What You Should Know about the London Underground

What You Should Know about the London Underground

According to statistics put forth by Wikipedia, the North Acton Tube Station witnessed a phenomenal 5.47 million entries and exits in 2013! And, if the trends are to be kept in perspective, the number has only headed northwards in 2014. This popularity can be attributed to the convenience of commuting the Underground rail system provides to locals and tourists alike. There is a huge residential complex right opposite to the station and some of the best budget hotels in Acton are located right beside it. Once you opt for one of these hotels close to the North Acton tube terminal, you can utilize the underground transport system for accessing the whole of London. However, if you are new to the city and haven’t been to a tube terminal here before, the initial experience could be baffling no less. Here are some tips that can help.

Making the best of the Underground

Provided you have chosen one of the best cheap hotels in Acton like Holiday Inn London West, which is situated right beside the North Acton Terminal, the trouble of looking for the nearest station can be done away with. And once you reach a tube station for the first time, here are some guidelines that would help:

  • Visit the Information Office: Once you step inside the station, you will find a visitor information office. Just drop in and ask for a free tube map. Remember, this vast transport network comprises of eleven lines that have different colour coding. And finding your way without a map may seem extremely confusing. However, the confusion is likely to fade away with familiarity, as you become a regular traveler. The entire network is divided into zones with the central line being Zone 1.
  • The Tube does NOT ply 24 Hours a Day: The trains operate from 5:00 am till about 00:30 at night on weekdays and from 7:30 am to 22:30 in the night on Saturdays. Luckily, most major attractions would be within walking distance of a tube terminal. Peak hours see a whole lot of rush. So, as a tourist, the best thing to do is take the train after 9:30 am from Monday to Friday. It is also important to keep in mind that the transport system is an old one and it requires periodic maintenance every weekend. These engineering works attribute to partial or complete closures of certain sections.
  • Drinking and Smoking NOT Allowed: Drinking and smoking is banned on the tube and this makes it a pleasant experience for travelers. In fact, smoking is prohibited in extended public areas like platforms and bus stations as well. So make sure you keep your cigarettes at home.
  • Always stand on the Right: Although there isn’t a written rule here, you need to always stand on the right in a London escalator. Locals here do not appreciate deviations from the common norm and it is always better to stick to the unspoken laws and avoid disruptions.

You can also seek information from the travel desk at the cheap hotel in Acton you have checked in into. Most of these hotels close to the North Acton tube are manned by extremely friendly staff members, who are always ready to lend a helping hand.

Highlights of the London Fashion Week: Spring – Summer

Highlights of the London Fashion Week: Spring – Summer

As London bids adieu to the most exhilarating London fashion weeks, showcasing over a zillion spring and summer trends for 2015, it is time to round them up for our own benefit. Yes, London is indeed infamous its street fashion styles, nevertheless the city is alive with polished and romantic trends this season.

Visiting London for Fashion

Rough and smooth styles of leather has made its way to the top, and other influences include rope, gardens and nature – which give us wispy dresses, floral prints and traditional embroideries. Sensuous components include sheers, lace, low cuts and slits; and interesting sightings included Vivienne Westwood’s runway models sporting “yes” badges in reference to the Scotland’s independence. If you are inspired to be a part of the fashion week in the beginning of 2015, be sure to book your show tickets, flights and accommodations in hotels in London Victoria like, Astors Hotel Victoria, to get the best deals.  Here is a roundup of the best trend setters.

Burberry Prorsum

“Insects of Britain” were the quotes on the walls, as Burberry showcased its collection at a massive greenhouse built at Kensington Gardens, especially for the event. The greenhouse is still on display, and if you stopover at London, be sure to visit it, also consider staying at boutique hotels in London Victoria, when you fly down. Colourful and light dresses complete with abstract prints graced the runway. British supermodels like, Suki Waterhouse and Jordan Dunn, floated down the runway in impressive pieces, which were quickly sold out.

Jonathan Saunders

It takes more than a steady hand and sheer luck to assemble and create contrasting elements like Saunders added to his collection. The end result was sharp and chiselled beauty in every piece. His collarless shirts, Lurex flashes, classic menswear patterned trousers, kimono-belted double jackets, organza ruffle shirts and jackets, and intriguing leather jackets stole the show over and again. The palette consisted of shades of brown, olive green and a series of blues. He made combinations that would otherwise never work seem perfect. They were also plenty of Matisse-ish leaf cut-outs that featured in many pieces.

