Time for a break – play some online bingo!

Time for a break – play some online bingo!

by  -Chupacabras- 

There are literally thousands of games that you can choose to play online today, it may surprise you to learn that one of the most popular is online bingo. But when you stop to think about, there are a lot of reasons why bingo has grown in popularity since it became an online game.

We all like games that are easy to play and that are good value. That’s exactly what you get with online bingo, particular as many sites offer great welcome bonuses and promotions. For example, at the moment Mirror Bingo are offering a £40 bonus when you deposit £10, just to give you an idea of the promotions on offer. The games are so simple to play and although you’ll only pay pennies per game you could stand to win a significant prize. In fact, depending on which games you choose, it’s not uncommon for bingo prizes to run into thousands.

Though there are a number of versions of online bingo games, the principle behind most bingo games is the same; you choose a ticket that has an allocation of numbers on it in the hope that those numbers will be the first to be matched to the bingo calls made during the game. Of course, the chances of winning are slight, but for most players, that’s not the point. Yes, it would be great to win, but when you play bingo games at Mirrorbingo.com and other sites like 888bingo and Gala Bingo, you’re also playing to socialise.

All the bingo sites offer access to other players of the same games through the bingo chat rooms, where you can compare notes with how the games are going, and talk about all kinds of other things while the game is playing through. People type their chat, so tend to use lots of three letter acronyms and abbreviations while they’re chatting. To begin with, it may seem indecipherable, but you soon get into the swing of it – using abbreviations like GLEV1 (Good Luck Everyone) at the beginning of a game, and BBS (Be Back Soon) and DBL (Don’t Be Long) for when you step away from the screen for a bit. Even if you don’t win, you’ll still have had fun playing and talking to other players during the game, so bingo is value entertainment.

Another thing people love about online bingo is that you can play at any given moment, so it’s a great way to fill a few minutes while you’re waiting for someone or something – like a bus. The sites have 24/7 games schedules, so you only ever have to wait a couple of minutes for a new game to begin. And when you run low on playing funds, you can always enjoy the free bingo games that are included on most bingo site schedules. These are free to play but still have small cash prizes – it’s a way of keeping bingo players loyal to a particular site.

All the bingo sites run promotions and welcome bonuses to draw new players in, but existing customers can also benefit from the promos as sites want to retain their players as well as get new customers to sign up. It’s no wonder the online bingo industry is booming. With there being so much competition between bingo sites, there are always plenty of promotions to take advantage of; keep your eyes peeled so that you don’t miss out!

Visiting Puerto Rico – Consider Visiting These Places

Visiting Puerto Rico – Consider Visiting These Places

Puerto Rico has way too many interesting options to explore! And, if you do not plan your trips beforehand, there are chances of missing the best ones. And, considering that all places of interest cannot be covered in a single day, you need to prioritize. And, the best way to do it is to read up about the best destinations and choose the ones that seem to be of interest. You can organize private sightseeing toursfor a completely customized trip.

Planning Your Puerto Rico Exploration Trip

Owing to the fact that several destinations would have to be covered, the very first thing to do is to get hold of an experienced transport service provider like Go Tours Puerto Rico that can provide end to end transport solutions for Puerto Rico Tours. Remember, the viability of your schedule would be largely dependent on the services rendered by your travel and transport service provider. The carriers should arrive on time and the services should be well suited for complete support. Once you have a travel partner at your disposal, consider visiting the following places on priority.

Top Destinations to Explore when in Puerto Rico


  • The El Morro: If you are interested in exploring historical elements, a visit to this awesome six leveled citadel kind of structure would be fulfilling in many ways. You can walk through the military history of the place starting from the 16th century right up to the 20th. You will find large canons and sentry boxes and you can even check out the ways of life of the soldiers in the colonial era.


  • The Biobay at Vieques: Try planning this trip on a moonless night. Kayak through the mangroves right into the Mosquito Bay. You will notice your oars glowing brightly under water. When fishes move, there are streaks of lightning underwater too! This could be one of the most amazing experiences you have ever savored.


  • The El Yunque Rainforests: El Yunque is the only tropical rainforest in the whole of the U.S. Tropical Rainforest System. You need to take a two hour drive from the capital city of San Juan. If you are yearning to move away from the typical beaches and city like settings, this rainforest will transport you to a different world. There is lush flora all around and you can go hiking on your trail of choice. There are simple walks to challenging climbs. Enjoy diving right under the waterfall for the sheer joy of it.


