Perfect Wine Selections For This Valentine’s Day

Perfect Wine Selections For This Valentine’s Day



There’s a common misconception no thanks to the way Valentine’s Day is marketed that it’s exclusively for couples, or those with romantic attachments to enjoy. There’s no reason for a single person to be left out though; after all, self-love and self-discovery are journeys that should be equally celebrated. Whether it’s showing some gratitude for how far you’ve come on your own, or appreciating the strength it took to leave something behind that wasn’t working for you anymore – take the evening of February 14th to say cheers to yourself for once.

Light up a scented candle, put on your fuzzy slippers, pick out your favourite book and crack open a bottle of something local to make the Valentine’s Day that you’re single one to rival all others. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own apartment, or wade through the snow, or feel self-conscious waiting in line at the LCBO on your own in your sweatpants; you can simply purchase your favourite selections through Wine Online and have them delivered right to your door.

If you’re looking for some recommendations, the Triomphe Cabernet Franc VQA by Southbrook Vineyards is a wonderfully sophisticated and creative choice. The 2016 vintage shines of expressive red fruit making for a juicy sipping experience. It also boasts a vanilla-lavender streak, bringing elegance to the bottle. It’s a savoury and complex red with natural sweetness and long finish; draw yourself a lavish bubble bath, pour yourself a glass, and let it take you.

If you want to learn your favourite wines or maybe discover some new ones, consider something a bit spicier to accompany an appetizing meal, like the Shiraz-Cabernet VQA by Creekside Estate, vintage 2015. This selection is decidedly aromatic, with scents of violets, plums, red currant and white pepper. While medium-bodied on the palate, drinkers will welcome the bright fruit flavours of wild raspberry and strawberry, then invite the savoury cedar and white pepper coming back around for the finish.  Pair this selection with an assortment of cured meats if you’re preparing a charcuterie board or with a gorgeous medium-rare steak and roasted vegetables.

The Cabernet Sauvignon by Konzelmann Estate Winery, vintage 2015, is another favourite from the Niagara region. It’s denser than most and offers some spice, complimenting the chilly weather perfectly. With black currant, sweet cinnamon and pomegranate on the nose and palate, accompanied by a firm but smooth tannic structure and a mild smokiness, there is real depth to this bottle. Enjoy while popping in that artsy foreign film your ex would never acquiesce to watching with you.

The idea that only people in partnerships are allowed to reap the benefits of Valentine’s Day is an old and outdated trope. Singles should not hesitate to live this evening up too! With so much personal success to commemorate in realms outside of romance, take the day to yourself. Do something fun or relaxing, and finish the night off with a glass of something smooth and delicious; give yourself credit for all the happiness you’re aspiring to without anyone else’s help.

5 Interesting Tips to Make Your New York Experience More Memorable

5 Interesting Tips to Make Your New York Experience More Memorable


Everyone has dreamed of going to the Big Apple, whether to visit as a tourist or to gain residence there. We are so flushed with the idea that we don’t know where to start in listing down things and experience that we want bring home, or to the next place we move to.

And then we get there, and have absolutely no idea where to start, and might even start feeling a little bummed about catching up with the New Yorker’s briskly lifestyle.

So how do you make your stay more memorable? What does New York have to offer to make your visit worthwhile? We list down the ways.

Explore the culture

All right, so there may be more than one way to go about this. Culture is multifaceted, and in a city of eight million people, circulating within buildings of art and towers of glorious histories, where to start might be a hard place to find. Here’s one aspect of it that we can agree to prioritize: food.

New York is teeming of cultures manifested by different cuisines. From all continents of the world to different regions of the United States, nothing is ever underrepresented in its various restaurants, food hubs, kiosks, and even food trucks. Then, if you ever get relatively distant in your foodie adventure, restaurants like American Cut Steakhouse reels you back into a fundamental, American style that’s all too familiar.