Matthew Williamson

Celebrities like singer Nicole Scherzinger sat in the front row seats of honour owing to the fact that David Bailey’s eccentric shots of the breathtaking former model from his book, Chasing Shadows, was the primary starting point for Matthew Williamson’s collection. His styles saw exotic glamour in the form of tropical Balinese and ikat prints patterns in fabrics ranging from cotton to silks, transporting the audience to golden summer.

Tom Ford

A combination of glam and rock’n’roll was the theme behind Fords collection. Model slid down the runway in shaggy dark hair and dark smoky eyes – sheer black panels, high thigh-high, black stockings and 3D appliqués was the style of the hour. Ford exploited the same rugged and dark appeal that he used while he was with Gucci. Exaggerated flares, dark sequins and shimmer made the crowd want more… Ford takes up the stage again early in 2015, if you want to witness his collection be sure to book your stay at boutique hotels in London Victoria, to get the best experience.


Why a Visit to Leeds Could be Interesting

Why a Visit to Leeds Could be Interesting

Leeds is one of the favored destinations for students looking to pursue higher studies. As Wikipedia puts it, Leeds University Business School was ranked #41 among business schools across the world by The Economist EMBA in 2013. Naturally, thousands aspire to study here, every year. Cheap options for bed and breakfasts in Leedsmake the destination popular with foreign students as well. They can easily check into one of these properties and explore available options at the coveted institution before applying for admission.

Cheap Accommodation Fuels Tourism Too

If you thought that the unofficial capital city of West Yorkshire is only popular as an educational hub, that’s hardly true! The city boasts a highly developed tourism infrastructure too and tourists will find plenty to do here. Besides, there are budget hotels in Leeds like Holiday Inn Express Leeds East,which offers comfortable stay at low cost. So, an extended stay can be planned without having to worry about mounting costs.

A Shopper’s Paradise

For tourists who love to spend hours and hours shopping, this West Yorkshire city is the ideal place to be in. The retail offerings are exceptionally diverse and you can pick anything, ranging from high end designer labels at the Victoria Quarter to quirky roadside stuff at the Leeds Corn Exchange. Trinity Leeds is the right destination for brand freaks. In one word, a visit to the retail outlets here will be a superlative experience, providing for every item you might need or want.

For the Foodie in You

A hard day at the marketplace must ideally be followed up by a fulfilling eating session. Considering that you have chosen accommodation at one of the bed and breakfasts in Leeds, all meals, apart from the breakfast, will have to be taken care of on your own. And this could be a blessing of sorts, considering that there are so many worthy options to explore. You can head to Trinity Kitchen to enjoy mouthwatering street food, with new food trucks being added every month. If you prefer a sophisticated ambience, classy cocktails and a super luxurious menu, consider restaurants like The Alchemist, Crafthouse and Angelica. All of these offer excellent panoramic views of this beautiful city.

Cultural Shows Keep Visitors Glued

The city is known for hosting some of the best seasonal performances you can be a part of. Opera North, West Yorkshire Playhouse and Northern Ballet are some places to head to. Additionally, there is the First Direct Arena, which has been voted the best among the new venues in the world. Some of the performances here are hosted in the months of November and December, as a build up to Christmas. You can witness WWE live shows here too. Musical performances include those by Bryan Adams and Jack White.

The city boasts a confluence of the old and new in its look and feel, and tourists can enjoy the best of both worlds. A favorite destination for students from all over the world, it provides cheap shared accommodation options as well. And for tourists, budgeted and value for money deals provided by bed and breakfasts in Leeds are always there!

The Busiest Airports in UK

The Busiest Airports in UK

London’s Heathrow Airport hosted a staggering 48.2 million travellers, only between the months of January and August 2013, and it continues to be the busiest airport in Britain. The Heathrow witnessed a surge of traffic in 2013, with translated to more than 3% compared 2012, serving almost 191,200 passengers daily, quotes the Airport-technology.com. This airport is owned by the British Airports Authority (BAA), which also owns six other major airports in the country.

Following this, other busy airfields include Gatwick at second, followed by Newcastle Airport and Liverpool John Lennon Airport. If you happen to fly into of these docks, be sure to check out hotels near Gatwick Airport like The Holiday Inn Express Gatwick Crawley, among others.

London Heathrow Airport

Opened in 1946 as London Airport, it spreads over an area of 1,227 hectors, which houses two huge runways and five terminals. Also, the famous Air Traffic Control Tower that is 87 meter tall is the tallest in the world. Over 80 airlines operate here, connecting passengers to 184 destinations in more than 80 countries.