  • Culebrita: If you are here on a romantic holiday, Culebrita should be your pick for Puerto Rico toursfor sure. This is one of those dreamy destinations that will allow you loads of privacy. It is a quaint island off the eastern coast of the country, adorned with unspoiled beauty. You could enjoy quiet moments or go snorkeling. The Flamenco Beach is the star attraction here.

Making bookings for your Puerto Rico travel in advance will save precious bucks. You could also book with your tour and travel company in advance for availing airport pickup.

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Ideas For An Extraordinary Dinner Party

Ideas For An Extraordinary Dinner Party

Planning the perfect dinner party is never easy. You have to take your guests interests and preferences into account at every stage of the process. There is no point cooking a top notch steak meal if most of the people in attendance are vegetarians. Likewise, you’ll gain little respect from offering a wide range of different red wines when guests prefer white. With that in mind, we’re going to provide you with some great ideas that could help you to organise a seriously extraordinary dinner party that everyone will love.

Concentrate on your menu

First and foremost, you should spend time planning your menu. As we mentioned a moment ago, different people prefer different foods. For that reason, you should take the time to contact your guests and ask them if there’s anything they don’t like. While you might have to cook a number of different dishes to satisfy everyone, it will be worth the extra work just impress them. You can’t go wrong with traditional dishes like cottage pie at this time of year, so use those as a last resort if you get stuck.

Think about entertainment

Your guests will have to wait around for a while when you’re putting the finishing touches on their meals, and so it would make sense to provide them with some entertainment. You don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds by booking musical acts or comedians, but it will go down well if you come up with some party games. You just need to keep them occupied. The same can be said for the time you spend together after a meal. If your friends like gambling, maybe it would be wise to invest in a new deck of cards?



Plan your wine list

The wines you select should compliment the food on your menu. You can find lots of information online that will help you to determine which bottles are best. Try to avoid purchasing drinks from the supermarket unless you’re on a tight budget. There should be a specialist wine supplier somewhere in your area. If you don’t know where the nearest one is, just search on Google. The people who run such establishments are usually experts in their field, and so they have the knowledge needed to give you some good advice.

Buy some shisha

Shisha is a type of flavoured tobacco that’s been popular in the Eastern world for a very long time. Thanks to widespread immigration, the pastime of smoking this substance is now becoming prominent in the UK as well. There are lots of websites where you can buy shisha online to guarantee you get the cheapest prices. All you have to do then is get hold of a good quality pipe. You could even ask your guests to bring their own shisha along. That would result in more variation and more different flavours for everyone to try.

You should now be ready to start planning your extraordinary dinner party. We promise your guests will have a brilliant time if you pay attention to the ideas listed in this post.

Feel free to let us know how it goes.


Did You Know…? Surprising Facts About Wine

Did You Know…? Surprising Facts About Wine

Now, it’s no secret that I’m someone who enjoys the odd glass of wine (or two!). To me, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a glass of rose wine on a summer’s evening. Come wintertime, I love to snuggle up on the sofa with a glass of red and my favourite book. But considering my love of the drink, I know very little about it. So, with this in mind, we’ve compiled some fascinating facts about this delightful drink. Some will make you chuckle, some will make you gasp and some are just plain bizarre. So, without further ado…



- It’s believed that monks were the first people to learn the skill of winemaking, way back in the Middle Ages. In fact, one of the most famous champagnes, Don Perignon, is named after a monk. He lived during the 17th and 18th-centuries. He is believed to have been one of the earliest known advocates of organic winemaking. He managed to perfect this skill during his lifetime. And more than 300 years later, his techniques are still being used today.

- The oldest bottle of wine is currently on display at the Pfalz Museum in Germany. Historians believe it to be a staggering 1,650 years old. This means its origins stretch as far back as the times of the Roman Empire.



- Ancient Egyptian pharaohs refused to touch red wine. They believed that its appearance was too much like blood. They saw the effect that alcohol could have when drank in excess. They believed that it made people crazy and that they were incurring the wrath of the gods.

- Strangely enough, there are people who actually suffer from a phobia of wine. It’s a condition recognised by medical professionals all over the world. It’s called oenophobia.

- Back in the 1920s, alcohol was banned and made illegal (god forbid!). So, those who wanted to flout the law had to find ingenious ways of drinking alcohol without getting caught. One rather creative method involved a bottle of grape juice mix. The label gave clear instructions on how to use it to make alcohol. But it was written as a warning against taking such steps! Thankfully we have no such problem today. There are countless legal ways of buying your favourite tipple. Online retailer, The Fine Wine Company, is just one such example.