Go on a bookworm’s retreat

Whether you love to write or you love to write, New York city has the perfect spots for you. Some of the biggest names in publishing industry – Macmillan, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, Penguin Random House, and Hachette – all house their headquarters in Manhattan. The Publishers Weekly as well as the The New York Review of Books also takes root in New York.

In addition, the New York Public Library in New York City contains over 53 million items of reading, making it the fourth largest library in the entire world.

Get to know the people

Despite what you see through movies and TV shows that New Yorkers are always on the go, there still remain some pretty interesting stories and histories about the residents of this city.

To cite, some of the oldest people in the world lives in New York, and the average life expectancy of people living in New York is a little more than 80 years old. That’s a lot of years to hear about and learn from, surely living long and surviving the hard-fought life that is the city makes for a fascinating conversation.

Speaking of conversations, you can have them in any of the eight hundred languages spoken within the state, making it one of the most linguistically diverse places in the world. You can chalk that up to the great amount of immigrants that graced the land.

So strike up a small talk, invited them to lunch and share the best steak in Manhattan, while making good acquaintances. In New York, memories are bound in the people you meet.

See the finer things for cheap

The biggest argument anyone can have staying in New York City is how costly it is. Everything literally has a price. Well, save for a few things that you can still avail and appreciate for cheap, or even for free. For example, you can watch talented comedians at the Comedy Cellar for cheap for once a week, and if you choose the right week as a stroke of luck, you might even see seasoned talents like Jerry Seinfeld, Louis CK, or actors from Saturday Night Live perform onstage.

Cheap becomes free every summer when you go the River to River Festival in Lower Manhattan, where you can watch a variety of theatre, music, and dance without paying even a dime. You can also watch concerts at SummerStage, or the famed performances of Shakespeare in the Park in Central Park, absolutely free of charge.

Consider moving in

Okay, this might be a stretch, but we don’t suggest that you scout for an apartment, pack your luggage, and move to New York right this second. It’s just that, what makes the city that much memorable is the entire experience in itself, both the luxuries as well as the struggles that come with it. The streets are paved with gold, opportunities are abound, and even finding a partner that shares the same passion and drive for success as you are is an adventure – these are the things that would make you want to live in New York. Maybe not the things that would make you stay for good, but the person going out would thank the person who chose to go in the first place.

At the end of the day, it is us who make the memories; it is us who navigate the boroughs of New York in search of a great story to tell. So you better come to and come quick, the city isn’t slowing down for anyone.

Fantastic Learning App for All!

Fantastic Learning App for All!



The internet has given us the ability to talk to people on the other side of the world, free and in real time, as well as introducing to the world new ways of watching films and TV shows. Furthermore, with high speed broadband, watching video content is more reliable, as there is none of the buffering that was once the norm, and there is plenty of content to choose from. With handheld devices – smartphones and tablets – being the most popular method of accessing the internet now, there is much to say about apps, which offer a varied amount of different content.

iTunes eLearning App

When it comes to educational content, the internet is a vast resource covering everything from science to languages, through art, travel and more, and there are many apps covering these areas too. We would like to introduce you to a very impressive free iTunes Learning App that offers you unrivalled content of a very high quality, and we think you’re going to like it!

You get access to more than 8000 videos and lectures, and they are structured in an array of courses so you can choose the subject you want to study. Each course comes with a number of videos on different aspects of the subject, the number of videos varying from course to course, and you take the course at your own pace. It’s very easy to follow, and we recommend you choose a tablet as the medium for greater clarity.

Android Version

For users of Android devices, and they are perhaps the most popular of all right now, The Great Courses Plus is available to download, and you get the same features as you do with the iTunes version. It must be among the best free Android eLearning app around, and the range of subjects is absolutely comprehensive in scope. You can choose the courses you want to study and, thanks to Wi-Fi hotspots, can watch them at your leisure, anywhere you may be at the time. Whether you are learning something new, brushing up on languages or enhancing your knowledge of a particular subject, you will find The Great Courses Plus to be the best app around.