London Gatwick Airport

It was crowned the second busiest airport in England in 2013, handling over 24 million passengers in a year approximately. Like the Heathrow, it was also under the BAA, however, ownership was transferred to Global Infrastructure Partners in 2009.

Over 40 airlines connect passengers to 197 international destinations and 12 domestic destinations in more than 90 countries. And because of its larger destination base, you can find some of the best hotels near Gatwick Airport.

Manchester Airport

Located within a drive of 20 minute from central Manchester, it acts as the international gateway to the north of Britain, and thus is the largest regional airfield in the country. It is the third busiest airport in England and handled close to 14 million passengers during the larger part of 2013. It is owned and operated by the Manchester Airports Group, which serves close to 100 airlines, connecting 225 destinations the world over. It houses three passenger terminals and one international freight terminal, which the major air tier for commodities.

London Stansted Airport

The airport catered to over 12 million passengers in the greater half of 2013, earning the fourth place in terms of traffic. Just like the Manchester, the ownership moved to Manchester Airports Group in January 2013. Today it serves 12 airlines connecting over 150 destinations in 30 countries. Due to the lower destination base, international passengers prefer to land in The Gatwick Airport, thus budget hotels near Gatwick Airport continue to remain fully booked during the year, and usually required pre-booking.

London Luton Airport

Fifth in rank, it is located at a distance of 32 kilometers from the northern fringes of London. The Luton Borough Council operates and owns it, serving a variety of carriers which include easyJet, Ryanair, Wizz Air, El Al, Blue Air Thomson, Monarch Scheduled, Flybe, First Choice Sun D’Or and Monarch; connecting passengers to 90 destinations, which is majorly domestic. It has two passenger terminals and one cargo terminal that is majorly used for domestic carriage.


Perfect Chocolate Christmas Presents

Perfect Chocolate Christmas Presents


When it comes to Christmas, it can be hard to know what to buy people. With so many different gift options on offer it can sometimes be a little overwhelming. That said, there are some amazing Christmas present ideas out there – it’s just a matter of finding them!

Seeing as chocolate is loved by pretty much everyone, it can be considered a fail-safe gift for Christmas. That said, a bar of chocolate just given on its own isn’t that exciting. Instead, you need to look at fun and interesting chocolate based gifts you can give this year.

Homemade Christmas Gifts

Homemade gifts are always enjoyed, because they show you have put time and effort into creating the perfect gift. If you look online you’ll see that there are hundreds of homemade gift ideas that you can create.  A really easy (and cost effective!) idea is to make up a chocolate hamper. This involves getting a box or a basket and filling it with lots of their favourite treats and a few Christmas decorations. This is so easy to make but it also shows that you have put thought into creating something that they would love.

Baking Something Tasty

It is also an option to look at baking something. Chocolate recipes are easy to find online and come in at all sorts of skill levels. Chocolate muffins and basic sponge cakes are easy enough. Invest in some cake decorating tools to help finish these off perfectly. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, then making things like chocolate macarons or even your own chocolates could be the way forward.

Luxury Chocolate Hampers

If the person you are buying for a big chocolate fan then you could buy them a luxury chocolate hamper. There are different retailers online that create these and allow you to buy them. These come fabulously wrapped and decorated so make a lovely, exquisite gift. They also usually come with a range of chocolate choices, so you can pick the one that is best suited to the taste buds of the recipient.



Personalised Presents

You really can’t go far wrong with personalised presents for Christmas. When it comes to personalised chocolate for Christmas there are loads of options open to you. This is great because it means whether you are looking for a small stocking filler or something much larger there is something to suit. If you are looking for stocking fillers then small bars of chocolate with someone’s name on can be enough. You can also get personalised Christmas hampers, boxes of chocolates and much more.

Whether you’re buying a chocolate based present or something else you need to think about who you are buying for. There are so many Christmas ideas and inspirations out there, so finding something to suit should not be too hard. In fact, many presents like this are perfect for birthdays and other occasions too. Just take time to find something perfect and make sure you don’t rush your decision – you’re bound to find something to suit!




How to Make a Cleaning Schedule that Works

How to Make a Cleaning Schedule that Works

There are things in life you can’t truly prepare for. Technology is always changing, the ever-worsening hangover, or being the oldest person at a party. And there are things you just probably weren’t ready for, like the cost of toothpaste, or spilling a bottle of wine over your clothes. But for everything else, just a bit of preparation can go a long way.