- The Prince of Wales reportedly uses red wine in place of petrol to power his Aston Martin. (Am I the only one who thinks that’s a waste of perfectly good wine?!)

- We’ve all heard about the high antioxidant content in red wine. But did you know that soy sauce contains an astonishing ten times more of this essential health-promoting nutrient?

- In Japan it’s possible to actually swim in specialised pools filled with either coffee, tea or red wine! Those at Yunessun Spa believe that in doing this they are utilising the health-promoting properties of some of our favourite tipples!

We bet you’ve learnt lots about wine that you didn’t know before. We just hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as we did putting this list together!

Uh-oh, Busted!

Christmas and birthdays are days of joy; days of celebration; days of gift giving and receiving. Family member meet and exchange gifts that they’ve lovingly bought after picking the perfect present out; just hoping you love it and getting a rush of joy as your little face lights up when you open… and then there’s Uncle Pete, who once again has just re-wrapped something that you gave him last year and given it back to you. Either Uncle Pete forgot you gave it to him or hoped you’d have forgotten what you got him the year previous. But you didn’t; you never do.

Uncle Pete needs to look at this infographic as it states 5 rules that any re-gifter has to follow. Uncle Pete needs to follow these rules as maybe then he won’t be caught out so easily and his family can once again trust him and think that he went out and bought something with his own money before beautifully wrapping it (I have to say Uncle Pete is a beautiful wrapper – for a fictional character, that is).

Top 5 rules of Regifting
Top 5 rules of Regifting is an infographic that was produced by Gumtree

Treat Your Children To The Ultimate Bedroom Makeover – They Deserve It

Treat Your Children To The Ultimate Bedroom Makeover – They Deserve It

A child’s bedroom is one of the best places to decorate in a home because we can have fun with it. It is one place that we must often redo because as the child grows, so do their interests. It is just a natural part of growing up.

We can have fun in there by thinking back to when we were young and introducing features that we always wanted. There are many DIY chain stores out there that offer fantastic products, so it is easy to find inspiration when we run out of ideas. There are no fixed rules when dealing with a room or children; have fun with the project. Let your imagination fly, and treat your children to the ultimate bedroom makeover. Here are some ideas to help you on your way.

Wallpaper Mural

When we speak about wallpaper murals, it conjures up an image of ducks flying in formation over a green landscape. Modern murals are much more than that. Thanks to the digital age, we can take pictures and view the results on a computer screen. Are you aware that there are companies that will make a mural from your digital photographs? In fact, they will print any image for you. Maybe the kids have a favourite hero or television program. Those characters could adorn one wall in the room. If you find an image, make sure that you have the right to use it. Companies could be fined heavily if they printed a picture that is under copyright.


The beds are the biggest items of furniture in the room. Think about giving them something special. Take some sketches to your local joinery and see if they can make the bed to your specifications. The one in the image is amazing; can you do better? It could be a spaceship or bunk bed bus. The possibilities are endless. You might want to ask the joinery to come up with a matching wardrobe too.

The children will probably have friends to stay overnight at some point, so get a sofa bed from Multiyork or your local outlet. The kids will have somewhere to sit and watch TV in the day, and somewhere for their friends to sleep at night. It is wise to buy one with removable covers too, you know how kids are.


Sarah Embaby


We spoke about the digital age earlier. You can help your child get ahead in the world of information technology by installing a computer, television, and DVD player in their room. They will be able to talk to their friends online, play games, and stream movies from the internet. Some people shudder at the thought of this idea, but with the correct parental safeguards in place, it is essential to their education. Many children have this equipment already, and your little ones might be at a disadvantage if you do not give them the tools they need.

I think you will agree that you dreamed of such a room as this when you were a child. Living standards improve over the generations, and everyone strives to give their children the things that they never had themselves. Are we spoiling them? That will be the subject of debate for eternity. You must do what feels right; only then can you have a clear conscience.

A Romantic Walk by the Banks of the Serpentine to Hyde Park

A Romantic Walk by the Banks of the Serpentine to Hyde Park

London holidays pack in a true punch. Be it complete exhilaration, informative historic tours or plain romantic escapades, it is all on offer! And if you wish to enjoy a truly fulfilling vacation, choosing hotels in Paddington for accommodation would be a great idea. Paddington properties are close to prominent places of interest like Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace. You can easily access these destinations without wasting too much time on travel.

quiet walks

Quiet Walks to the Leafy Hyde Park would be Hugely Fulfilling

If you have checked in one of the hotels in Paddington of repute like The Paddington Hotel London, enjoying quiet walks by the banks of the Serpentine, right up to Hyde Park, would be a truly relaxing experience.  You can escape the busy streets of London and spend some quiet moments with your partner, in complete solace. The only sounds here are the cries of the wildfowl and the lapping of the waters of the lake. Spend time sharing thoughts and simply unwind as you walk along.