The internet has given us a great deal of added benefits in a short time, and in terms of education is now one of the most valuable and versatile tools around. It is not only used by schools and colleges, but in homes around the world for education purposes. All the Great Courses lectures are to a high standard – college level in fact – so you are getting quality learning at a sensible price, so why not check it out now, and take advantage of the free trial to learn what it’s all about.

We recommend you contact The Great Course now to see just how they can help you with all your learning requirements, whether for fun or for professional advancement, so happy learning and remember, it’s all at your own pace!

The Wonders of a Garden Pond

The Wonders of a Garden Pond

There are many reasons why a pond makes an excellent addition to a garden, no matter how big or small. For example, you can include a variety of features in your pond, as well as fish and plants, and make it into something ornamental. Whether you have seen a pond that you like or simply think your garden could benefit from something such as a pond or small water feature, we think it’s a great idea to read more on what they are all about, as you may find that there are certain designs that take your eye.

These days, you can buy a pre-formed pond that will drop into a hole you make in the ground, and these come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They are very impressive, especially in the smaller varieties, and easy to install. You could, however, try the alternative method, which is to design your own pond and use readily available plastic pond liner material, that is durable and affordable. The process is simple – there are many examples online showing you all you need to know – and the results can be very impressive indeed.

Consider Your Space

The first thing you need to do when planning a pond is look at the space you have available. Even if you only have a very small yard, there are still options for the likes of artificial waterfalls and other water features that look great and are not expensive. These do require the use of a pond pump, which we shall talk about in a moment. For larger ponds, you need a spot in the garden that does not feature overhanging trees – these will drop leaves into the water and cause problems – and it is always advisable to ensure there is a little shade for parts of the pond.

Back to the subject of the pump: why do you need one? A natural pond will be party to moving water thanks to being fed by a stream, and this allows the water to be suitably aerated and healthy. Your garden pond needs a way of keeping the water oxygenated, and a pump will go some way towards this. You will also need a filter, which helps keep the water clean and clear, and these work in conjunction with the pump. Check out reviews of different pond pumps here and you will see that they are not expensive.

Enjoying a Pond

What you add to your pond is up to you, but we recommend you visit your local aquatics centre for more information on the various plants, fish and other accessories that may be available. They will be more than happy to help you with all your questions, and to ensure that you get the right equipment for your type and size of pond.

A garden pond is an attractive and surprisingly relaxing addition to any garden, so read more now about the various pumps and filters, and make sure you have the best pond possible.

You Must Visit These 6 Camden Pubs

You Must Visit These 6 Camden Pubs

No matter whether you are touring London, celebrating a birthday, or planning a night with your mates, Camden is the perfect location for fun and revelry. Camden is dubbed the alternative hotspot of London where you can spend the evening listening to an eclectic mix of punk, rock, and metal music while drinking the night away.

With a wide variety of pubs that transverse from hosting live music to deejay thumping dance floors, a Camden Pub Crawl is an excellent way to experience the best of what the area offers. When you go on a pub crawl you are guaranteed a good time. Whether you go on a host-led pub crawl or one your own, here are some of the pubs you must visit:

The Hobgoblin

Formerly known as Devonshire Arms, this pub is one of the few remaining goth clubs in London. Be prepared for to hear a mix of death metal and punk, as well as seeing people in full goth attire. At one point, there was an enforced alternative dress code. It is loud, dark, and not hipster-friendly. With decent prices, it makes for a great night out.

The Good Mixer

Known for offering opportunities to hear excellent live music or perform rock and roll karaoke, The Good Mixer should not be missed. Come for a drink, listen to the music, and stay for the pool tournaments. True to its name, you can find a good mix of people here that are ready to have a friendly conversation.

