A Guide to Finding the Right Timepiece for You

A Guide to Finding the Right Timepiece for You

Finding a watch is a big deal to a lot of people. I mean, you’ll want to wear it most days to ensure you really get your money’s worth out of it. Your watch can say a lot about you, and you don’t want yours to be any different. Use these tips and you’re bound to end up with the most perfect timepiece to suit you!

Decide What You Want Before You Start Looking

Before you start looking at watches and confusing yourself, decide what you want. You could note down the metal type, the color, features, and so on until you have a list of everything you want. It might help if you make a list of ‘must haves’ and a different list of things that would be nice so you can effectively pick the right watch for you. Not everything you think of will be a ‘must have’.

Know What Your Budget is Before You Shop

The worst thing you can do is go watch shopping without a clear budget. Watches can be very expensive, and many of them range in price. Some might be less than £100, others might be well over a few grand. It all depends on how much you want to spend. How serious are you about finding a great watch, and how long do you plan on keeping it? If you want a watch that is going to last you forever, then you’ll likely need to spend a bit more. Shinola’s watches are an example of a watch that will stand the test of time (pardon the pun).

Try on Different Watches

When you go watch shopping, try on different watches to see how they look on you. You might like to take a friend with you for a second opinion. They’ll be able to tell you what they think suits you best so you can make a better decision. Sometimes you might like the way a watch looks in the box but not the way it looks on your wrist, so make sure you try it on.

Make Sure it Suits Your Wardrobe/Accessories

Think of your current wardrobe/accessories and make sure this watch suits them. If you always wear gold jewelry but you’re looking at a silver watch, you might run into problems when you try to accessorize in the future. It should match your overall style to ensure it always looks amazing!

Take Some Time to Think About it

Don’t feel like you have to buy a watch in one day or even one week. Take some time away to think about it. Watches can be expensive, so it makes sense to wait before you make such a big decision.

Finding the right timepiece for you might take a few weeks, or even a month or so. You want to be sure that you’ve found the most perfect watch before you part with your cash. How would you feel if you found an even better one a week down the line? Don’t buy one unless you’re absolutely sure that you love it!

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