Getting to Hyde Park by Foot

You need to start on the south bank of the Lake, from the Lido Café point.  From here, you would need to head eastwards for about 600m. Once you reach the east end of the lake bear left and proceed for about 150m to the left till you reach the Serpentine Bar and Kitchen. Follow the rounded path keeping the Serpentine Lake to your left. Head westwards along the north bank and pass below the Serpentine Bridge, heading north along the Peacock Walk. Move towards the fountains of the Italian Gardens up to the top of the lake, close to Bayswater Road. On reaching the fountain, turn left once more. You will pass the statue of Peter Pan here. Continue moving back to where you started, at Lido Café. When you reach the Serpentine Bridge, you would see the Princess Diana Memorial fountain ahead. Continue as you walk past the memorial foundation and the Lido Café till you reach the Serpentine Bar and Kitchen.

Preparing for the Walk

Well, considering that this is a relaxing walk, not much of preparations would be warranted. However, putting on a comfortable piece of footwear would be ideal. Keeping meals light would also help you in gathering the energy for a long walk such as this. And considering that there are cafes and eateries on the way, you can always stop by for a cup of coffee or a quick grub. You may even wish to take your kids along. Especially the Peter Pan statue and the Princess Diana Memorial could be of special interest to them.

Other Destinations to Explore

Other destinations to explore when you have chosen from among cheap & budget hotels in Paddington include Paddington Station, West London , Madame Tussauds , Kensington palace , Knightsbridge ,

Harrods , Westminster Abbey , Buckingham palace , Hyde Park , Bays water. Consider planning your trip in such a way so that all you wish to attend can be explored with ease.

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 Top Tourist Attractions in Central London

 Top Tourist Attractions in Central London

London is the largest city in England. If you are planning a trip to the city, you should first know that it may not be possible to visit all the tourist attractions in a single tour. It is a good idea to visit all major destinations in Central London before you move on to other parts of the city, such as West London or East London.

Interestingly, many of the tourist hotspots are located in the centre of the city. As such, a Central London tour is a chance for you to visit some of the top locations quickly and conveniently. Finding a suitable accommodation in this part of the city should not be a problem. Top central London boutique hotels like Eccleston Square Hotelprovide top class facilities at discounted rates.


Where to Visit in Central London

Whether you are planning a weekend gateway or a long vacation, it is always a good idea to create an itinerary before the trip. The idea is to make sure that you do not miss some of the major locations. The top options in Central London are;

  • Westminster Abbey – The 700-year-old building is a must see for history lovers. The Gothic Church is famous for its architectural excellence and historical significance. There are a number of famous tombs within the area. For years, it has been one of the most notable burial sites in England. Many world-famous personalities are resting in peace in the Abbey. Some of them are Tennyson, Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Hardy, Geoffrey Chaucer, Charles Dickens, Robert Browning, Edward I, Mary I, Rudyard Kipling, Richard II, Edward III, and George Frederic Handel. The church remains open from Monday through Saturday. Handheld audio guides are available in eight languages. Be sure to visit this place when in Central London. It is located close to Gatwick Express and London Passport Office.
  • British Museum – If you choose to stay in Central London, do not forget to visit the British Museum.  Most of the top London boutique hotels in this part of the city are located close to the museum. It has a collection of more than 8 million works that represent the history of London. The museum was established in 1753, with the collections of Sir Hans Sloane, the famous British physician. Now it houses a huge collection of antique items, books, manuscripts, and sculptural works.
  • Hyde Park – One of the Royal Parks of London, Hyde Park has a meadow, a large lake, and several flower gardens, with more than 4,000 trees. If you visit London with your friends and family members, be sure to head to Hyde Park in the evening. It could give you a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of city life. You and your kids can participate in outdoor activities, such as, boating, skating, swimming, cycling, tennis courts, and even horse riding.

Other famous tourist attractions in Central London include Sloane Square, Chelsea, and some tourist spots in Victoria. If you are on a budget, consider planning your trip during off-season. Top Central London boutique hotels usually offer seasonal discounts and discounts for advance booking.