Why Make a Cleaning Schedule?

When it comes to ongoing cleaning, a decent cleaning schedule will ensure that no job big or small is glossed over, as well as eliminating conflict by laying out in black and white what needs doing, when and by whom.

If the idea of a rota isn’t met with immediate enthusiasm, have no fear; here are a few benefits to win them over to following a simple cleaning schedule:

  1. Time-saving – yes, you heard it right: by scheduling household tasks in advance, you can completely eliminate the time wasted on working out who last did what
  2. Mess = stress – living in a cluttered house can increase anxiety, making it more difficult to relax in your own home. Furthermore, dirt and grime can lead to hygiene issues which could have serious health implications
  3. Although it can be tempting to put off that little job until tomorrow, when family suddenly visit or your tenancy is up, anxiety is likely to kick in when you realise just how much needs doing. A cleaning schedule means that you can stay on top of things. Or at least point to it and explain your good intentions.

Traditional vs Techie

When considering the format of your cleaning schedule it’s worth bearing the following options in mind:

- Calendar and fridge magnets

The old classic. Sticking a calendar to the front of the fridge means that no-one can use not having the schedule as an excuse to shirk their cleaning duties

- For those with housemates – Create a Facebook group

The ubiquity of social media means that it’s likely that you and all of your housemates will not only be on Facebook, but will also check your updates regularly. Create a group so that you can share the schedule online and set automated reminders to make things a little easier

- Share Google Docs

With the advantage of being incredibly simple to use and share, Google Docs allow you to create a rota that can be viewed and edited by everyone who has access to it. This could also be handy when it comes to other events like paying shared bills or organising a big night-out with a close knit of friends!

What to Include

There are a few factors to bear in mind once you’ve decided on a format for your cleaning schedule. An effective schedule should include the following:

  1. Differentiate between large, infrequent tasks and day-to-day chores
  2. Remember to include all shared living spaces such as the kitchen, living room, bathroom, toilet and hallways
  3. It’s important that you’re not ‘laying down the law’ the cleaning schedule is an authority that you all have to defer to. It is in charge, not you.


Ways To Impress On A First Date

Ways To Impress On A First Date

If you are taking someone out on a first date then it stands to reason that you want to create a good impression. In fact, even if you are the person being taken out you probably want them to like you. It is easy to let nerves get the best of you on a date, which can stop you from being your best. Try not to worry too much about the date and instead concentrate on having a good time. That way you can have fun and this is going to give the person you are taking out the best impression of you.

Be Yourself

Without a doubt you are going to want to be the best possible version of yourself. You want them to get to know you, but you also want to be on your best behaviour. You don’t want your bad habits to put them off at this early stage of your dating relationship. That said, you want them to get to know you so don’t change yourself for them, just clean it up a little bit if needed.

Manners Will Get You Far

You need to show them that you are thoughtful and have manners. This could be opening a door for them or simply saying thank you when they buy you a drink. Most of the stuff that we tend to do on a daily basis without thinking too much. However what you need to make sure is that you are on top form when it comes to manners. Don’t let these be forgotten, because you can sure it will be noticed if you do.



Creating Impressions

Whether you agree with it or not, the chances are that you are going to be judged for the way you look. You need to think about the date you are going on and how to dress appropriately for this. It will always go down well with a date if they can see that you have given thought to what you are wearing and made an effort. This doesn’t mean that you need to dress over the top, but wearing nice clothes and dressing smart will definitely go down well.  You don’t want to turn up in a jumper with last night’s dinner down it, for example,

Be Positive

Try to steer the conversation in a positive direction. We all have problems with family or at work, but you really don’t want to spend your date talking about these. A date is supposed to be enjoyable  and it won’t be if you spend time talking about things that drag you down. Use your date as a chance to forget your troubles and just concentrate on having a good time.

Ask Questions

The whole point of a date is getting to know someone, Make sure you have lots of questions to ask. In fact you can even think about these in advance and prepare yourself. Fun questions are a great way of filling gaps in conversation and avoiding awkward silences too. Try not to be too intrusive and ask really personal questions – keep things light and general. Make sure you pay attention to their answers and use this to build the conversation on as well.

Be Nice

Of course, it should go without saying that you want to be nice. Giving them a compliment always goes down well. Speak to them about their interests and give positive encouragement for what they do. Thank them for a nice night and thank them for any tips they have given you on the date. For example if they were able to recommend the best wines to go with steak then show your appreciation for this. People love positive praise, so if they know that you appreciate what you are doing this will make them feel good. This is likely to help ward off nerves and keep you both having a good time.