The Black Heart

With religious icons, The Black Heart looks and feels like a place you want to embrace. It offers live music for the rock, indie, and punk scene, as well as offering a revolving pop up kitchen. This dark dive-bar is not the place to go and watch tv (there are not any); instead, plan to listen to loud music and play some pool.

The Hawley Arms

Famous musicians, such as Amy Winehouse, have performed in the upper room here adding to its appeal. Unfortunately, Hawley Arms was harmed during the Camden Market Blaze, but it was restored and still welcomes a variety of loud regulars and tourists seeking pub grub and great brews and a bit of music history.

Dublin Castle

Both home to a bustling pub and a live stage, Dublin Castle is another pub you must visit in Camden. Numerous popular British rock acts have performed there, and when the live music ends, a deejay takes over keeping the party going for hours on end. The pub has an Irish feel with cheap drink options and is separate from the live music stage.

The World’s End

Conveniently located right by the Camden Town tube station, The World’s End is a must visit pub. It is a larger establishment with two pubs and a balcony and a brilliant atmosphere where you can overlook different areas while enjoying the great beverage menu while death metal blares from the speakers. It will be easy to see why it has won Venue of the Year.

Best Wine to Drink on the 4th of July

Best Wine to Drink on the 4th of July


Summertime is here, vacationers are enjoying their summer and it’s prime time to socialize with your friends. One of the biggest times for parties or get togethers is Independence Day. Get the grill going, fix some fantastic desserts, and have some wine.

The first step in serving perfect wine isn’t choosing the wine but making sure you have the right equipment – that’s where an under counter wine cooler comes in. With one of those little machines the wine you choose will stay at the right temperature and the time you spend making the actual wine selection won’t be wasted. Now that you’ve ordered one of those wine fridges, let’s move on to the wine you should be looking at.

There are a lot of wonderful wineries around, unique in their own way. Two of my favorite local wineries are Bean’s Creek Winery in Manchester, TN and Stonehaus Winery in Crossville, TN. They both feature their own versions of fruit wines and their own signature specialties.

Bean’s Creek, in Manchester has a feature wine that they call Bonnaroo. It comes in red or white. Both are wonderful. This is named after the famous Bonnaroo Music festival that is held annually in Manchester, TN. They also have a very good wine called Rosey Cheeks, a very light blush wine. These wines sell for around $15 per bottle. You can find the exact prices by calling the winery.

My favorite winery, StoneHaus leaves me with a bit of a dilemma. Which wines do I want to leave with. This winery has by far, the best wine I’ve had. The blackberry wine called Blackberry Summer sells for $15.95 and will make your mouth water just to think about it . It is so wonderful with cheesecake! They also have a citrus wine called Orange Squeeze that sells for $10.95. This would be especially great for a Big Orange Tennessee Vols tailgate party! The Davenport Red also sells for $10.95 and is a wonderful sweet wine, and is the Fairfield Red that sells for $14.95.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these wines. Visit their websites or the actual wineries and take a taste for yourself! Happy wine tasting.

How To Find Your Phone If It’s Lost on Vacation

How To Find Your Phone If It’s Lost on Vacation


For most Americans, our smartphones are our connection to the outside world. Whether it’s calling (or, more likely, texting) a loved one, checking out some videos online, or even managing our finances, these devices make our world so much easier.

Unfortunately, sometimes when traveling should we ever lose our phones or if they get stolen, then we are in big trouble. Thankfully, though, new technology is making sure that it’s not quite the disaster that it once was. Today, let’s see how AVG can help track your phone when it goes missing, and what you can do to protect yourself.

Keeping Your Data Safe

Even if you don’t use your smartphone for things like banking or online shopping, the fact is that there is still plenty of information that can be valuable to thieves and hackers. One common method for infecting new phones is to send texts to your contacts, who are liable to click the link since it’s coming from a trusted source. As such, it’s imperative that you keep yourself safe so that you can protect others as well. Fortunately, Droid antivirus apps like AVG monitor and remove threats so that you don’t have to worry.

