Great Foreign Bar Food to Try

Great Foreign Bar Food to Try

According to Berkel Sales and Service, a provider of commercial meat slicers, great food is often even better when accompanied by lively music, plenty of happy people, and a wide variety of alcoholic beverages. This is why so many people enjoy eating in bars, especially if they can consume food prepared by talented kitchen staff. Many restaurants have bars on the premises, so diners can sample delectable dishes as they sip expertly prepared cocktails.

If you are planning a trip to another country and know you’ll want to go to at least one bar while you’re there, you may be curious about what kinds of foods may be available. In many cases, the foods that natives eat outside of bars may be served inside them, as well. The following are several examples of some of the foods you might find in a foreign bar, along with some of the reasons that you may wish to try them.

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If you are traveling to Italy, you probably expect to feast on tempting cuisine from the time you arrive until you depart. This is not an unreasonable expectation, even if you are in a bar. If you crave something sweet, you might order gelato, which is Italian ice cream. If you’re hungry for something similar to a sandwich, you may wish to try Panini, which is grilled bread filled with items such as cheese and meat. You could also try an appetizer in an Italian bar: If you have an opportunity to sample salty prosciutto (thin slices of Italian ham) wrapped around sweet melon slices, you may find yourself eating more than you intended.


Whether you’re consuming beer or sake, it’s not a bad idea to eat some food while you’re doing it. If you seek food that is battered and fried, you may like tempura, seafood, and vegetables coated in a batter and then deep-fried, or Kushikatsu, meat fried in a light batter of crumbs. When you want to eat healthfully, you will probably find sushi (raw fish, rice, and seaweed) in numerous Japanese bars. If you want to feast on several snacks that will satisfy your appetite, you might order a plate of gyoza (dumplings typically filled with minced pork, seafood, or vegetables).


When you visit Australia, you can look forward to being welcomed by locals in a variety of pubs. You could have an abundance of interesting foods to consider, such as a tasty, traditional Australian cheeseburger topped with beetroot. Vegemite—a spread made from yeast extract—is a classic Australian snack, so if you see it on the menu in a bar, you should probably sample it at least once. You might also have the option of trying grilled kangaroo, which is delicious and low in fat.


If you’re going to drink ale in an Irish pub, you’ll want some classic Irish food to go with it. When you’re in the mood for something hearty, you will have plenty of possibilities worth trying, like a traditional Irish stew made with root vegetables and mutton. If you seek a fried dish, you might indulge in fish and chips, which can be found on countless pub menus. When you’re on the coast and want fresh fish, you might feast on salmon or mackerel.

One of the best aspects of traveling is trying new kinds of cuisine. Sampling the authentic dishes of a foreign culture is generally a privilege and a pleasure, whether you’re exploring Thai green papaya salad, for something sweet, sour, and spicy, or Dutch Bitterballen, flavorful meat, and flour snacks dipped in mustard. When you can pair tempting foods with delightful beverages, you are virtually guaranteed to enjoy your visit to a foreign bar.

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