Contemporary homes with an eco-friendly twist

Contemporary homes with an eco-friendly twist

More homeowners are looking to create eco-friendly properties that enable them to save money and reduce the impact on the environment. There are a number of ways that this can be achieved, whilst maintaining a contemporary look and feel to a property. As the demand for these products increases, more companies are investing significantly in eco-friendly technology, so that homeowners can continue to appreciate the benefits.

Eco-friendly technology

If you’re looking to integrate eco-friendly elements into your home, then there is a range of options available to you. These all provide you with different benefits and cost-saving solutions, allowing you to cut your energy costs and do your part to protect the environment.

Install a smart thermostat

These types of thermostats have been around for a few years, but the technology around them is improving dramatically. This is enabling more property owners to reduce their energy usage and cut their heating bills, as the temperature settings can be adapted to suit their requirements more precisely. This new generation of smart thermostats can acclimatize your family’s lifestyle and routine and then adjust the temperature accordingly. They are manufactured in modern and sleek designs so that they blend in with your decor.

Automatic lighting

Over the past few years, more homeowners have taken on board the benefits of LED lighting. This reduces your energy usage, helping to save money, as they use lower-wattage bulbs that provide the same level of illumination as traditional ones. However, you can now also benefit from custom-designed lighting that switches on to set the brightness at various times. They can even be controlled through apps, so that you can turn the lights on or off or adjust them while you’re away from the property.

Smart appliances

As the technology behind smart appliances adapts it is becoming more eco-friendly as well, such as the introduction of ultra-fast washing machines that can accommodate greater loads. This means that a family would require fewer loads, reducing the amount of water and energy they are using. Some of these appliances even have Wi-Fi diagnosis systems. This enables them to troubleshoot an issue via the internet and diagnose what is wrong, which reduces the cost and inconvenience of having to call out an engineer.

Development of eco-friendly technology

As consumers demand smarter and more eco-friendly appliances, manufacturers are developing more advanced ways of working to accommodate these requirements. Some companies, such as the M1 Group, have invested heavily in eco-friendly technology. Within the buildings of companies that connect to M1 Group, they incorporate a range of energy-saving technology. This state-of-the-art equipment and building management systems have become integral to all their projects and enabled them to reach out to a new market.

In the future, eco-friendly technology will continue to grow and adapt to consumer demands. As we focus more on cost saving and reducing our impact on the environment, homeowners will want to incorporate technology into their property that not only works but also looks good.

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