Talk About Yourself

You don’t want the conversation to be one sided so make sure you speak about your interests too. You especially want to talk positively about interests you have in common. If there is something you have both done or both enjoyed then make sure that you use this to build a conversation. What you don’t want to do is talk about exes, bad dates and other failed  romances – save that for another date! Keep the conversation fun and take your lead from them.

From their replies you’ll get an idea of what they like to talk about and what they find most interesting. Expand on these as much as possible and keep the conversation steered in a direction that you both enjoy. You can even read up on hints and tips before you go, which can help. Keep these tips in the back of your mind throughout the date.

Ending The Date

Make sure that the date is ended with you both wanting more, rather than letting it drag on too far and you both get bored. Take your lead from them as to whether you should kiss them or not. Generally speaking a peck on the cheek is fine, but you should check with them for vibes before you go in for anything heavier. Make sure you end the date with positives, such as another date planned or the fact that you’ll be in touch soon to arrange something. People love to know where they stand rather than going home wondering how it all went.

Generally speaking you need to think about what you would like from a date and what you like about people. There are no set rules but it is about creating a good impression. You want to be friendly, bubbly and show them that you are a nice person to spend time with. Most people can allow for nerves but you don’t want those to be too overwhelming and spoiling the date experience for you both. If you are nervous then don’t be afraid to admit this, because the chances are that they will be too.


A Quick Guide To Hosting A Wine Tasting Party

A Quick Guide To Hosting A Wine Tasting Party

A lot less stressful than organising a dinner party, a wine tasting evening is an excellent way to relax and enjoy some time with friends.

If you’ve never hosted, or even been to, a wine tasting party before, you may be a little unsure of what you need to do. Don’t panic. Simply follow our quick guide below, and it will tell you everything that you need to know.

Choose a theme

Every wine tasting party needs a theme. A simple theme idea could be vintage wines from a particular country or region, such as Napa, California or Burgundy, France. If you are fortunate enough to live in a wine producing area, you could choose vintage wines from your area instead.

If you struggle to choose a suitable theme, pop into your local wine store and ask for some advice. You could also visit online wine sites and blogs for some inspiration. Don’t get stressed about it, just choose a simple theme and stick to it.

Types of wine

It is best not to have more than five types of wine for your guests to taste as more than this may be too overpowering for the palette. If you plan on tasting both red and white wines, make sure to serve them from light to dark. Darker wines are heavier on the stomach than lighter coloured wines, which means that they should be served last.

If, for example, you are expecting 12 guests, you will need four bottles of each wine. Two for tasting and two for enjoying afterwards. To ensure that the wine is served at the best temperature, place white wine and rose in the fridge an hour before guests arrive. You may also want to put any red wine in the refrigerator 15 minutes before guests arrive, to ensure that it is served at its ideal temperature. Remember to take white or rose wine out of the fridge 15 minutes before serving.


(Photo source)

Wine glasses

If you have 12 guests attending your party, you will need at least 12 wine glasses. Give each guest one wine glass, preferably use Bordeaux style glasses if possible.

If you don’t have enough wine glasses then, you will need to order some more. Have a look at Patterson’s wholesale wine glasses to get an idea of prices and styles available.

Make sure that the glasses are not cleaned between each tasting, as even a small amount of water can ruin a good wine.


You may want to provide your guests with some snacks to help soak up all the wine they will be drinking. Some great ideas for wine tasting nibbles are things like bread sticks, cheese straws, mixed olives, cheese and crackers, and dried fruit.

Alternatively, you could serve snacks that are traditional to the region where you wine and party theme originated from. Once you have chosen your theme, use the internet to research authentic foods that originate from the area.


To set the scene, you may want to have some music playing in the background. Why not create a music playlist especially for your party? You could choose all of yours and your friend’s favourite songs and put them together in a relaxing compilation.

Alternatively, you could create a wine party playlist. You could choose songs that relate to wine, like Marvin Gaye’s ‘I heard it through the grapevine’ and so on. Whilst the music shouldn’t be too loud, some gentle background music is a great way to give your party a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.


If you are planning on having your guests sit around a table to do the wine tasting, it could be fun to provide a few games that can be played throughout the evening.

