How to Turn a Wine Tasting Hobby into Something More

How to Turn a Wine Tasting Hobby into Something More

If you’re reading this then chances are you enjoy your wine; you may even have turned wine tasting into a hobby. However, have you ever wondered what else you could do with your passion for good wine? We’ve come up with some spectacular ways to turn your hobby into something more, and perhaps even make some money from it.


Starting up a blog about your passion is a popular and relatively easy, way to expand your hobby into something more worthwhile. You’ll notice you’re currently on a wine blog, created by those who love wine. So, why not do something similar? You can set up a basic blog using a platform such as WordPress, and write about your wine-tasting adventures. There doesn’t need to be any particular goal to blogging; it’s just a great way to write down your thoughts, opinions, and experiences. However, a good blog can also make money on the side, which is obviously a big bonus!


Have you ever wondered whether you could turn your wine-tasting hobby into some kind of business? It has been done before! There are many stories of those that have gone from just wine tasting with their friends to creating their very own money-making business from it. Make sure you know your stuff before plunging into the deep end, and invest in some wine-tasting courses in London so that you’re fully up to scratch. You could then open your own wine merchant, tasting classes, or even a vineyard if you’re feeling adventurous.


Some of the richest people in the world have now turned to invest in wine, over the stock market, as a great way to make extra cash. Although you may need a little bit of capital to start off with, you don’t have to go as ‘big’ as the top investors. Start off small and build up your collection, before waiting for the right time to sell them. There are wine investment companies, much like stock brokers, who can help you buy and sell wine the right way. Just make sure you research how the market works before you start losing money. Some bottles can make huge amounts of money, so this is definitely one for those who know their stuff!

Just enjoy it

Of course, you don’t need to turn your wine-tasting hobby into something more if you don’t want to. One of the best things about this hobby is that nearly everyone enjoys it, so it’s a great thing to do with friends and family. If you usually attend a wine-tasting class or group, then why not invite some other people along too? Alternatively, have your own wine-tasting event at home. There are plenty of ways to enjoy this fantastic hobby, and if it progresses naturally into something else then that is great!

Social Media

Did you know that there are now dedicated social media groups for wine tasting? This is a great way to expand your hobby and share your knowledge with others. You can join various groups to post questions, start discussions, and even share photos of your latest wines. You can find communities relating to specific wine regions or just general wineries all over the world. This is also a great way to get expert advice on which wines you should be buying and trying out, and many experts are happy to offer their two cents’ worth!


Another fantastic way to take part in something more than just casual wine-tasting is through competitions. There are many local competitions that happen throughout the year, usually run by associations or clubs dedicated to tasting. Attending one of these events is an excellent way to hone your skills and learn from experts in the industry. If you don’t feel confident enough for this then why not enter some online competitions instead? Here, you can test yourself against other tasters from around the world without even leaving your house – although perhaps arrange a virtual wine-tasting party with friends first!


If you have the opportunity (and budget) then why not turn your passion into an adventure? Research some of the best vineyards and wineries around the world for when lockdown restrictions inevitably lift, and plan a trip around them! Or, if travelling isn’t so much your thing then why not turn it into a staycation? Many countries have their own unique takes on winemaking; why not set off on an internal road trip across Europe or America to try something new? After all, nothing beats trying out a new wine in its region of origin – discovering different tastes as well as learning about cultures surrounding winemaking.

Have you turned your wine-tasting hobby into something else? Do you have any tips and tricks for other wine connoisseurs? Or do you simply just prefer wine tasting at home with the family?

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