8 Benefits of Using a Letting Agent

8 Benefits of Using a Letting Agent

If you’re a landlord, you may have considered using a letting agent to help you in your venture. They aren’t compulsory, but they can make the process of letting a property a whole lot easier. There are both pros and cons of course, but this post is going to focus on 8 benefits you can enjoy from working with a letting agent:

They’ll Help You to Prepare Your Property

Your property needs to be properly prepared if you’re going to let it out. You need to have the proper checks in places, such as making sure there are no fire hazards due to furniture or electrical appliances. You should also have certificates in place to support this.

They’ll Sort Out Your Inventory

You’re likely to leave some things on the property, such as cabinets, carpets, and maybe a sofa. If you find a letting agent in Wolverhampton, they’ll more than likely have employees who specialize in taking inventory. This is very important, so you can make sure nothing is missing or damaged when your tenant moves out.

They’ll Take Care of the Deposit

In your tenancy agreement, you’ll require a deposit for any repairs and maintenance that need to be done when your tenant leaves. If the repairs are light wear and tear, your tenant will get the deposit back. If they haven’t looked after the house, you are entitled to keep the deposit for repairs. The letting agent will take care of all of this and keep it in a government scheme for you, as stated by law.

They’ll Check The Property Every So Often

Every so often, a good letting agent will check on the property and come back with home reports to make sure that your tenant isn’t having wild parties and trashing the place.

They’ll Take Care of the Repairs

If repairs do need to be taken care of, and they more than likely will, your letting agent will do this for you too. It’ll be much nicer than you have a phone call at 4 am, with your tenant frantically telling you they have a leak.

They’ll Get You a Tenant Quickly

Letting agents are likely to be able to get you a tenant much quicker than you can. Your property should be occupied in no time.

They’ll Vet Your Tenant

Although the letting agent will get your property occupied quickly, they won’t shove any old person in there. They will vet your tenant, doing all of the proper background checks to make sure that they are respectable.

They’ll Give You Peace of Mind

Due to everything a letting agent can do for you, you’ll have peace of mind that your property is well taken care of. I advise you to meet your tenant at least once; perhaps when they look around the property for the first time. This way, you know who is taking care of your property.

People have different opinions on letting agents, but you can’t deny that they make a landlord’s life much easier!

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