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Top Tips When Viewing a Property for Sale in London

Top Tips When Viewing a Property for Sale in London

We all know that buying a house is a stressful process and unless you are a trained estate agent, there are many mistakes you could make when viewing a property for sale in London.  These mistakes could mean that you pay much more than you wanted for a house or that you buy one that is not as good as it seemed.  To help you with your next viewing in the following post you will a selection of top tips.

First Time Viewing

The first time you visit house, it is a good idea to treat it just as a building that you are inspecting rather than a potential home.  Not only will this avoid you becoming too attached to it too quickly, it will not give the estate agent the impression that you are keen on the house.

How Many Times Should You View A Property And When?

It is always sensible, if possible, to view a property at least 3 or 4 times and at different times of the day, before making any decision on whether to buy or not.      Spend at least 15 to 30 minutes looking around the house and then another 30 minutes walking around the actual area.

Find out as much as you can about the area where the house is located.  Find out what it is like on weekdays, at the weekend, when the pubs close and during rush hour.  It is also wise to drive to and from the property to school and or work during rush hour to see how long your daily commute is going to take.

What Should You Look Out For When Viewing A Property?

When you are actually viewing a property, look at the structure and if you see damage such as hairline cracks, investigate these before making any decisions.  Remember the seller or estate agent does not have to tell you about problems with the property, and they may even try to hide them.  People will often use these cover-ups – rugs over problems with the flooring, covering cracks with furniture and painting over damp.

Don’t Be Put Off By Faults or Damages

Even if there is no visible signs of damp, keep your nose open as a property with damp issues will always have a musty kind of smell.  When you do spot any faults with a property, like the ones mentioned above, you should not be too hasty to give up on that house.  It may still be worth getting a professional opinion about the problems and then using this to your advantage when renegotiating on with seller on their asking price.

Always Remember To Get a Proper Survey Done Of a Property

Often when people sell their homes and properties they think they have had a proper survey conducted, when really they have just had a mortgage valuation.  This type of survey is not for your benefit buy for the mortgage provider and you should always make sure that you get a professional property survey done before making a decision on a house you are interested in.

Quick and Easy Decorating Tips and Cheats

Quick and Easy Decorating Tips and Cheats

As we head full on into summer, you may be considering taking time off work to redecorate your home.  However, if your budget is not as big as you would like and you do not feel particularly adept at decorating and DIY in general, then this is the post for you.  Below you will find some easy and reasonably inexpensive decorating hacks that will make you feel great about injecting a new lease of life into your home.

Clear Clutter

The best way to start any decorating project is to have a good rummage through the things in that particular room and get rid of anything that has seen better days.  If there is some furniture or accessories that are in good condition but have been in the same room since you moved in, it may be worth either repainting them or moving them into a different room, or completely repurposing them.  For instance, an old vase that you loved looking at on your bookshelf or fireplace, might make a different room feel fresher.

Consider All the Senses When Decorating

Although it is tempting to just concern yourself with what appeals to your eyes, particularly when it comes to choosing wallpaper and paints; you should consider all your senses.  Adding texture to walls and furniture can make a room come alive a bit more and in your living room for instance, it can often be nice to have a fountain on a bookshelf or some wood chimes to add a bit of magical sound.  The simplest way to arouse your sense of smell would be to have scented candles or a bowl of potpourri obviously.

Put Bookcases to Good Use

If you don’t want to spend too much time or money hanging wallpaper in each and every room throughout your house, there is a simple solution.  You could remove the backing of that plain bookcase and cover it in some nice and elegantly patterned wallpaper.  By doing that you will add a splash of colour and design to the room that people will notice in the corner of their eyes.

Is it a Mural or Wallpaper?

As we are discussing wallpapers, it seems appropriate to mention Pick A Wall, an Australian company that specialise in truly unique and exquisite customised wall paper.  Similar to wall decals, the mural wallpaper they sell can have any image from their catalogue of 80 pictures, or one of your own and are easy to apply, remove and reapply.  This is great if you hate the thought of the wallpaper paste and table.

Create a Stunning Runner

We have already spoken about repurposing things and using them in different rooms, but this tip takes that idea one step further.  Do you have a collection of old, tired looking rag rugs that are taking up space in a cupboard and collecting dust?  If so, you could put them to good use by sewing them together to create a custom runner as a focal point for your hallway or living room.  If you do not feel confident sewing them together yourself, you could ask a friend or relative or even contact your local dry cleaner or upholsterer to ask if they will do it for you.