Tracking Your Phone

If your device is stolen, then your information can be hacked and used against you. One method to protect yourself is to keep your phone password protected, but that’s only one step you should take. AVG Android security allows you to go even further by tracking your phone after the fact. In some cases, you may be able to identify the thief by activating the phone’s camera. This will make it much easier to find and retrieve if possible.

Shutting it Down

In many cases, getting your phone back is an unlikely scenario. When that happens, you can take a final step and lock it down remotely. This way, hackers won’t be able to get inside and steal your data. This is your best line of defense when your phone is compromised, and AVG makes it easy and hassle-free to do it.

In the end, losing your phone shouldn’t be a devastating tragedy. Even if you keep sensitive information on it, with the right software, you shouldn’t have to worry as much about the long-term effects anymore.

Getting A Full Kentucky Experience

Getting A Full Kentucky Experience

Collaboration with Amanda Green


Kentucky is a unique state. The 15th member of the Union stretches from the fertile grain fields along the Mississippi River to the towering mountains of coal country along the Virginias.

In between is as much diversity as you would imagine, but perhaps nothing is more universal in the state than horse racing and fine spirits. Getting the opportunity to capture a real experience with both should be the goal of every traveler to the Bluegrass.

It’s the lime-heavy soils that have yielded strong-boned thoroughbreds for racing in Kentucky, and the first Saturday in May gives the world a chance to see the nation’s best battle it out for two minutes of action that leaves hooves and hearts pounding.

And those same soils have brought forth quality corn and grapes that have been skillfully refined into some of the world’s best bourbon and wine. If you’ve thought about getting a travel package that includes Kentucky Derby tickets 2017, don’t just stop at Churchill Downs. The state offers a number of opportunities to partake of its perfectly-aged beverages as well.

One easy way to enjoy those offerings is to travel the Bullitt County Bourbon & Wine Trail. Situated just south of Louisville, Bullitt County is conveniently located to flights and hotels, leaving your local travel to a minimum. Just a quick jaunt down I-65 from the city lands you in this region of quality products.

The trail has developed as part of the state’s overall emphasis on its history with bourbon, with labels like Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark logging decades of production and small-batch products like Woodford Reserve and Town Branch joining in more recently. Coupling the home-grown product with an ancient beverage like wine is a perfect mix that provides something for everyone. Add in the popularity of wine-related travel and you’ve got an ideal journey for anyone who enjoys fine drink.

So now that you are sold on the Trail, why Derby week? Isn’t it the most chaotic time to visit Kentucky? The answer is yes, and it’s beautifully chaotic.

The state needs no help from us to be absolutely gorgeous in May. Redbuds, dogwoods, cherries, and dozens of other species may be in bloom, and the bluegrass that gave the state its nickname is growing vigorously and emitting its namesake bluish cast on bright spring mornings.

But the Derby became icing on the cake when it began in 1875, building into a weeks-long celebration of all things Kentucky that make it heaven for any traveler. There is live music and food throughout the city, and Derby Week features a number of famous balls and galas that draw in celebrities from around the world. For something unique and absolutely breathtaking, watch the Great Balloon Race as it carries dozens of colorful hot-air balloons across the Kentucky countryside.

Tying in a trip to Bullitt County is a perfect connection. The weather is already likely to be beautiful. You’ll have a great variety of travel packages to choose from, and with the Trail’s flexibility, you’ll be free to enjoy whatever Derby events you want to see while still having plenty of time for the wineries and distilleries.

Kentucky is a place of immense variety. It straddles two time zones, borders seven other states, and was torn between Union and Confederate loyalties during the Civil War. Its elevation ranges from the peak of Black Mountain in Harlan County at 4,131 feet to the Kentucky Bend of Fulton County at 257 feet above sea level.