You could start off with some wine-related games, like guess the wine’s region, etc. You could also have cards and traditional board games on the table for you and

Tips for Having a Superb Destination Wedding

Tips for Having a Superb Destination Wedding

If you are looking for a way to cut some of the stress and expenses out of your forthcoming nuptials with your significant other, you may have decided to have a destination wedding.  Bell City is one of many places out there that offer a beautiful location and money saving package that includes all you could ever want to have the perfect wedding.  Perhaps you are a little nervous about organising your wedding in a foreign country.  If that is the case, you will find the following post of tips very useful.

Ensure You Have Enough Planning Time

The majority of destination weddings have to be booked far in advance of when you plan to have the big day, so start organising it as early as you can.  Be sure to send out Save the Date cards as soon as you possibly can so that your guests can book time off from work.  This will increase the likelihood of the guests you want to be there getting there.

Think Carefully About the Location

While you may have some luxurious and paradisiac location in mind for your wedding, you need to think about the needs of your guests.  There is no point inviting all your nearest and dearest to your big day at a gorgeous location if it is hard or too expensive for them to get to.  Check the flight connections and accommodations before booking a particular destination, to ensure as many of your guests that you want to be there have the chance to attend your wedding.

Pace Yourself

Most people think of destination weddings as being more relaxed and chilled than domestic ones, however, the reality is often further from the truth.  In the days leading up to your big day, the friends and relatives that are attending will want to spend as much time with you as they possibly can to share the experience.  This can be quite intimidating and tiring, so it is important to ensure that you and your significant other have enough time to chill before the stress and excitement of the actual wedding day.  It is also wise to leave the night before the wedding free of any social gatherings or trips.

Check the Legalities

It may sound like common sense, but it’s a good idea to check out the legalities of marrying in a foreign country before you head out there.  In some countries, such as Spain for instance, you are not able to get married unless you have been living in the country as a resident for at least 2 years or are Catholic and plan to marry in a church.  Often the resort you plan your destination wedding through will be able to help you understand and plan or the necessary legal sides of getting married in that particular country.

The above article is not meant to scare you out of booking that once in a lifetime destination wedding.  Rather, it is meant to help you ensure that your big day happens with as few issues or problems as possible.

Luxury Tips For Your Wedding Day

Luxury Tips For Your Wedding Day

When it comes to getting married, your big day has to be perfect. It has to be everything you’ve ever dreamed of. You are often restricted by budget but there are many ways to get around this. Don’t let your budget stop you from creating the ultimate luxury wedding. When it comes to luxury, the devil is in the details. It’s not about ice sculptures, string quartets or grand pianos (although that would be nice). It’s about the finishing touches.

Luxury and sophistication is rooted in simplicity. Simple features and elegant colours are key. You don’t need a huge budget for this, just a sharp eye for the finer details. It’s all about creating the overall impression of luxury and elegance. It’s less about ostentatious features.


The right lighting will set the tone for your entire wedding. You don’t want harsh lights at your reception or the ceremony itself. You’ll want soft, delicate lighting. It should create a warm and cosy environment – which can be difficult when catering for hundreds. Lots of candles is the answer here. Place them on the tables and around the room. Try and keep them off the ground and out of reach for when things get a little wild later! Delicate fairy lights and lanterns are also perfect for a touch of luxury. Hang them around the room and hide the fittings with flowers.


You’ll want to keep a consistent colour palette running throughout the entire day. It’ll help the wedding feel connected as you move from the ceremony and the reception. The right colours set the tone for the entire day. Soft creams are a great starting point and build everything around it. Try to stay with soft pastel colours and make sure every colour fits into the same palette. You’ll want to run this colour scheme throughout the linens, the flowers, candles and the lighting. Even the suits and bridesmaids dresses should match the colour palette.

Arrive In Style

Whether you want a horse drawn carriage or a stylish limo, make sure you arrive in style. For those on the east coast, you’ll find limo services NJ here. Spend some time choosing the perfect car, everyone will be watching!


The evening meal will be the last formal part of your wedding before the party can begin. Be sure to add the final touches of luxury here. Simplicity is your friend. Don’t have a large menu, just one or two options and ensure that it is tastefully presented. You’ll want small, elegant portions and the correct wine to accompany it. Test plenty of caterers and go to a wine tasting event before you decide. Then be sure to employ a waiting service with luxury credentials. Your guests deserve the best!

Finally, it’s time to dance. You can forget about the luxury and just enjoy yourself. Hopefully you’ve had the best day of your life and everyone will go home talking about how beautiful the wedding was. Take a breather and relax.

4523702955_309a606556_oThanks to Tyler Ingram for the image.