How to Make a Cleaning Schedule that Works

How to Make a Cleaning Schedule that Works

There are things in life you can’t truly prepare for. Technology is always changing, and the ever-worsening hangover, or being the oldest person at a party. And there are things you just probably weren’t ready for, like the cost of toothpaste, or spilling a bottle of wine over your clothes. But for everything else, just a bit of preparation can go a long way.

Why Make a Cleaning Schedule?

When it comes to ongoing cleaning, a decent cleaning schedule will ensure that no job big or small is glossed over, as well as eliminate conflict by laying out in black and white what needs doing, when and by whom.

If the idea of a rota isn’t met with immediate enthusiasm, have no fear; here are a few benefits to win them over to following a simple cleaning schedule:

  1. Time-saving – yes, you heard it right: by scheduling household tasks in advance, you can completely eliminate the time wasted on working out who last did what
  2. Mess = stress – living in a cluttered house can increase anxiety, making it more difficult to relax in your home. Furthermore, dirt and grime can lead to hygiene issues which could have profound health implications
  3. Although it can be tempting to put off that little job until tomorrow, when the family suddenly visits or your tenancy is up, anxiety is likely to kick in when you realize just how much needs doing. A cleaning schedule means that you can stay on top of things. Or at least point to it and explain you’re good intentions.

Traditional vs Techie

When considering the format of your cleaning schedule it’s worth bearing the following options in mind:

– Calendar and fridge magnets

The old classic. Sticking a calendar to the front of the fridge means that no one can use not having the schedule as an excuse to shirk their cleaning duties

– For those with housemates – Create a Facebook group

The ubiquity of social media means that it’s likely that you and all of your housemates will not only be on Facebook but will also check your updates regularly. Create a group so that you can share the schedule online and set automated reminders to make things a little easier

– Share Google Docs

With the advantage of being incredibly simple to use and share, Google Docs allows you to create a rota that can be viewed and edited by everyone who has access to it. This could also be handy when it comes to other events like paying shared bills or organizing a big night out with a close-knit of friends!

What to Include

There are a few factors to remember once you’ve decided on a format for your cleaning schedule. An effective schedule should include the following:

  1. Differentiate between large, infrequent tasks and day-to-day chores
  2. Remember to include all shared living spaces such as the kitchen, living room, bathroom, toilet, and hallways
  3. It’s important that you’re not ‘laying down the law’ the cleaning schedule is an authority that you all have to defer to. It is in charge, not you.

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