With so much to see, a visit to Kentucky should never include just one event or attraction. And with nothing bigger than the Derby to bring you in, the Bullitt County Bourbon and Wine Trail is a perfect compliment to your travel meal. There’s nothing better to pair with the fastest two minutes in sports than wine and bourbon that took decades to make.

Touring California “The Right Way”

Touring California “The Right Way”

Collaboration with Amanda Green


While, of course, there is no wrong way to tour California, some ways are better than others. For instance, a far better way than doing a whirlwind road trip is to experience each region differently.

So, instead of an exhausting trip going from one place to another, visit only one region at a time. You’ll spend less time travelling and more time getting a deeper appreciation for each region. When you get home, you’ll have more treasured memories rather than a blur of experiences.

Here is a quick overview of some recommended regions to visit in California to give you a good idea about it delightful cultural and geographical diversity.

Cultural Diversity

While California has a number of cities, the most fascinating to visit are Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, San Diego and Palm Springs.

Incidentally, speaking of popular cities, an interesting fact about California is that the growing popularity of timeshare in the San Diego and Palm Springs areas serves as a home-base for those wishing to return after an unforgettable trip. According to a San Diego Union Tribune article on the Lawrence Welk timeshare, San Diego, “Welk resorts have condominium-style rooms with kitchens, lavish water slides and playgrounds. The Escondido complex has a retail center and theater with music and Broadway-style productions. It’s something like a cruise ship on land.”

1. Los Angeles

Los Angeles, the City of Angels, in Southern California, has the distinction of being ranked only after New York when it comes to the largest US city. Surrounded by mountains and valleys and faces the inexorable spread of the blue Pacific Ocean, its beaches, like Venice and Malibu, has a reputation for being wild-and-crazy places for surfers, celebrities, and tourists. Often considered the celebrity capital of the US because of Hollywood and the big movie studios here, LA has many gorgeous celebrity homes, high-priced designer stores in Beverly Hills and exquisite restaurants. LA is also home to big amusement parks like Universal Studios Hollywood and theme parks like Disneyland.

2. San Francisco

San Francisco, nestled in the San Francisco Bay Area in northern California, is the tip of a peninsula. It has a unique ambiance by dint of the world famous suspension bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge, the tight curves of Lombard Street, the Chinatown area, the largest outside Asia, and the Fisherman’s Wharf. San Francisco has developed a reputation as one of the top college towns. According to an article in Grandslam on Top 10 College Towns in California, “Nestled right by downtown San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Berkeley is a student’s paradise. Great food, great climate, beautiful scenery, and both a small-town and big-city feel are just a day in the life of a UC Berkeley students. The student population is incredibly vibrant, known for their activism, protests, and rallies. Additionally, Berkeley offers a thriving music, film, and art scene as well as a booming tech scene.”

3. Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, 90 miles north of LA, has been called “The American Riviera” because of its mild climate, beautiful beaches, and old-world atmosphere. The city is well-known for its ubiquitous California Mission style architecture and Mission Santa Barbara, founded in 1786 by the Franciscan order.

4. San Diego

San Diego, south of LA and north of the Mexican border, is a huge coastal city, with an ideal climate and breathtakingly beautiful beaches. Despite its large size, it has the intimacy of a small town. Popular attractions include the San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park, the Birch Aquarium, and SeaWorld San Diego.

5. Palm Springs

The sun shines almost all year long, and even the winters, at 60 degree Fahrenheit, are mild. Dubbed as the winter retreat of the rich and famous, this city in the desert has numerous golf courses, clubs and casinos, bars, and fine-dining restaurants.

Geographical Diversity

Some of California’s unique natural geographical places include Death Valley, Catalina Island, Napa Valley, and its national parks.

1. Death Valley

Death Valley, located in the Mojave Desert in the Death Valley National Park, ranges from snow capped mountains to spectacular sand dunes. The region is famous for the ruins of ghost towns; Scotty’s Castle, a historic landmark; and Zabriskie Point, a scenic outlook.

