire day. Soft creams are a great starting point and build everything around them. Try to stay with soft pastel colours and make sure every colour fits into the same palette. You’ll want to run this colour scheme throughout the linens, the flowers, the candles and the lighting. Even the suits and bridesmaids’ dresses should match the colour palette.

Arrive In Style

Whether you want a horse-drawn carriage or a stylish limo, make sure you arrive in style. For those on the east coast, you’ll find limo services in NJ here. Spend some time choosing the perfect car, everyone will be watching!


The evening meal will be the last formal part of your wedding before the party can begin. Be sure to add the final touches of luxury here. Simplicity is your friend. Don’t have a large menu, just one or two options and ensure that it is tastefully presented. You’ll want small, elegant portions and the correct wine to accompany it. Test plenty of caterers and go to a wine-tasting event before you decide. Then be sure to employ a waiting service with luxury credentials. Your guests deserve the best!

Finally, it’s time to dance. You can forget about the luxury and just enjoy yourself. Hopefully, you’ve had the best day of your life and everyone will go home talking about how beautiful the wedding was. Take a breather and relax.

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