2. Santa Catalina Island

Santa Catalina on the Pacific is only 22 miles from LA and visitors come by plane, helicopters, ferries, and private boats. It’s a popular island for day trips, family vacations, and honeymoons. Its two main popular centers are Two Harbors and Avalon. There are no private cars here, only taxis, golf carts, and bicycles.

3. Napa Valley

Home to some of the finest wines in the world, Napa Valley has developed a booming hospitality industry to accommodate wine lovers from the US and around the world. Visitors have a choice of established hotel chains, Bed & Breakfast inns, quaint hotels, and camping grounds. Besides enjoying a wine tour, visitors can also enjoy a spa, bike tours, and hot air balloon trips.

4. National Parks

The most famous national parks are Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, and Yosemite National Park. Sequoia and Kings Canyon border each other in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The region is famous for its gigantic sequoia trees, which can be a 100 feet wide and 300 feet tall. Meanwhile, Yosemite National Park, also in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of central eastern California, is celebrated for its 1,169 miles of geographical diversity from gigantic trees to stunning waterfalls to towering granite cliffs.

Reasons to Try a Boating Vacation in Europe

Reasons to Try a Boating Vacation in Europe

Collaboration with Amanda Green


Everyone loves taking a holiday. It’s the opportunity to get far from our hectic everyday routines. Many people already know what their escape looks like – a beautiful shoreline against turquoise ocean waters. Others cannot wait for their vacation to a small town brimming with history and stunning architecture. Perhaps, you are looking for something a little different, a real break from your everyday.

A boating holiday provides total flexibility to determine where to spend your day. Your route is your choice. If a pleasant town comes into view or a picturesque country pub catches your attention, moor up and visit.

There are many excellent financiers out there to assist you with boat loans and insurance policies. Your only work will be deciding how you want to pass the day. A boating vacation in Europe is just what you need if you want to avoid the crowds but still have opportunities to explore.

If you are looking for some guidance, consider the following suggestions for your European boating getaway.


Spend your vacation cruising along Germany’s waterways. Whether you choose to boat around Berlin or take in the unspoiled rural lakes such as Mecklenburg or Brandenburg, Germany is an excellent choice for your vacation.


Venice is home to many famous waterways you may wish to explore. You can dock in the city center of the town and see the famous sights, and this is even before including a trip along the Grand Canal. Visit the islands of Murano and Burano in the Venice lagoon or travel up the Site or Brenta rivers.  There are so many different stops you can visit such as Bruges or St. Mark’s Square.


Many different scenic lakes are available to you when you choose to explore the Dutch canals. Travel along the Rhine and visit Amsterdam, cruise north to Edam or south to Utrecht. Whichever way you go, you are guaranteed to be delighted by the windmills dotting the landscape.


A beautiful vacation awaits you when you choose to cruise the coasts of Belgium. With shorelines that bridge into fine sandy beaches, Belgium is a favorite boating destination. Travel inland and cruise the serene countryside and charming historic towns joined by the Flemish waterways.

Boating networks all throughout Europe are full of fantastic bars, bistros, shops, and people. Every country has something to offer you, whether it is the beauty of Salsa or an aged pint of ale. There is nothing better than a relaxing day on the water finishing up with a pleasant pint of ale in a sun-filled beer garden. Right on the water’s edge or in town, make a stop when the feeling hits.

A boating holiday in any of the many beautiful countries of Europe allows you to be in control. Where you go and how you get there are all up to you. Why go on a vacation just to be told what is next on your agenda. When you want to explore, go for it! If you want to enjoy a lazy day on the water, it is your choice. Is that not what a vacation is supposed to be?

Try something different on your next vacation and do not follow the masses. People like a beach destination, and it is easy to see why. Nevertheless, you ought to consider something fresh this coming year. Whether you go with the family or a handful of close friends you can be sure to create some great memories on a boating vacation.